Yahoo Messenger 10 Review & Download

recently retired the Vista version of the IM client, however you can still download YM Vista, that aside Yahoo is working on Yahoo Messenger 10, a newer client with better multilingual support and more features.

A pre-alpha version of Yahoo Messenger 10 is doing the rounds of the internet, and we got our hands on it to check it out.


The first change you will notice is the addition of a choice to select the language before you sign into YM.


After logging in you will notice a change from the earlier interface of YM 9, and options to view the updates broadcasted by your friends.


You will see a small notification in the bottom of the screen whenever a contact broadcasts updates to their profiles.


You can also see all the updates by clicking on the Y! Updates button in the main messenger window.


Managing and sorting contacts has also been made easier in YM10, you can sort contacts by name, availability or activity.


YM10 also adds some new options in the preferences, for language, voice and video devices and to manage update, however voice and video chat seems to be disabled right now.


In addition to that there are easy links to manage you pingbox and the updates that you broadcast to your profile.


YM 10 does not have that many features right now, but we definitely would see a lot more features in future releases. The file has been tested for spywares, malwares and viruses and is completely clean. Thanks Sandip.

Download Yahoo Messenger 10

5 Ways To Backup Your Twitter Account

I have tweeted about 14200 times on , losing that much amount of tweets can be quite a hassle, another problem is that if something goes wrong with your twitter account, you will not be able to easily find your friends and followers.

So what is the solution? , remember every disaster can be averted by timely and regular backups.

Backup twitter

Does twitter have backup solution? Yes, but none of them are provided by twitter, there are several services and tools that will allow you to backup your twitter profile, here are 5 tools and services to do that.

TweetBackup TweetBackup is a excellent free service that will backup your twitter account on a daily basis. TweetBackup uses OAuth for authentication, so you do not have to provide it with your twitter password.

BackupMyTweets BackupMyTweets will backup your tweets for free in exchange of one tweet promoting the service, you can then download your tweets in different formats such as XML, JSON or HTML. The good thing about this service is that it uses OAuth, so you do not have to share your password with them.

Tweetake (our review) Another service that you can use to backup your twitter account. You can backup your followers, friends, favorites, tweets, direct messages or everything at once. The only problem with this service is that it requires you to enter your twitter password.

TwitterBackup TwitterBackup is a java based cross platform application that will allow you to backup your tweets and export them in a xml format.

FriendBackup FriendBackup is another java based cross platform application that will let you backup your friends on twitter in csv format.

Do you use any other tools or services to backup your twitter account? Do let us know about them.

Gmail Adds Drag & Drop For Labels, Label Hiding and More

has rolled out some new features that will allow managing of labels much more easier than before, the new features include moving the labels to a much more convenient location, which is below your main email folders.


In addition to that you can also hide and show the labels to save space. Gmail will automatically determine which labels you use most and display it to you, however you can choose which labels to show and which labels to hide.

gmail_drag_email_to_label gmail_drag_label_to_gmail

In addition to that users can now directly drag and drop their emails onto a label or drag a label onto a email to apply that label to it, you can also select multiple conversations while dragging and dropping.

The new features are not part of , so you don’t have to change any settings, however the features will be gradually rolled out to all users throughout the day.

Labels: drag and drop, hiding and more [Official Gmail Blog]

Firefox 3.5 Review: Below Par And Puts Too Many Unwanted Things Into The Core

This is my personal review so I will go with my own opinions, however 3.5 is a bit faster than the earlier versions, even with Firefox 3.5 they have not learnt a lot of things they should have learnt, several things that matter in user experience have been left out, and several things including tab management which people install as add-ons but never use have been incorporated.

This leads to a larger question, people install things that are popular but never use it, and still it gets incorporated into the browser?

However things like getting Firefox to install add-ons or themes without restarting the browser gets left out of a major release, and its has been a major call for many people all over since Firefox 2.

Agreed that in Acid tests or whatever Firefox or whichever browser has been fastest, but who other than tech blogs who write about acid tests care about them? Do you as a user really care about what they are, or do you care which browser is really fast for you, in my opinion and have been much more faster than what Firefox 3.5 is, try moving the browser around after loading few tabs, the sheer moving will tell you which browser is lighter.

