W00t!!! Google Calendar Gets Labs Too

Looks like lots of engineers in Google are making use of their 20% to work on personal projects. After the success of , the folks at Google have now launched Labs for Google Calendar.

To access Labs feature in Google Calendar, you will need to go to settings and click on the Labs tab.

There are 6 new Labs features available right now for Google Calendar.


The available features include:

  • Ability to add background images to your Google Calendar
  • Ability to attach document, spreadsheet or presentation to a event.
  • World Clock for displaying time across the world.
  • A feature to jump to any given date.
  • A feature to display the next meeting that is coming up on your agenda.
  • And a ability to set your status as free or busy.

The available features already look pretty interesting and like we are pretty sure to expect more exciting features.

What do you think of the new Labs features in Google Calendar?

Introduction Google Calendar Labs [Official Google Apps Blog]

Office 2010 Professional Screenshot Tour

We finally got our hands on the technical preview of , here is a screenshot tour of Office 2010 Professional. The screenshots have been taken from the official technical preview that is available through Microsoft.

We will be doing a full-fledged review once we have used the software for a few more days, in the meantime take a look at what Office 2010 is made up of.

Outlook 2010 Screenshots

Outlook 2010 Splash Screen

Outlook 2010 Threaded View

Outlook 2010 Account Information

Outlook 2010 Compose Email

Microsoft Word 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Word 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Word 2010 New Document

Microsoft Word 2010 Document Information

About Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 Undo Redo Options

Microsoft Word 2010 Image Background Remover

Microsoft Excel 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Excel 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Excel 2010 New Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel 2010 Spreadsheet Information

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 New Presentation

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Insert Video

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Presentation Properties

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Home Screen

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Creating New Note

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Notebook Information

That is it for now, hope you get a pretty good picture of what Office 2010 is offering, we will be doing a extensive review of Office 2010 which will cover new features and more in next 2-3 days.

Google Tasks Graduates With Honors, Moves Out Of Labs

Google has been coming up with several features, however many of them are usually in the Labs, where they go through rigorous testing before they some of them finally graduate to become stable products.

Once such interesting product in was Google Tasks which allowed you to quickly take notes or add your emails to notes.

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Over a period of time Google Tasks was integrated into Google Calendar and you also had the option to access Google tasks from your desktop, it was getting more and more useful over a period of time.


The team has finally graduated this feature out of labs, however surprisingly this was the shortest period we have seen a feature graduate out of labs, which would mean that is more stable and widely used.

Starting today you will see a link for tasks under the contacts link in Gmail, the feature no longer requires users to enable it in Gmail Labs.

If you have not yet been using this, we definitely recommend you give it a try.

Tasks graduates from Gmail Labs [Official Gmail Blog]

What’s New In Office 2010?

Microsoft today announced several new things at the Convergence 2009, one of the announcements included the offering of and the new office on the web, which will allow you to share and collaborate documents online.

Though we have not yet gotten our hands on the technical preview, there are already several articles written about the best features in the latest version of Microsoft Office.

MS Office on the Web: What it Is and What it Isn’t? Webmonkey takes users on a tour exploring the latest feature in MS Office on the web.

10 Things You Will Love About Office 2010 Sarah Perez walks users through 10 reasons why you will love Office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010: The 5 Most Intriguing Features Mashable has put up a list of 5 of the most intriguing features in Office 2010.

The Complete Guide To Microsoft’s Office 2010 TechCrunch has come up with a complete guide for using Microsoft Office 2010.

Office 2010 revealed in great detail via Microsoft videos I Started Something has put up a list of videos detailing the new features in individual products in Office 2010.

These articles will give you a pretty good headstart on knowing more about Office 2010, we look forward to doing a full review as soon as we get a legal version of it.

Gmail Adds Anti-Phishing Key Feature

Phishing attacks are not uncommon and many people are fooled to believe that someone is sending you a genuine email, though ‘s spam filters are excellent, there may be times when you want to confirm if a email is genuine and not a phishing attempt.

has rolled out a new feature that will add a Anti-Phishing key to all genuine emails from popular sites like eBay and PayPal.


To turn on this feature go to Settings > Labs and look for Authentication icon for verified senders and enable it.


Once you have enabled this feature, you will see a key next to the vendor from address whenever the email is genuine.

We highly recommend that you turn on this labs feature in Gmail, this will definitely save you a lot of hassles and keep you safe from phishing attacks.

This feature is only limited to emails from PayPal & eBay, however it will be expanded to include more vendors in the future.

