Gmail Offers Automatic Unsubscribe Option For Mailing Lists

Quite recently I have been on the receiving end of some email newsletters, no matter how hard I try to unsubscribe from them they still sending them to me, the most logical option for me in such cases is to mark such messages as spam.

With that experience, I automatically tend to mark newsletters as spam, looks like has been watching such behaviors and have added a new feature that will ask you if you want to unsubscribe from a mailing list while marking it as spam.


According to Lifehacker, the Gmail help page on auto-unsubscribe states this;

We don’t think you should be burdened with managing messages you don’t want to receive. We do our best to put messages in Spam when we’re pretty sure you won’t want or need them. But everyone has different preferences about the mail they want to see. You may not want to read any messages sent by a certain company or mailing list, while another Gmail user finds these same messages to be valuable.

To help solve this problem, we’re providing you with an unsubscribe tool for some messages. You’ll see the unsubscribe tool when you mark a message from particular types of mailing lists as spam. If the particular message is a misuse of a mailing list you like to receive, you can Report spam as usual. But if you never want to receive another message or newsletter from that list again, click Unsubscribe instead. We’ll send a request to the sender that your email address be removed from the list. It’s that simple!

Definitely a really good feature, since it would save me quite a lot of time to have Gmail auto-unsubscribe from a mailing list, rather than me having to do it manually.

What do you think about this new feature? Will it be useful to you? Do let us know.

Image credit: Lifehacker

5 Tools To Measure Your Popularity On Twitter

Metrics are a part of our lives, we use it to measure things all over may it be a rating for article, a product rating, website popularity or other things, likewise if you are on there may be chances that you are not a brand or website, so measuring your brand popularity on twitter may not exactly be for you.

However as a individual, how popular are you on twitter? If you want to answer this question, here are some ways to find out how popular you are on twitter.

Twitter Grader


Twitter Grader is a service that grades your twitter account by taking several things into consideration, including number of followers, power of followers, updates, follower/following ration and more.

Twitter Score


Twitter Score is another service that ranks twitter users based on the number of followers you have, the number of updates, the popularity of your followers and other criteria’s.

Tweet Effect


Tweet Effect is more of a analysis service than a popularity tracker, it analyzes your twitter account and displays you statistics about the effects your tweets have had on your followers.



Unlike the other services TwitChamp allows you to directly compare two twitter users and finds the winner between them, though no worthwhile info is gained from this service, it is a good way to have fun.



Twitterholic is another service that ranks your twitter account, however most of the ranking is done based on the number of followers you have, in addition to that they also rank you according to the region you have setup in your twitter profile.

Bonus: More Twitter Analyzing Services

There are few other twitter analyzing services that provide users with insights about their tweets, these include;

Do you use any other tools or services to measure your popularity on twitter? Tell us about them through your comments.

Smarter Splash Screen In Office 2010

The usual process of opening applications is to click on the application shortcut and wait while the application is fully loaded, in many cases the application will take sometime to load, specially when they have to load add-ins or plugins too.

Likewise Microsoft Office products take sometime to open, usually because they are loading in the background.


includes a change on how the application loads which provides users with an option to close the applications even before they are fully loaded with the inclusion of a close and cancel button.

In addition to that users are also able to see what process is currently being run by the application, for example if you have a lot of add-ins you will see the progress of which add-ins are currently being loaded.

The good thing about these changes is that it now allows users to determine which add-ins may be causing problem and disable or uninstall them.

What do you think about the new feature? Do you find it useful? Want more such tips, don’t forget to read the entire list of .

Total Solar Eclipse Videos & Images

July 22nd 2009 marks the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting at most 6 minutes, 39 seconds (wikipedia). It may be a long long time before you get to catch a glimpse of this marvel again, the next total eclipse will take place again on 21st June, 2132.

However if you missed viewing of the total solar eclipse, don’t worry, technology has advanced quite a lot to capture memories forever, and there are 100s and 1000s of videos that have captured the solar eclipse.

Here are some images of the total solar eclipse from Asia, courtesy Wikipedia & Reuters.


The Dark Side of the moon courtesy Reuters


Solar Eclipse image from New Delhi, India


Solar Eclipse image from Kolkata, India


Solar Eclipse image from Tainan, Taiwan

Total Solar Eclipse July 2009 Videos

Total Solar Eclipse in Asia

Total Solar Eclipse in India

Gestures Extension For Google Chrome

We came across another interesting Google Chrome Extension that will allow you to use gestures to perform certain tasks in the browser.

The ChromeGestures extension for will allow you to perform several actions based on mouse movements, for example if you perform down and right gesture with your mouse it will open a new tab, down and left will close a new tab, to go back in current tab history gesture to the left and to go forward gesture to the right.

In addition to that the Gestures extension will also allow you to create your own gestures.

Chrome Gestures Features :

  • Execute Chrome commands using a simple gesture
  • Easily create your own gestures
  • Endless custom command possibilities by using Javascript

Download ChromeGestures Extension

Click2Try Lets You Test Applications Before Downloading

Have ever come across a software that you liked from reviews, but after installing found not worth enough to use, many of us do and then eventually uninstall the application, leaving registry entries and other unwanted information behind.

However you can now test the applications online even before you download them with the help of Click2Try a service that allows users to test out open source applications and operating systems online without the need to download them to your computer.


Click2Try offers information about applications along with allowing you to test them out in a browser window, the application will work exactly as it will work on your local computer.

click2try_application_testing click2try_testing_eclipse

If you like the application you can then download it and use it on your local computer. Click2Try currently supports testing for over 50 open source applications, with more applications support regularly being added.

So the next time you want to test out a application before testing it, give Click2Try a try.

