HP and Microsoft Back To School Giveaways

HP has been known to promote their products with excellent giveaways, and now that the schools are beginning to reopen, they have teamed up with Microsoft to kick off the Back to school: Better Togethergiveaways.


In this giveaway they will be offering students a chance to win some really cool goodies including;

  • One HP dv6 laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo P7350, Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, 4GB RAM, 500GB SATA HDD, BluRay ROM SuperMulti with LightScribe, HP webcam, integrated fingerprint reader, WiFi 802.11 a/g/n, 16display (1366×768 pixels), ATI Mobility Radeon HD4650 Graphics, Altec Lansing built-in speakers).
  • One HP Mini 110 laptop (Intel Atom 270, Windows XP Home Edition SP3, 1GB RAM, 10.1display (1024×576 pixels), 160GB SATA HDD, HP webcam, WiFi 802.11b/g, 6 cell battery).
  • A customized Timbuk2 bag.
  • Syncables software for hassle-free synchronization! Easily sync emails, internet favorites and files between two PCs. Also sync to portable storage devices with HP QuickSync.

The competitions will kick start from 12th August 2009 and you have 25 chances to win any of these products, there are total of 25 participating sites that will giveaway these prizes on different dates, here is a list of all participating websites and the dates they will be having the competitions on.

You can find more information about the competitions and prizes at the official Back to School: Better Together website.


Chat With Facebook Friends From Desktop

has a chat feature which I use to chat with some of my friends who are usually not available on IM, however everytime I want to chat with someone I need to go and open the browser to chat.


Gabtastik is a site specific browser (SSB) based on Webkit (remember Mozilla Prism) that will allow you to chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop without having to open a web browser.

Once you install the software you can start using it to communicate with friends, all your chat sessions are can also be viewed when you visit the Facebook site.


Gabtastik also provides you with non intrusive chat notifications whenever someone opens up a chat with you by showing a balloon notification in the taskbar whenever someone chats with you or replies to you, so you can open the application and keep it running without having to visit your Facebook profile to check for chat notifications.


A bonus with this application is that it also can also be used as a desktop application for Google Talk.

Overall simply awesome, even if you don’t use Facebook much, this is a definite must have to Google Talk users.

Gabtastik is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Download Gabtastik 


Updating Twitter Using Google Chrome Omnibar

There are so many ways in which you can update your status, however some things are just so easy that we cannot help but let you know about them.

To update twitter from Omnibar, follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: Right click on the Omnibar and select Edit search engines.

Step 2: Add a new search engine and enter the following text into it http://twitter.com/?status=%swithout the quotes.


Step 3: Give it a easy to remember name and set a keyword for it, click Ok and your step.


Step 4: To update twitter status from the Omnibar type the keyword followed by your message and hit enter, your message should now appear as a twitter status entry, take a look at the animation above to see how it works.

You can also use this on other browsers like that support keyword based searches.

Hat tip to Life Hacker.

Bing Goes 1 Up on Google Search

has definitely been making inroads into search engine market, last time around it was on the receiving end when Bing took some traffic from Yahoo, however now that both Bing and Yahoo have come together to fight Google, it is more than certain that they may lose some market share.

Yahoo & Bing vs Google Search

According to LiveSide Bing gained 1% of US search engine market   share in July, and during the same period Google lost a similar amount of market share.

A detailed analysis by Statcounter showed an increase in US search market share from 8.23% in June to 9.41% in July, during the same period Google’s US market share came down from 78.48% in June to 77.54% in July.

However Google still dominates the global market with 89.23% share in July as compared to 89.80% in June.

So will Bing and Yahoo coming together put a dent into the market share of Google? Well only time can tell, and Google still has a large scope to go one up ahead in the coming month based on their new innovations in their search engine and image search engine.

What do you think? Who will win the boxing championship between these two giants?

Google Chrome Sync Already Exists?

Just a few hours ago we told you how was planning to offer browser synchronization across multiple computers.

We dug around a bit and came across a service called Google Chrome Sync, that provides bookmarks synchronization across computers.


