10 Online Service/Websites to Send Free SMS Worldwide

All of us rely greatly on our cell-phones for staying in touch. With so many of us hard-pressed for time, we often have to settle for shorter and quicker ways of communicating text messages, which works as the perfect savior to our needs of keeping it short while keeping in touch!

However, there is a flipside to this situation. When you keep letting those SMS fly from your fingers one after another, you could end up with a pretty high bill from your network provider.


The good news is that there are several websites online which provide the services of sending free SMS throughout the world. As a result, you can easily send SMS to your friends worldwide from a place as convenient as your computer. Now most of these free SMS services have a character limit, but when you are more worried about the sheer number of text messages that you are sending, it is something you can easily deal with.

Summing up the names and special services provided by various such online websites, here are 10 online websites that let you send free SMS worldwide:

Send SMS Now


SendSMSNow is a free service that lets users who sign up at the website, send free SMS to individual mobile numbers worldwide. Services are also free for organizing phonebooks and groups and also receiving replies. However, there is a fee of 5 cents for every SMS sent to a group.

Jungle SMS


Another such service is JungleSMS which allows registered users to send free SMS from their website as well as Internet-enabled mobile phones to people all over the world. As mentioned in the website, the SMS service is free owing to the sponsorship of advertising partners, because of which, each SMS sent has a short advertisement tailing it.



Wadja is another online free SMS service provider which lets users send 80 character SMS to friends in almost 200 countries. The site also supports the sending of SMS using mobile Internet.



There is another online free SMS service called Nimbuzz, with which, clients having the Nimbuzz application installed in their mobile phones can not only send free SMS to each other, but also engage in Instant Messaging. Mobile Internet is the only requirement.



A free account at SeaSMS is another option for sending free International SMS from a computer or mobile phone that is connected to the Internet to any cell-phone in the world. You could also try a walk down SMSLane if you wish to send 1-160 character bulk SMS. However, although this service is initially free, you would need to buy new SMS credits once you run out of them.

If these do not work out to your liking, some other options that you could try out would be Text4Free, SendFreeSMS, WeTextFree and FreeSMS2World. Of these, WeTextFree, and FreeSMS2World do not require any registration before use.

The websites mentioned here should serve as a guide that will help you choose the right free SMS service based on your needs and text messaging requirements.

Firefox 4.0 Mockups has Hints of Google Chrome

It has barely been over a week since we wrote about the Firefox 3.7 mockups and there are already mockups of Firefox 4.0 mockups put on the Mozilla wiki.

Looking at these 4.0 mockups, we are quite surprised that Mozilla is almost trying to emulate the look and feel of .

Almost Chrome like look with tabs and top, and buttons for page options and tools, along with Omnibar like search options.

Tabs at bottom, just like current Firefox but with a additional bookmarks button.

Combining of the Stop/Refresh and Go buttons into a single one. The buttons will;

  • Turn green when you start typing.
  • Blend with the location bar when at rest.
  • Turn blue on hover.
  • Turn red when a page is loading.


Please note that these are only mockups and not the final version of Firefox 4.0, there may be several changes and additional features in the finished version, however we definitely like the look they are thinking to implement.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Firefox 4.0 mockups look good enough to you?

Firefox 4.0 Windows Theme Mockups

Backup Google Docs Files

Most of the time we try and files to the clouds using several sites, however it is always good to keep several backups just to be safe.

not only provides users with a Microsoft Office alternative but also provides users with a option to upload and store files online.

However if you do not trust the cloud for data storage you are always better off keeping backups locally, if you have many documents on Google Docs, you can easily export them or sync them with your local documents.


The LTech Google Docs Backup provides users with an option to backup and download their documents to their local drive. You can choose between various options to backup Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations.

However this will only work for Google Apps Premier and Education editions.

If you are a regular Google Docs user and , you can export your Google Documents too with a Greasemonkey script, you can find the script and other useful things in our earlier post: Getting the best out of Google Docs.

Download Google Docs Backup [via a tweet & Read Write Web]

10 Ways To Use Twitter As A Reminder Service

is both useful to some and then not so useful to many, however the beauty of the service is that there are so many tools & services built around it, that makes the service much more better to use.

Did you know that you could also use twitter as a reminder service? Well if not here are 10 handy reminder tools and services that can turn twitter into GTD service for you.

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Remember The Milk


The big daddy of reminder services, RTM also has an option for users to set reminders using twitter. If you have a RTM account, all you need to do is follow @rtm on twitter and send your tasks as direct message to it.

And yes, you can also choose to receive reminders or task alerts directly to twitter.



Earlier mentioned service Remindr is another interesting service that allows you to set reminders to be sent to twitter or email without registering or signing up, just head to the website, create a new reminder and follow @remindr_bot to get a nudge when the task is scheduled.

Remind me About


Remind me about is a simple twitter robot that allows you to send to do lists as direct messages, just follow @remind_me_about and let it follow you back.

Once it does you can send out messages as GF’s bday tomorrow or GF’s bday on 01/01/2009 (dd/mm/yyyy format) and it will send you back a reminder whenever the task is due.

The developer of the service is planning to make the code open source, so you will be able to run reminder services on your own server.

Other Useful Twitter Reminder Services

Sendible Sendible is a full fledged reminder service with options that allow you to receive alerts in your twitter account.

