Personal Time Management Software To Track Computer Usage [Manic Time]

Sometime back we had told you about some extensions that would help you track and analyze the time you spend on the internet along with showing you which websites you spent more time on. But what if you want to track your computer usage and view which applications you use frequently?


If you are looking for such a software, your search ends here, because Manic Time is a excellent freeware personal time management software that will track your computer usage along with the applications you use, and provide you with   easy to view graphs that will help you analyze which applications you spend more time on.

Once you download and install Manic Time, it will run in the background and collect information about your activities on the computer, once data has been collected you can open the software by clicking on the tray icon to view the statistics of the collected data.


The application also tracks the time you are not using the computer or when the computer is in idle mode.

Manic Time Features

  • Automatic data collection of your computer usage
  • Data is stored locally, so no privacy issues should occur.
  • Display Graphic representation of your daily activities.
  • Accurate and efficient way to tag time.
  • Shows you how much time you spent on individual tasks and applications.

This is definitely a must-have application, that would help you increase your productivity by helping you curtail usage of applications that you tend to spend more time on, except for those that you use for actual work of-course :-).

Download Manic Time For Free [via Madhur Kapoor’s Blog]

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