Agreed Chrome does not have extensions yet, however in dev versions  extensions in Chrome run independent of the browser, so you can kill them and still continue to use the browser, why not such features in Firefox 3.5.

When Firefox is 2nd in the market why does it have to do catch up with which already has that feature to kill independent tabs.

It’s a flaw in how Firefox has grown and how it has been able to sustain it, the add-on community grew it up to such a level that people liked Chrome but wanted it to have extensions support before they moved to it.

Firefox 3.5 has great features, but there is nothing to write home about, after few days people will start complaining how Firefox uses lots of memory, and Mozilla will start saying a barebone version of Firefox does not utilize that much memory, but Mozilla if you can build a platform that eliminates add-ons that eat up memory you would do good, rather than just blaming them for having a bloated Firefox.

I use Firefox, but not as much as I did before Google Chrome came up, once Google Chrome has something like Firebug and Webdeveloper I am dumping Firefox until they really come up with something that wants me to use them again.

I am a Firefox fan and will remain one, however Chrome stole your thunder and IE8 did it too, so buck up and do a bigger and better release soon.

Ultimate List of Firefox 3.5 Tips and Tricks

If you have been reading us for long, you know that we sum up of for new releases so that you can find out all the information about them in one place.

Firefox 3.5 Speed Test

And to continue the trend here is another ultimate list of tips and tricks for 3.5, once again this list will be non-exhaustive, we will keep on updating it as and when we come across something useful for our readers.

What’s New in Firefox 3.5

The folks at Mozilla have created a nice video that explores all the new features in Firefox 3.5, take a look at the video to learn more.

First Look at Firefox 3.5

Ars Technica takes a look at the new features in Firefox 3.5 giving us a overview of what to expect and what the new features are, take a look at First Look at Firefox 3.5.

Firefox 3.5 Review

The Tecnologizer reviews the new features in Firefox 3.5, telling us about the new features that have been included in Firefox 3.5 and more, head over and read Firefox 3.5 Review.

Top 10 Firefox 3.5 Features

Kevin Purdy from Lifehacker walks us through 10 of the best features in Firefox 3.5, if you are new or have never heard of the features in Firefox 3.5, head over and checkout the Top 10 Firefox 3.5 Features.

Top 5 Killer Features in Firefox

Mashable has put up a list of top 5 killer features in Firefox 3.5, they have detailed a list of features that make Firefox 3.5 much more better, take a look at Top 5 killer features in Firefox.

New Accessibility Options in Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5 has several new accessibility options. Marco’s accessibility blog talks about the new accessibility features in Firefox 3.5.

Updated Firefox 3.5 Tips & Tricks

Is this the end? No way, this list will be updated regularly so bookmark it and share it with your friends, we will keep updating as and when we come across interesting content.

If you have anything to share, feel free to recommend it to us using the comments, we will add it to the list.

Download Firefox 3.5

3.5 is out and ready and available for downloads, if you have been waiting for this now is the time to download and use the next generation browser in Firefox.


What’s New In Firefox 3.5?

Firefox 3.5 has private browsing, increase security, better productivity features, more customizations and is also better than .

There are tons of features that Firefox 3.5 has and we will be doing a detailed review of it soon.

In the meantime why don’t you give the browser a try yourself.

Download Firefox 3.5

25+ Most Useful Widgets For Opera

is a really good browser and if you are not using it yet, we highly recommend you give it a try, just like has , Opera too has a widget system which allows you to add features to the browser.


Here are some of the most useful for Opera that can add value to the browser.

Don’t Miss: Most Useful Gadgets for Gmail


Image Grep/Search Quickly search for images from various sites including Google, , Yahoo!, and Photobucket, without the need to open a additional browser. Clicking on the thumbnail will directly open the image in a new tab, very useful.


Video Downloader Fancied a video you just watched and want to store it on your PC, the video downloader widget will help you to download videos and store it on your PC from 100s of sites.


Google Translator Quickly translate text between languages, comes in very handy and is a definite time saver.

Google Toolbar (our review) Google Toolbar for Opera brings several of the features available in Google Toolbar to Opera in the form of a widget, you can do most.


To-Do List Manager The dotoo To-do list manager is a handy widget that will allow you to manage your to-do lists from right within Opera. Want more, take a look at the Best Online To-Do list managers and 11 Sticky Notes Applications for your desktop.