New in Labs: The super-trustworthy, anti-phishing key [Official Gmail Blog]

5 Ways To Track Your Brand/Website On Twitter

is everywhere, more and more brands are getting twitter savvy and tweeting quite often these days, I have even made a funny quote about this recently.


However jokes aside, twitter is definitely a huge ocean of information and finding when your brand or website is mentioned is a bit difficult, however only a bit difficult, since there are several ways in which you can easily track mentions to your brand/website on a daily basis or on a real-time basis as and when it happens, here are some of the tools and services you can use to track your brand/website on twitter.

Have You Read? How Many Times Have Twitter, Facebook & MySpace Been Mentioned By Blogs/Websites?

TweetDeck (Desktop Client)


TweetDeck offers a superior cross-platform client for twitter that runs on , tracking trends is definitely easy, however also has the ability to do some really nifty real time searches, which can come in pretty handy when you want to track brand mentions in real time.

BackTweets (Search Links on Twitter)


BackTweets is a interesting service in the sense that they allow you to see how many people are tweeting a given URL, they also include URLs that are shortened using URL Shortening services.

Definitely a great way to keep track of people who mention your website/brand URL in their tweets.

BackTweets also offers users an option to get email alerts whenever a particular URL has been mentioned on twitter on a real-time, daily or weekly basis.

Sideline (Desktop Client)


Sideline which we had reviewed previously is another cross-platform desktop client based on Adobe Air and created by , that will let you monitor twitter for certain keywords.

The application also allows you to see the latest trends and create favorites.

TweetBeep (Twitter Alert Service)


TweetBeep which we had reviewed earlier is a service that will send you email alerts whenever your keyword/brand or URL is mentioned.

Of course most of this information the above applications comes from Twitter Search, so you might want to use that too, however it does not provide the features the above applications provide you with.

Real Time Twitter Results In Google Search


Though this is neither a service nor a application a script can show you real time results from twitter whenever you search for something in Google.

Do you know of any other applications that allow you to track your brand or website? Don’t forget to tell us about them through your comments.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2 For Windows 7 & Vista

The Ultimate Windows Tweaker which was earlier available for only has now been updated to work to version 2 and will work with both Windows Vista and .

The utility for windows allows users to tweak and optimize several settings in windows, which are usually hidden deep and not easy to find.

The tweaker detects whether you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista installed and accordingly offers you the relevant tweaks only.


New Features in version 2 include:

  • Revamped UI similar to Windows 7/Vista UI controls
  • Improved: Optmize services, enable/disable services and start/stop as well instantly
  • New information is added to the system information page.
  • New information added to personalization page.
  • More options available for UAC, System performance, security settings and Internet explorer page.
  • Additional tweaks are added.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a so you can use it anywhere.

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2 [via TechNet]

Sticky Notes Extension For Google Chrome

We have updated the earlier list of Google Chrome Extensions  and we will continue doing it in future, you may want to bookmark the page to know about the latest extensions released for Chrome.

Just a few days back we had told you about a to create notes in Firefox, if you are user, we came across a similar extension that will work for Chrome.

The Sticky Notes Extension will allow you to create and save notes in Google Chrome.

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Once you have installed the extension, you will see a icon below to create notes, clicking on that will open a new note tab, you can easily change the color and other preferences for the note page.

Download Sticky Notes Extension

Twitter Accounts For Google Products, NO Official Gmail Account

Google and in fact many other corporate have been using to spread out the latest news and send updates to users.

Many of us might be using atleast one or another Google product, so how do you get instant updates for them?


Google has made a list of accounts they have on twitter public to users in a recent blog post, so if you are a Google fan or use one of their products you might want to subscribe to the twitter account that concerns you.

However interestingly Google does not have a official account for yet, the account @gmail is squatted (registered by someone else).

Now that leaves us wondering whether or not Google will go the CNN way and buy off those accounts. What do you think?

And on another note they haven’t mentioned their Google Apps account (@googleapps) too, but most likely that may be squatted as well.

Google Accounts on Twitter [Official Google Blog]

Google Says Bing Temporarily Unavailable

In a certain embarrassment for both and Google, a search on Google for the keyword Bing, shows the second result’s title as Bing Temporarily Unavailable.

This may have been a result of some problems with Bing from last week, however it is embarrassing nonetheless.


However this issue will certainly be fixed soon, considering this tweet from the official Bing account directly sent to the official Google account on twitter.


As of writing this post, the search for the keyword still shows the message from the screenshot, wondering how quickly Google will act on this.