Gladinet Adds Cloud Backups For Google Docs Documents

Even though already stores in the cloud, it does help to have a of your document somewhere else, in the past we have told you about tools that help you backup your Google Docs documents to your desktop.

google docs cloud backup

Gladinet a popular cloud storage solution that allows you to access and store documents in the cloud by hooking into services like Windows Live among Amazon S3 others have now released a new version that will also let you backup your Google Docs documents to anywhere else in the cloud.

Definitely helpful when you use the web as a primary storage for documents and still want to keep it safe and secure.

For more information on how you can backup Google Docs using Gladinet visit this article, for complete release info visit here.

Desktop Stationery is a Personal Assistant For Your PC

There are so many individual software that allow you to quickly launch applications, create sticky notes, add a alarm clock to you system, convert units, generate passwords, view system information and more.

Now what if you could do everything of this and more using a single application? Desktop Stationery is a handy and useful application that will allow you to do all of this and more.


You can setup alarm clocks, convert units, cycle wallpapers, create notes, launch applications and tons of other thing with this single app.

Desktop Stationery Features

  • Shortcuts to programs/files
  • Sticky notes
  • Reminders
  • Alarm
  • Simple calendar
  • Character codes (eg. Alt+136 for ê)
  • Wallpaper cycler
  • Media player (Based on Windows Media Player)
  • Metronome
  • Password generator
  • Basic system information
  • Unit converter

Definitely a must have application that will ease of a lot of tasks you need to perform regularly.

Download Desktop Stationery

Backup And Restore Your Favorite Browser With FavBackup

These days, Internet browsers contain important information such as bookmarks, site preferences and saved passwords. Losing this kind of valuable data can cost us a big deal. So backing up browser data makes a lot of sense in the times, when most of our work is done in the ‘cloud’.

If you are a power user and use multiple browsers, it can be a very lengthy process to backup each and every browser with its respective backup programs. To make things simpler, we introduce you to FavBackup, an easy-to-use software that can backup and restore all the information from your favorite browsers.

FavBackup Main Window

Currently it can backup and restore data from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. To use this program, you just need to select backup and then the browser you want to backup, after that click next.

Backup Firefox With FavBackup

Now select the all the options that you want to backup, after that just select the location where you want to save all your backup and then select next and then click on finish. Now all your data have been saved in the location you have specified earlier.

To restore a browser’s settings, just select restore and the browser and then continue with the same steps as shown above

Restore Google Chrome

We have tested this software on all the supported browser and it hasn’t disappointed us. It also has a safe mode, where you can safely backup and restore your browsers. In general mode, it will backup and restore only the default profile, but in safe mode, it will backup and restore all the profiles associated with the browser. This program is completely portable, so you can carry it anywhere in your USB.

Download FavBrowser

Google Chrome Adds Bookmark Sync Support

A few days ago we told you how was in the process of adding Bookmark sync support that would allow users to sync their bookmarks with a Google account.

The latest dev version of Google Chrome 4 (v4.0.201.1) now includes bookmark sync support, this will allow you to sync your local bookmarks to your Google account.

The bookmarks will be synced using XMPP technology that also powers Google Talk, to enable bookmark sync you will need to start Chrome with the –enable-syncflag.


Once you do that go to Click on the Wrench icon and select Sync my bookmarks to setup your bookmarks with your Google account.


Once you setup your account Google Chrome will automatically sync your bookmarks with your Google account, you can then re-sync them on another computer.

Definitely useful, however to start using this service you will have to upgrade to the latest dev version of Google Chrome.

Visual Google Chrome Extensions Manager Manages Extensions and Creates Profile Backups

A few weeks back we had introduced you to a command line Google Chrome extensions manager, however not many of you would be comfortable with using a command line tool.

For those who don’t like using command line tools, here is some good news, we came across another Extension manager that has a graphical user interface, the application has several features, we look at them in detail below.

Enable/Disable extension and user scripts support


Once you run the application you can control whether Chrome should enable extensions and user scripts.

Manage Installed Extensions


You can also manage all installed extensions and disable or enable them from the application itself. You can also delete the extensions using this tool.

Toolstrip Sorting/Positioning

By default Google Chrome displays extensions as they are installed in the toolstrip, this function allows you to easily rearrange the ordering.


Backup and Restore Google Chrome Profiles


The extensions manager also has an option to and restore your Google chrome profile, this is definitely a very useful feature in it.

This application is also compatible with Chromium.

Download Google Chrome Extension Manager

Chrome Session Saver Saves All Tabs and Reloads Them On Demand [Featured Google Chrome Extension]

There are so many interesting available for usage, however we came across one that will come in extremely handy.

The Session Saver allow users to save Chrome sessions and restore them later, this is something that is very useful, as there are times when you may want to close the browser while performing upgrades or when shutting down your computer.

Since Google Chrome does not have any inbuilt session manager, you will have to manually copy all the URLs and load them again.


