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Gmail Gadget For Google Desktop

I have always been a big fan of for quite some time and use it as my primary search tool for the desktop, the good thing about Google Desktop is that I can also use several useful Gadgets that allow me to monitor websites from the desktop, maintain a to-do list, track Google AdSense earnings from the desktop and more.

Google Desktop also featured a handy gadget that would allow you to view the incoming emails in and your account, however the gadget was pretty basic and you could not search emails or do other tasks with it.

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Watch Indian Television and News Channels Online [Free TV]

One thing I miss being away from home, is watching some of my favorite programs, and the television packages available in US for Indian channels are not the best in town, with the available bouquets not providing the entertainment channels I usually watch.


However like watching movies online and listening to bollywood music online, there are quite a few options to watch Indian TV channels online, like always I settle for nothing but the best, and for watching Indian television channels and news online I use couple of website called iDesiTV and FOMNY TV.

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Sort Downloads Into Different Folders In Firefox

Firefox 3 has improved on the download manager, however it still leaves a lot to be desired, since you have to sort all the downloads in different folders after they have been download, with free download managers you can easily sort the downloads making it easier to manage downloaded files.

There is some delight for Firefox users, in the form of a handy add-on called Download Sort which will help you sort the downloads in different folders based on their extensions.

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Gladinet Provides Local Access To Google Docs, Picasa Web, Windows Live Skydrive and Amazon S3

In the past we have told you how to mount a account in Windows and even a fix for people who could not access the accounts on their systems. Gladinet is a freeware desktop application that will delivers web applications and online files to your desktop, it helps you access files from , Picasa Web, Amazon S3 and Windows Live Skydrive from your PC without having to use a web browser.


Gladinet mounts a network drive that will allow you to access the documents like you are browsing it on your local PC, so you open docs stored in your Docs account with a local word processing software like Microsoft Word.

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Is It Going To Rain?

Many people usually check the weather before they head out of the house, though many people usually go out dressed for different weathers, the one thing one can’t beat with clothes is rain, and people require to carry a umbrella or raincoat in order to avoid getting wet.

Going To Rain is a interesting service that will tell you whether it is going to rain in your city, without the need to enter your zipcode or city name.

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Simple Countdown Timer For Firefox

You want to spend 15 minutes surfing your favorite social networking site before you get down to some serious work, so what do you do? Keep watching the clock or download and install a timer application, that will tell you when the 15 minutes are up?


With the Simple Timer add-on for Firefox, you can easily setup a timer to countdown the time and alert you when the 15 minutes are up, and the best part is that you do not even have to close the browser and launch another application for setting up the timer.

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Tons Of Twitter Applications and Services

If you are user, you may know the number of applications and services created for the service are countless, they are several applications which are pretty good and may escape your attention, so how do you keep track of all the twitter applications and services that have been created?



Don’t fret, neither do you have to search for it, nor discover it from your friends, there is a handy Wiki that lists out all the twitter applications ever created, the good part about the list is that, it can be edited by users themselves making it a pretty up-to-date list.

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PicPick Tools: All-In-One Design Tool [Featured Download]

Not every user requires to have Photoshop to edit images or a costly tool to capture screens from their desktop, of-course there are quite a few freeware that will help you manage your images and also quite a few free screen capture alternatives to capture screens on your computer.


However PicPick tools is a all-in-one design tool utility that clubs into several features into a single portable freeware, and can be used as a all-in-one software for software developers, graphic designers and home user.

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Ultimate Windows Tweaker For Windows Vista

has lots of features which are really unwanted for a normal user, however there are no really good tools like Tweak UI powertoy available officially for Windows XP. Though the wait to get a tool has been long enough, the Windows Vista club has released a tool called Ultimate Windows Tweaker which will help you tweak apply 130 tweaks without having to edit the registry.

The freeware utility has a simple easy-to-use user interface, with the tweaks being classified in separate heads based of their functionality. Most tweaks are hidden inside Vista, and what this tweaker does is to try and put the useful one’s in one place. It has over 130 tweaks, but is yet, just a 370 KB .exe file, which does not require an install.

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FoxGLove: Standalone Google Apps Browser

Quite sometime back we had told you about a application called GMDesk that allowed you to manage several Google services like , Google Reader, in a single application. Though that application was not ground breaking, it definitely helped a bit for heavy Google users.

Our favorite productivity blog Life Hacker has released a similar application called FoxGLove, albeit with much more features and tight integration with and a like look and feel.

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Send Files Directly From Microsoft Office Using YouSendIt

So you have created a document that you want to send across to your friends or colleagues, but why waste time opening up your email program, attaching the file and then sending the email to the recipients you want to?

YouSendIt a service that allows you to send large files as email attachments, albeit they don’t exactly attach a file but just include a link to the uploaded file stored on their servers, making it easier for anyone to download the files without being limited to the mail server limit of 20MB attachment size.

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Backup Your Gmail Account

has quickly become the only email service I use other than my company account, and I also use Apps for the websites I own. So all in all I am in good hands, but there is also a risk to lose everything if something goes wrong.

Though I setup most of my Gmail accounts in Windows Live Email which in itself creates a local , not all attachments are downloaded to my local PC. In such situations the Gmail Backup is a excellent software, which will allow you to backup your entire Gmail account offline.

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EtherPad: Real Time Collaboration For Text Documents

Online document collaboration has definitely changed the way how people share and edit documents, which more than one person being able to access and make changes to the same document, this feature is pretty popular in Google Docs.


However the collaboration feature in Docs is not real time and it takes almost 10-15 seconds for a change made by one person to reflect on the other active collaborators documents. EtherPad is a service that provides users with real-time collaboration for editing plain text documents.

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Introducing Damn Good Lists And A $1025 Contest

Over the past few weeks I have been pretty busy doing lots of things behind the hood, that is one reason you are seeing lesser posts as compared to earlier. Behind the hoods I have been working on several things which you will know about in the coming few months.


However I wanted to take the time off and introduce one of my pet projects which is pretty exciting and has definitely taken a lot of my free time. The project is called Damn Good Lists, which is a blog dedicated to lists and only lists, it aims to provide you with the hottest, wackiest, weirdest and you name it lists on the web in one place.

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