Wikipedia Search Quickly searches and displays information from Wikipedia, you can also search for content in Wikipedia using this widget.

Time & Date Calendar This widget will allow you to manage your schedule & events from right within Opera, it also has a option to import events & settings, and import & export iCalendars.


Google Maps Perform location based and local searching using Google maps, find directions and more without having to open a separate tab.

Password Generator Want to sign up for a site and require to create a strong password? This widget allows you to create strong passwords by providing it a phrase.

Temporary Inbox Quickly create a temporary email inbox to register on forums and websites. You may also want to check our extensive list of temporary email services.


Multi Weather Track and view weather updates for multiple locations for any locations across the world.

Flight Tracker & Flight Monitor Real time flight tracker, lookup up-to-date flight arrival & flight departures for any international airlines.

eBay Watcher Watch up to 10 auctions of your favorite products from eBay. You can also try out a desktop applications to track eBay Auctions.

Remember The Milk A widget to track your RTM account using a widget, if you are a RTM user you may also want to check out other apps for desktop access of RTM.

Multi Gmail Accounts If you have multiple accounts and want to check the emails for all of them this widget will come in pretty handy.


Scientific Calculator & Calculator Widget Perform advanced or basic calculations from right within Opera.

Unit Converter Perform unit conversions between Acceleration, Area, Torque, Electricity, Energy, Force, Force / Length, Length, Light, Mass, Mass Flow, Density & Mass capacity, Power, Pressure & Stress, Temperature, time, Velocity & Speed, Viscosity, Volume & Capacity, Volume Flow.

Currency Converter Convert between different currencies using live data provided by

Pandora Radio Widget Allows you to play songs from the Pandora without having to open a full tab.

Quick Skype Calls If you use Skype to make local calls, this handy widget will help you call numbers using Skype, you will have to have Skype installed on your system though.

Sort It Out – Textarea for quick and simple string list operations: Sort, UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capital, letter frequency.

World Clocks Keep an eye on the time in different cities across the world from the browser with this handy widget.

Screen Ruler & Ruler Designers need to be accurate right down to the last pixel, the ruler widget will come in pretty handy to measure things in your browser.

Color Picker Color picker adds a widget that will allow you to choose a color and quickly get the hexadecimal value for it.

What do you think about these widgets? Do you use any other useful widgets that we might have missed? Don’t forget to tell us about your views and the widgets you use.

Adobe Air Applications Gallery

is quickly becoming the best way to develop cross platform applications, we have told you about several interesting Adobe Air applications including for and more.

However there are lots of Air apps released every day and it is hard to keep track of all of them, Adobe Air Apps aims to make it easy by maintaining a regularly updated gallery of Adobe Air applications.


They currently have profiled 255 Adobe Air Apps and keep adding newer ones to the gallery, if you are looking to find a Adobe Air app, this is a place you should definitely check out.

Adobe Air Apps

Change Fonts and Font Size Of Google AdSense Ads

Quite sometime back we had written about to increase your Google AdSense income, in that post we had stressed about placements and experimenting with colors for your ads.


However there are a lot of new features rolled out by , some of which include the change in default font size, ability to choose your own font size for AdSense ads and the ability to change the font for your the ads.

These changes go a long way in how you can optimize your ads to generate more clicks, once again experimenting with different formats is the key to getting more revenue, even if something performs good for you, don’t hesitate to try and change things around and see how it works out.

If you want a more detailed description on using AdSense, don’t forget to read our earlier guide for Optimizing and Increasing Google AdSense Revenue.

Gmail Tips and Tricks From Google

is a great email service and we have been writing several here, however no matter how many we right, there are always going to be quite a few things that you can still learn.

Google has now created a new page where they list out tips and tricks for Gmail Ninjas :-).

The tips are divided into 4 different categories, White Belt for people who receive only few emails, Green belt for people who get dozen or so messages a day.


Black belt for people who get a lot of messages a day, and Gmail master for people who receive massive amounts of email message a day.

Whichever category you fall in the tips are really interesting and should definitely help you get started out or keep your email organized.Visit Gmail Tips from Google. Thanks @googleos.

So You Want to Be a Gmail Ninja? [Official Gmail Blog]