Once you install the Session Saver extension, it will add a save icon to the toolstrip. When you click on the save icon it will popup a new window where you can specify a name and save the current session to disk.


To restore sessions click on the save icon and select the session you want to restore and click on the load button.

Definitely useful and handy extension we recommend to every Google Chrome user. This extension will not help you to restore crashed sessions, to do that read our earlier tutorial on How to restore tabs for crashed session in Google Chrome.

Download Session Restore for Google Chrome

Ultimate List Of Google Reader Send To Buttons

We recently covered how added some really cool options for sharing content and marking feeds as read, it definitely adds quite a few powerful options for sharing content easily.

However one thing I like about Google is that, it does not limit users to using things they provide users with.


Take for example when they started off with they also added an option to add custom gadgets, which in turn allowed users to add several useful gadgets along with social networking gadgets to , similarly Google Calendar too provided support for adding custom gadgets to Calendar.

Google Reader too provides users with the ability to add custom send to buttons, in this roundup we will list all the custom sent to links, however don’t limit yourself to just these, they sky is the limit here. If you do not know how to add custom send to buttons to Google Reader, read our tutorial on adding custom send to buttons to Google Reader.

Saving A Post as PDF

Name: Save as PDF
Icon URL:

Send to WordPress

Note: Please replace with your actual domain name.

Name: Sent to WordPress 
Icon URL:

Share This Button

Name: Share This
Icon URL:

Backtweets Twitter Conversation

Name: Backtweets
Icon URL:

Auto Translate Blog Posts

Name: Auto translate
Icon URL:

Save to Google Bookmarks

Name: Google Bookmarks
Icon URL:

Add to Any

Name: Add to Any
Icon URL:

Save to Evernote

Name: Evernote

Do you have any other custom send to buttons you are using? Feel free to share it with us and our readers through your comments.

Thanks to Digital Inspiration, Matt Cutts, Google Operating System and Download Squad for providing us with the send to buttons.

WordPress Gets A URL Shortening Service

users, you misery of choosing between a good URL shortening service is now over. The WordPress team has released a new shortening service in the form of, this will be used across all the current services. Features

  • is the only two-letter .me domain in the world.
  • Every blog and post on has a URL now.
  • These are all exposed in the <head> using rel=shortlink.
  • It doesn’t work for any URL in the world, just ones.
  • The links are permanent, they will work as long as is around.
  • is spam-free, because we are constantly monitoring and removing spam from

There are several more things why is better than the other URL shorteners out there, Matt the co-founder of WordPress can explain better. – shorten your links [Official WordPress Blog]

Google Reader Adds Social Sharing Options, Better Mark as Read and More

Looks like my favorite feed reader did some voodoo magic and read my mind, they have finally added an option to share content on other social networking sites, including and a host of other sites.

Agreed there are several that already allowed users to do that, however I primarily use and it had become a real pain to share interesting content with others.

In addition to the sharing function they have also added several other interesting features, here is a rundown of the new features added to Google Reader.

Send To/Share


This is a feature that will allow you to send the current item to another share, in short you can share content with your friends on other social networking sites.

Currently you can share content on Twitter, , MySpace, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Blogger.


The best part about this feature is that it is not limited to the one’s that are provided by Google Reader and you can easily specify your own social networking site by filling in certain options, easy huh, this is what I like to have no restrictions :-)

More control for mark all as read


Now this is good and another functionality I have been waiting for so long. It happens so that at times I tend to not read feeds for few days or weeks, now when I come back to reader there is a huge overload of unread items, and I simply tend to mark all feeds as read.

This new feature will allow me to specify the date range of the items that need to be marked as read, really superb, since I can mark items that are more than a day older as unread, while still having access to all the latest news.

Feeds from people you follow


This feature allows users to discover feeds and add them to your own account based on the people you follow, you will be shown suggestion on what your friends are reading and will be allowed to subscribe to those feeds.

I was seriously thinking of moving to a desktop reader once again because of the social sharing and control over marking items as read feature, but Google Reader brought me back, this is really great and I love Google Reader for this.

What are your opinions about these changes, do let me know.

A flurry of features for feed readers [Official Google Reader Blog]

iGoogle Adds Social Gadgets

iGoogle the start from Google has trying to gain a lot of attention and rightly so because people are spending more and more time on social networks rather than their home pages.


To capture the attention of the social enthusiastic, iGoogle has introduced some new Social Gadgets, that will let you share, collaborate and play games with your friends.

Some of the games included in the social gadgets are chess, scrabble and crosswords with some fun games like Biggest brain. They also have a To-do list gadget that you can share with your friends.

Your friends will be able to see what you share or do in your social gadgets when they have the same gadget on their iGoogle home page or through a update feed for your iGoogle account.

The iGoogle gadget directory currently has more than 60,000 gadgets which means that you are more than likely to find something that you are looking for.

Are you going to use these social gadgets? Do let us know what your views are.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for iGoogle social! [Official Google Blog]