The website in question is registered by someone from Russia, they also have a account @chromesync where they have posted a few updates dating back to May 2009 with regards to this tool, however the website in themselves do not offer any downloads yet.


It would be interesting to try out this tool, if anyone of you have access to it please drop us a email and let us know about it, we would love to test that out.

Google Chrome To Get Cloud Synchronization

More than a year ago Google had pulled the plug on Google Browser Sync a very handy   for that would allow users to sync their browser settings with a external server in the cloud.

Back then hadn’t even debuted but that decision didn’t go down very well with many users, however there was a good alternative in the form of Weave from Mozilla.


However a interesting news is floating around, according to a design document Google will offer Chrome users the ability to synchronize the settings with their Google Account.

This is definitely good news as it will allow users to use Chrome on multiple PCs without have to worry about copying their bookmarks and settings, more likely than not it will work similar to how Google Browser Sync worked for Firefox.

This feature will initially be available to development version users and later on gradually rolled out to everyone. In the meantime do start using one of the several Google Chrome Extensions available to users.

Firefox Creates History, Crosses One Billion Downloads

Just last week we had told you how was nearing 1 billion downloads, and today is the day of celebration for the Mozilla foundation.

They have just completed a feat of over 1 billion downloads that was unfathomable a few years ago, created a browser that has been a favorite to many including us.


To celebrate the occasion Mozilla has also created a site One Billion Plus You. Let’s cheer this moment by giving them three cheers for this huge achievement, this is definitely a great thing to happen to the open source community and will definitely mean that more and more people will start building softwares with a hope that Firefox has provided them with.

Hip Hip Hoorah to Firefox and Mozilla!!!!

Google Chrome Gets Themes Support

The latest development version of (version which was a bug fix over has added support for installing themes to the browser, unlike the earlier route of installing themes in Google Chrome.

The newer version also does not require you to enable extensions using the enable-extensions switch, the browser can now automatically handle it.


At present there are two sample themes available Camo and Snowflake which you can try out on the newer version. Downloading and installing themes are easy just download the file and it will change the theme without restarting the browser.

How do you manage themes in Google Chrome? This version includes a basic theme management in Options > Personal Stuff tab, right now you can switch back to default theme or get new themes.


The get new themes points to a non-existent Google Chrome Theme gallery page, however that should not be the case in the future.

The one feature that is missing however is the ability to find and see installed themes, but that too will be fixed in the future.

And in addition to that the new tab page will be available by default now, it also adds support for the well received HTML 5 video tags.


Google Reader Officially Supports NewsGator, NewsGator Dumps Online Version

today announced their official integration with NewsGator the popular online and offline RSS client, this would now mean that users of RSS clients like FeedDemon and NetNewsWire will now have the ability to sync feeds directly with Google Reader.

In another interesting news, NewsGator has decided to discontinue the use of NewsGator Online, their free web based RSS reader, at the end of August.

However NewsGator Online users will be able to migrate their subscriptions to Google Reader.

Definitely makes a lot of sense since Google Reader has been adding a lot of new and exciting features making it one of the best online RSS feed reader.

Another good news is for users who are looking to read Google Reader from their desktop, this in the addition to the already available Google Reader Desktop clients and Google Reader Desktop Gadget.

What are your thoughts about this news? Do let us know.

A hearty welcome to NewsGator users [Official Google Reader Blog]

NewsGator Consumer RSS Reader Product Changes & Google Sync [Official NewsGator Blog]

Windows Toolbox: Swiss Army Knife Utility Application

In our day to day blogging life we use several tools and applications like , color pickers, font previewer, application launcher among other things.

However we have to use individual applications for all these tasks, wouldn’t it be good to have all of these and more in a single application?

Also Read: PicPick Tools – All In One Design Tool

Windows Toolbox is a small that is a Swiss army knife like application for Windows.


Windows Toolbox packs in these features into a single application:

  • Application Launcher
  • Easy access to drives and folders.
  • Screen capture utility.
  • Color picker.
  • Access to installed printers.
  • Font viewer.

The software is and definitely worthwhile downloading.

Download Windows Toolbox