Click2Try [via Download Squad]

Download Firefox 3.5.1 To Fix Vulnerability Issues

3.5 has a highly critical Javascript vulnerability which was exposed, the problem was cause due to the new Javascript rendering engine Tracemonkey, any one who has this enabled would be affected.

However Mozilla has been working on a fix for the issue and have already started distributing copies of Firefox 3.5.1 which fixes the security bug.

The patch though is not available officially and is expected to be released in the next 48 hours.

However Martin from GHacks Tech News has a copy of Firefox 3.5.1, which he has shared with others through a mirror, this is a US version and will only work on Windows.

Download Firefox 3.5.1, also visit the Firefox 3.5.1 update post for more details about this download.

Useful SEO Bookmarks For Google Chrome

still does not have the ability to add a toolbar like Google Toolbar and any other one’s in fact, there are many people who use several toolbars to track SEO information like Page Rank and more.

The Distilled blog has come up with a list of interesting and useful bookmarks related to SEO for Google Chrome, that will help you perform several tasks like check page rank (which is a exclusive Techie Buzz tool), count number of links and so on.

The Google Chrome SEO Buttons Include

  • Count Links: displays the number of links on the current page (showing internal and external)
  • NoFollow Highlighter: adds a light red background to any NoFollow-ed links on the current page
  • Google Site: search: shows all indexed pages from this site
  • Google’s Cached Version: shows the cached version of the current page
  • Google PageRank: pops up a window showing the current page’s PageRank
  • SEO Playground Tool: opens a useful information pane by Dave Naylor
  • Y! Link Report for this Page: shows the Yahoo! SiteExplorer links for the current page
  • Y! Link Report for this Subdomain: as above, but for the whole site
  • WolframAlpha stats about this Page: may show some useful info about the current page
  • Twitter Mentions of this Site: uses BackTweets to show recent mentions of the site on Twitter
  • Blog Mentions of this Site: uses SocialMention to show recent mentions of the site on blogs
  • Other Sites at this IP: data from My IP Neighbors
  • Edit Page Text: allows you to edit the text on any page
  • SEOMoz Pro Tools: this folder allows easy access to useful tools for SEOMoz’s Pro Members

Head over to the Google Chrome Plugins for SEO to download and install these bookmarks and bookmarklets for Google Chrome.

Bing Grows More Twitter Friendly With BingTweets

the ever growing decision making search engine has grown a little bit more friendly than their earlier announcement of introduction of twitter tweets in search results, with the introduction of BingTweets, a search engine which will also display real-time tweets in Bing results page.

This new offering sports a completely different interface than the original Bing page, as you can see from the screenshot below.


The real-time auto-updating search results from twitter is displayed in the left hand side of the page, with the regular results taking up the right hand side.


In addition to that, BingTweets also adds a bit of social elements to the interface in the form of allowing users to share the results on either twitter or using other sharing options.


Another interesting feature is that you can see all the trending topics on the page, however they are further divided into most popular trending topics, most popular people trending, most popular places trending and most popular products trending.

Overall a very refreshing and social search offering from Bing, wonder whether folks at Google are still sleeping, or are they? Maybe they are just working on buying out twitter :-).

Windows Live Writer Wish List

I recently had a conversation with the Windows Live Writer team at Microsoft, where I shared a wish list for some features I wanted to see in the next version of WLW, this is a post based on that conversation.

Whether you may see it or not is left to them and I am pretty hopeful that they will include the features I suggested, however here is a rundown of features I would love Windows Live Writer to include in their next version.

Ability to add custom fields

One thing I would definitely want to have is the ability to add custom fields to posts that I publish from WLW, this will allow me to skip visiting the admin dashboard to update certain parameters.

Quite recently I wrote a option to add custom fields for the All in One SEO Pack plugin through another plugin called All in One SEO Pack WLW bridge, however I would definitely like to ability to add more custom fields.

That is not all, another awesome thing would be if they could allow users to store custom fields in Name Pair value and reuse them, which will allow users to easily insert custom fields without having to remember the exact custom field name.

For example, users can save All in one SEO title and add a custom field value name as titleor whatever field name the plugin requires, the next time they want to enter the value for the same field, they can do that by using a drop down list with the name they have stored, in this case All in one SEO title.

Auto-Linking Segregation for Different Blogs

I have around 8 different blogs setup with WLW and use the auto-linking feature to link to some terms.

There is a problem with it, I link to internal posts and tags using those terms for blog A, now I am writing a post for blog B, however the terms would still be linked no matter what, this creates a lot of problems since there may be several times I may repeat the same term on blog B, and each time it will link to it.

Now it causes a lot of productivity loss to go back and remove those links manually each time one term from blog A is linked on blog B.

In addition to that, you do not have a choice to link the same terms on multiple blogs.

Another problem with the auto-linking feature is that, auto-linking should not kick in while the previous word in the series is linked, for example I have a auto-link for Gmail and also for Gmail Labs, so when I type in Gmail it gets linked and writing Gmail Labs then creates another link which overlaps the earlier link.

Sometimes we may overlook this and create a weird link.

Auto Spell Check

This is another awesome feature that is on my wish list, I type at the speed of 100 words per minute and sometimes mistype certain words, an auto spell check like Word has would be awesome.

Shortcuts for H tags and P tags and list tags

I highlight quite a lot of sections with H tags, shortcuts for them would be awesome as it would definitely increase productivity, also shortcuts for ordered and unordered list would be awesome.

Ability to add images as watermarks

Windows Live Writer allows users to add watermark to their images, however an option to add images (logos) as watermarks would be great.

I also put up a request for backups and restorations on settings and posts, however there is a plugin/tool that already does that, you might want to check the Windows Live Writer backup tool for that.

This is my wish list for the features I am looking to have in Windows Live Writer. Do you have a wish list? It would be interesting to know about them.