President Obama’s Official Blog

President Obama has been officially sworn as the President of United States and people world over are rejoicing seeing history in the making, however those who have followed Obama over the primaries and election have come across one of the most tech savvy President ever.


Obama has made use of the Internet, included to communicate with the voters and public in general, guess the Official Presedential Blog takes thing a step further.

So go ahead and subscribe to the blog, we are pretty sure you will be getting regular updates from there.

Psst, the White House website has also been updated, take a look at it too when you can.

Official Presidential Blog [via tweet from Laughing Squid]

7 thoughts on “President Obama’s Official Blog”

  1. Blogging has long been proved to be a great platform for communication. There are many celebrities that have used it to great effect and now the politicians are also following suite and we all saw why in these elections…..

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