Cannot Access Gmail, Try These Tricks

A few minutes ago we told you how is down once again, however only the web interface is down so you will still be able to access Gmail using several other ways.

Here are some of the ways you can access Gmail from;

  1. Using POP or IMAP
  2. Using Mobile application
  3. Using Gmail gadget for iGoogle

For other options check out our earlier post on Different Gmail modes you can use when the regular access is blocked.

Handy Bookmarklets For Webmasters

Being a webmaster myself I have been using several bookmarklets for managing and tracking things, here is a list of bookmarklets that I use on a day to day basis, many of them have been created by me as they were not available elsewhere.

These bookmarklets are specifically created for webmasters and range from useful Check Technorati Reactions- This bookmarklet will allow you to check the Technorati Rank for any website.

Compete Site Analytics – Check the site analytics for a website in Compete.

Quantcast Analytics – Check the site analytics at Quantcast.

Quarkbase Website Analysis – Know everything about a website at Quarkbase.

Sitonomy Analysis – Find the technologies that are being used by any website.

Social Networking Related Bookmarklets

Backtweets – This bookmarklet will allow you to check mentions of your blog on the popular micro-blogging service , it also deciphers URLs created using URL shortening services.

Is This Page Stumbled? – This bookmarklet will allow you to check whether a page has been stumbled or not.

Share webpage – Allows you to share a webpage on popular social  networking sites and more, powered by Shareaholic.

Hope these bookmarklets come in handy to you, please don’t forget to share your own bookmarklets with others, it might come in handy.

US Open Organizers Ban Players & Officials From Using Twitter

US Open is going to start today and what better way than to keep fans up-to-date on latest happenings than by tweeting about it, but looks like at least the players, their entourages and officials have been strictly told not to use while the tournament is on.

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The ban is supposedly in place so that insider information is not leaked to the public and the organizers think that it could violate the sport’s anti-corruption rules.

The player’s lounge have been posted with notices which read "Important. Player Notice. Twitter Warning.". The rules in that notice includes this;

Many of you will have Twitter accounts in order for your fans to follow you and this is great. However popular it is, it is important to warn you of some of the dangers posted by Twittering as it relates to the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program Rules.

However not many players are happy about this including Andy Roddick, who had some harsh things to say about this ban.



Definitely makes sense to us, wonder which other players are upset about this. What is your takes, should the US open officials have banned twitter during the tournament? Let us know.


Sponsored Diggs/Ads Appear On Digg

Digg also dubbed as a server killer by many for sending huge amount of traffic once you hit the front page has begun displaying sponsored ads as Diggs.


As you can see from the screenshot above these ads are made to appear as though they are like regular Diggs but have been marked prominently saying that those are sponsored ads.

Users have an option to Digg the page, however they do not have options to comment on the post, also the ads directly link to the sponsored page instead of the regular Digg pages for natural Diggs.

However this is definitely a good way for Digg to make money since a frontpage Digg entry can easily draw 40-50K page views, so unlike other advertising methods this can give guaranteed results to the advertiser.

Though we need to see how regular Digg users who are usually very vocal about their thoughts take to this change.

Are you a Digg user? What are your thoughts about these sponsored diggs/ads?

1000+ Free Twitter Logo And Badges To Download

Today everyone is promoting their blog as well as their business on Twitter. Now Twitter has became a very important part of life. It is equally important to promote your Twitter account through Twitter icons and badges that can be easily displayed on your blog as well as on your websites.

Twitter Icons

Twitter Bagdes

Twitter Logos

Your search for the ultimate Twitter Badges and Icons are over. TwitterLogos has an exclusive collection of over 1000 Twitter  Badges, Logos and Icons. You will find a large variety of logos and and icons that suits you and your blog. Moreover all these logos and icons are absolutely free. Happy Tweeting!

Create Your Own JumpList in Windows 7

introduces a new feature called JumpList, which makes accessing application settings and features much more easier, however not all applications have this feature in them.

Windows 7 App Launcher is a that allows you to create your own JumpList in Windows 7.


