Perfect Time Waster: 150 Online Flash Games To Keep You Occupied

Online flash games are definitely one way to keep yourself occupied for quite some time, in-fact my perfect time waster has been this tennis game which has been sucking in hours and hours from my boredom.


Now if that was not enough, Tech Cult has come up with 150 Best Online Flash Games, as if one time waster was not enough :-). The games are neatly categorized into Action games, Aim and Shoot games, Arcade and Classic games, Tower defense games, Escape the Room games, Graphical Adventures, Guitar Hero games, Jewels games, Logic games, Multiplayer games, Physics games, Puzzle games, Racing games, Reflex games and so on.

Definitely a list worth bookmarking.

10 thoughts on “Perfect Time Waster: 150 Online Flash Games To Keep You Occupied”

  1. Tennis at has been my favorite too :p
    And i more of play the action games, than sports! Love these tiny game creations which can make us waste hours playing them.

  2. I remember there was a time that I used to play online games but not anymore! There’s just too much work to get done and too little time. I don’t even have time to get bored. Games online are just a waste of time! :P

  3. Flash games are the best thing to have happened in the gaming industry and miniclip offers so many addictive games that you not only kill boredom but also some of your quality time that you would have otherwise invested in your work…

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