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Export Emails, Folders or Attachments From Outlook

Outlook is a pretty popular email client, however it does provide users with the ability to export individual emails or emails from folders, or save attachments into a separate folder from several emails.

Outlook Export is a handy freeware utility that will allow users to export individual emails or folders, and also quickly export email attachments and save it to a different folder.

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Gmail Labs Adds Email To Document Converter

has a unending list of features being added pretty frequently, the latest to come out of Google Labs is the ability to convert any email to a document and open a blank Google Docs document from with the help of a keyboard shortcut.


This new feature will allow you to convert any email to a word document, this conversion will then be saved in your account. No more copying and pasting the text from your email, just open the message you wish to convert, click the "Create a document" link on the right side of the page, and voila, you have a brand new document which you can then modify and share.

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Free Desktop Language Translator

At times you may come across a text or a file, which is written in a language you do not understand and would require to convert it to a language you understand. In such cases online services come in pretty handy, however a desktop tool to translate languages would definitely come in handy.

Free Language Translator is a freeware desktop language translator application which makes use of Google translation service, it adds more features to the existing service and addresses some of its shortcomings.

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Download Windows Live Writer 2009 [Microsoft Live Essentials]

Microsoft rolled out their new software suite, which contains updates to their desktop based software which include Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Toolbar, Writer, Family Safety, Movie Maker Beta, Connecter, Silverlight and Microsoft Office Live Add-in to upload your documents to your online workspace.


However on new change in this Microsoft Live Essentials is the introduction of Windows Live Writer 2009 which consists of several new and exciting changes over the earlier version. WLW 2009 also sports a new logo, which is much better than the earlier one.

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Christmas Goodies For Your Computer

Christmas is just round the corner and come Thanks Giving people will start getting into the holiday mood. Decorating your house is definitely high up on many people’s list, but these days people also like to get their computers in a holiday mood.


If you are a lover you can easily dress up the browser in some really good Firefox Christmas Themes, if you are looking to change the icons of your desktop we have some Christmas Icons that may get you into the mood.

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Put Outlook On Your Desktop

is probably one of the most use email and appointment management desktop software. However keeping a eye on your tasks and appointments would require users to open the application and bring it into focus.

Outlook on the Desktop is a freeware tool that will embed your Outlook Calendar, Inbox, Contacts, Notes or Tasks on your desktop, allowing you to edit and view the events and emails, just like you do while using Outlook itself.

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Gmail Integrates PDF Viewer

has added a new feature to their ever increasing feature rich application, where users can now directly view PDF files without the need to download them to their local PC.


The new PDF integration is part of the PDF viewer available in , earlier Gmail would only allow users to view PDF files as HTML, where they stripped off the images, which in turn made the PDF documents look pretty ugly.

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Get Twitter Updates In Your Gmail Account

Before you react, has not got any new features which integrates , however if you are a twitter and user, here is a handy way in which you can update your twitter account, reply to friends or keep a eye on what your followers are doing, while you are checking or replying to emails in your Gmail account.


You will need to add a custom getting provided by Twitter Gadget to your Gmail account, you can read our earlier guide on how to add custom gadgets to Gmail to learn more about the process.

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Upload Photos To Facebook From Your Desktop

I usually take a lot of pictures when I go out and tend to upload it to several social networking sites, to share with my friends there. Facebook is one such social networking site which allows users to upload images and share it with others, but if you take the web route, it becomes more of a pain.

However I just came across a pretty handy freeware called Bloom which is a multi platform desktop application that will let you upload your photos easily and efficiently to Facebook, download albums and view your friends photos.

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Watch India vs England Test Series Online [Live Streaming]

Update: Looking to watch the India vs England match in World Cup 2011? Watch India vs England World Cup 2011 match online.

The India vs England finally continues after a break, but the cricket has shifted from ODI to Tests mode. The two test series will definitely be a delight to watch, with Dhoni getting to lead the team for the full series the first time, with the first test starting today at Chennai.

This will show if the newest ODI and test captain is really as good as he has shown in the past, however if you are like me with no access to televised version of the test matches, here are few resources that will let you watch the India vs England test series online.

Update: Watch The  Cricket Matches Live at a new home.  Visit and bookmark  Cricket Buzz to get all the latest cricket videos and live streaming.

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Backup and Restore Windows Live Mail Emails and Settings

We have always stressed on the need for backing up your files and emails and have told you about several tools that serve different purposes, if you are using Windows Live Mail there are chances that you may have several account in it, however Windows Live Mail does not provide you with a backup solution.

Static Windows Live Mail Backup is a free software that will allow you to backup and restore the emails, email accounts, settings, rules, filters, signature etc .

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Fast Duplicate File Finder

If you are using your PC for a long time, there is a pretty high chance that you may be storing duplicate files which include music files, documents and images, however finding and deleting duplicate files is a pretty tedious task and is very seldom done manually.

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a handy freeware that will help you find all duplicate files in a folder and its sub folders. The applications will compare the content of your files so it will find duplicates even if they are using different file names.

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Gmail Labs Adds Task Manager [To Do Lists]

Quite sometime back we had ranted about how Google is missing a vital Task manager which would allow users to create and manage to-do lists online through their Google accounts, turns out that Google has finally taken a approach towards creating a robust to-do list manager by introducing a basic To Do list in which will allow users to add tasks or convert emails into tasks.


To add new tasks to , just click on the Tasks link and type your task, once you have finished typing your task simply hit the enter key and your task will be saved.

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Nokia N97 Photos and Specifications

I am big Nokia fan and have always loved playing around with the best smartphones on the market. I personally own the N95 and really love the features it has and the handy applications (Part I | Part II) I am able to use on it.


The only thing that disappointed many Nokia lovers is the lack of a touch screen phone. However that disappointment will soon vanish with the launch of Nokia N97, the first touchscreen smartphone from the Nokia stables that will directly compete with the iPhone.

Nokia N97 which will most likely begin shipping in 2nd quarter of 2009, has some pretty exciting features, some of which leave the iPhone far behind when you compare both of these smarphones. Here are some photos and specifications of the latest Nokia phone.

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iTunes Like Web Application For Watching YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing website which allows users to upload and watch videos. There are several applications we have covered in the past which will help you download multiple videos from YouTube, download a single video from YouTube and automatically repeat YouTube videos among others.


Just came across a excellent web application called YouTube App which is a iTunes like web application, which will allow you to browse and view YouTube videos in style.

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