Paste And Go And Paste And Search For Firefox [Featured Extension]

Paste and Go is a really handy function which saves you a extra click when you copy and paste URLs in the browser address bar. Browsers like and already have this feature built-in, but there is no default option for a browser.


Paste and Go add-on brings the missing feature to Firefox, so you can now simply copy a URL and use the Paste and Go option to directly load it in the browser, without having to hit the Enter key or clicking on the Go button. The Paste and Go feature can also be used through a Ctrl + Shift + V on Windows and Cmd + Shift + V in Mac.

Well the add-on does just more than paste and go for URLs, you can easily search using the default search engine using the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + S on windows and Cmd + Shift + S on a Mac. The add-on also provides various other options to easily paste and search for content.

The add-on is experimental, so you will have to login before you can download the extension.

Download Paste and Go Firefox Extension

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