Password Protect Running Applications & Open Documents With LockThis!

There are times when you have to share your PC with someone else, but do not want them to look at the tabs open in or . Another situation is when you are working on fine-tuning your resume and your boss walks in and wants to see something on your PC.

Of course there are several Anti-boss applications that allow you to minimize and hide windows, hide multiple applications in one click and even hide certain tabs in Firefox.

However, the above applications are not entirely foolproof. Someone who knows about these tools can easily reopen the hidden applications.


LockThis! is a similar application that allows you to lock applications and documents. However, the best part about LockThis! is that it will password protect the locked application or document. This will not allow anyone to open the application or document till a valid password has been entered.

Watch a Techie Buzz production video to see how LockThis! works.

Techie Buzz Production LockThis! In Action

This tool is definitely a must have and highly recommended by us.

Download LockThis!

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