Task.fm The handy productivity service allows you to created reminders and receive alerts for them in your twitter account.

Plook Pretty simple to use, just create a reminder and forget about it, you will receive a reminder when the task is up, no need to signup or register.

Twalert Another handy twitter alert service that allows you to create a alert by using the web interface or by direct messaging @twalert.

Tweety PA – Tweety PA is a remidner service for twitter. You can book a tweet for anytime in the future, and have a direct message sent to you at that time. Depending on your settings this should also send you an email with your message of choice.

Twinders Twinders is a free service that allows you to schedule reminders, memos, or notifications sent to your Twitter account on the date and time you choose.

Timer A twitter robot that you can use as a reminder service, just send a direct message and you will receive a alert when the time is up.

Do you use any other service? Do let us know about them.

If you have missed some of our earlier posts about twitter, you can read them by following the links below.

Google Toolbar For Google Chrome, Well Almost

The biggest feature that is missing from is the non-availability of Google Toolbar, many users use it for several reasons, like finding page rank, quickly bookmarking to their Google Bookmarks account and so on.

However there are quite a few Google Chrome Extensions available now, however we researched and discovered one that will bring at-least some of the features of Google Toolbar to Google Chrome.


The goleet extension for Chrome adds in several features from Google Toolbar to Chrome, the extension basically packs in these features.

  • Access to your account (unread emails, one click opening).
  • Access to your account.
  • Option to subscribe to any RSS feed in your Google Reader account.
  • One click translation to English for any webpage.
  • Ability to bookmark a webpage to Google Bookmarks.

To complete the mini Google Toolbar you might also want to add the Google Pagerank extension to the mix.

The current version of the release is 0.2, however we dug through the notes and saw that the developer was working on version 0.3 which has added features, he has also checked in the sources into the repository and added it to the trunk, however version 0.3 is not yet available as a extension.

Don’t forget to check out the entire list of Google Chrome Extensions and also the handy Google Chrome Extension manager.

Download Goleet

Options Menu Lets You Easily Edit Firefox Add-on Options

You may have installed several , many of them have provide users with options that can be changed and personalized.

However many times these options are need to be dug out by going to the extensions management tab in .


Sometime earlier we had told you about a More Tools menu to easily segregate add-on options from the regular Firefox options, the options menu add-on goes one step further by providing you with a easy dropdown menu listing all the available plugin options.

The next time you want to change options for any add-ons, click on the extensions icon next to address bar and choose the add-on you want to make changes to.

Please note, you will have to drag the options button to the toolbar to view it, if you aren’t aware how to do it, you can read our earlier article on how to customize Firefox toolbar.

Download Options Menu [via Mozilla Links]

Firefox Will Cross 1 Billion Downloads Soon

the popular browser from Mozilla will cross 1 billion downloads worldwide pretty soon, wow that is a really huge number.

I have been a Firefox user for quite long but don’t use it much these days other than for my programming needs, my default browser now is .

However this is a huge achievement nevertheless and not that I am lost user, however Mozilla still has quite a few things to do with regards to user experience and more, if you think I am wrong don’t forget to read my Firefox 3.5 review first.

[via a tweet]

Ultimate List Of Office 2010 Tips & Tricks

has been made available to few users for testing, however the have already begun coming in from everywhere, like always we like to provide users with a single place to find the best tips & tricks for any products.

Likewise we have compiled and that will contain tips and tricks for Office 2010, and include tips for , Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and more.

This list is non-exhaustive so we will keep adding to it whenever we come across new content.

General Office 2010 Tips & Tricks

Outlook 2010 Tips & Tricks

Word 2010 Tips & Tricks

PowerPoint 2010 Tips & Tricks

Excel 2010 Tips & Tricks

OneNote 2010 Tips & Tricks

We will keep this list updated and add more tips and tricks to it when we come across them, you can find more tips and tricks at the section.

If you want us to include your link here, please feel free to leave a comment with your tips and tricks article for Office 2010.

Windows 7 6.1.7600.16385 Is Final RTM Build

In case you are wondering whether the leaked version of RTM you downloaded is real or not 6.1.7600.16385 is the final RTM build :-).

BTW the Windows 7 is now officially signed off and RTM’d, however do not scramble to download it from torrent sites, we highly advice you against it.

Watch a video of the sign-off and official RTM.

nuf said 6.1.7600.16385 via a tweet

Google Chrome Extensions Manager

More and more Google Chrome Extensions are cropping up for , however there is no proper management options available for managing extensions and the process of uninstalling and disabling extensions is manual right now.

However if you are trying out extensions, a handy script called Add-on Management+ will allow you to manage, disable, uninstall extensions and more.

Managing extensions with the script is easy, just save this batch file (right click and save as) to your PC, and double click on it to open it up.


You will see a lot of options out there, just type the number according to the action you want to perform and click on enter. For example if you want to disable any extension, type 2 and press enter.


You will be shown a list of extensions that are currently enabled, just type the number against the extension you want to disable and click enter, you can re-enable the extension by going back to the main screen and choosing enable a disabled extensions.

In addition to that you can also completely uninstall an extension, run Chrome with extensions and user scripts support and so on.

Definitely useful and worth using to manage extensions till Chrome comes up with a user interface to do the job.