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I have been using for quite sometime now, and have stored passwords for several websites like , , Yahoo and more on it, so the horror of someone else using Firefox on my computer chills me to no end, though I have a personal laptop which I do not share with anyone, you could be facing a potential problem, if you use a shared PC.

Firefox does have something called as profiles, however those too are not password protected, so is there a way to protect your personal information on Firefox? Yes there is, in the way of setting up a master password to protect your sensitive information or using a to password protect your profile itself. We will look at both this solutions in this post.

Password Protecting Sensitive Information With Master Password

Firefox provides users with the ability to setup a master password to protect sensitive information such as stored passwords and more, to enable the master password, click on Tools and then click on Options from the menu.


In the options window, click on the security tab and check the box next to Use a master passwordoption.


A new window will popup asking you to enter a master password, enter the master password here, one which you can easily remember, but no one else can guess easily, we have a simple guide for creating strong passwords you can refer to.


Once you have created the master password, you will be promoted once before Firefox can enter stored passwords into websites.

Password Protect Firefox Profiles

The master password just protects sensitive information such as passwords, however if you are looking to protect your entire Firefox profile, a Firefox add-on called ProfilePassword for Firefox is what will help you.


Once you have installed the add-on, setup the passwords from the add-on options, the next time you start Firefox, you will be promoted to enter your profile password, before you can start using the browser.


Please note, smart users can easily bypass this add-on, so there are no guarantees whatsoever, however it is still better than nothing.

Download ProfilePassword for Firefox

Do you use any different protection for Firefox? Do let us know about them, we and the readers alike would love to hear your views on this.

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