With the help of the Windows 7 App Launcher you can create and add applications to your JumpList and assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

To create your own JumpList you will first need to create a profile in the App Launcher and from there add your favorite applications to it, once you have added the application you will see them as a JumpList in your taskbar.

To add applications to the JumpList browse to the application executable to add it and optionally setup the and profile picture for it, once you are done click on the include button to add it to your custom JumpList. To save the JumpList to your profile click on the Save/Update button.

The app launcher also provides you with an option to launch the application on Windows startup.

Download Windows 7 App Launcher [via Jk Web Talks]

Google Chrome Wish List

has been releasing some excellent updates and already has support for Extensions, however the browser is not yet perfect in fact it lacks some basic features and also has some annoying ones.


Here are few things that we would like the developers to work on before they keep adding newer and newer features.

Basic XML Parsing

Being a developer I deal with a lot of XML content in the browser, however Chrome does not even have the capability to parse XML files, in fact it does not even render XML content properly. You can use a extension to render XML properly in Chrome, but is it that hard to add some basic XML support?

RSS Parsing & Discovery

An annoyance that stems from the above problem of non-availability of XML support, however besides that Chrome does not have the capability to also auto-detect RSS feeds.

Whenever I want to subscribe to a site, I need to keep searching for the RSS buttons, even though the site itself has auto-discovery options.

Loading Source From Cache

A big pain with Chrome is that whenever you try to view source of a webpage it reloads the entire page from the server instead of serving it from the cache.

This is a big annoyance and makes Chrome a big no-no for debugging, the problem is not so much with Get requests, however when you are debugging post requests and want to view source code it simply fails because it tries to reload the source and without the post parameters all you see is errors.

Lesser Freezing & Better Flash Handling

Using a beta or development version has its own perils, however it would be good if there would be lesser crashes in the browser, however considering that it is a beta I have not seen much crashes with the browser.

However Google Chrome has a problem with handling flash and many a times the browser freezes when using or other flash intensive websites, I definitely like to see them improve upon this.

Chrome Forgets Settings

Every once in a while Chrome decides to forget the settings I have setup and resets it to default, though this happens very rarely this is really very annoying, I hope that in future version they do not forget my settings.

Ask When Closing Multiple Windows

Though there have been a lot of discussion about this on chrome forums, they decided not to add this feature. I don’t understand why they have to rob users of something so useful, because more often than not I close multiple windows by mistake and it gets very annoying to restore all of them.

If they have a certain philosophy so be it, however at least provide users with an option to choose whether or not they want it.

What’s In Your Mind?

What other features would you like to see in Google Chrome? The comment form is all open so don’t forget to tell me your Chrome wish list.

Google Reader Offers Power Readers Subscriptions To Users

has started to offer hand picked feeds from featured power readers like Huffington, Boing Boing, Life Hacker, Consumerist and more.


Once you have logged into Google Reader you will seen an option to check out handpicked lists from featured Power Readers, clicking on this link will open another page where you will a list of feeds that have been selected by popular personalities.


Users can select to individual feeds or all the feeds from a particular power reader, currently the power readers are categorized under News, Tech and web, Good and heath and Trends and fashion.

I did find quite a few interesting feeds to subscribe to from the power reader list, if you want to do it too, head to Google Reader or directly go to the Power Readers list.

You can find more info about the great stuff you can find in Google Reader on the Official Google Blog or the Google Reader blog.

How To Get Email Alerts in India via SMS For Free

It is not possible to stay online round-the-clock just for checking new mails. Even email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail doesn’t provide any alert facilities. Today we will show you, the  easiest  way to get alerts on your mobile phone for each incoming mails and that too for free! Way2SMS, the most popular free SMS provider in India, has  introduced  a new email alerts feature that can send you SMS alerts as soon as a new mail  reaches  your inbox. This service is absolutely free and there are no strings attached with this feature.

How To Activate This Feature?

1) Register your account at Way2SMS.

2) After  registration, you will get a virtual email id <username>

3) Go to settings, click on Mail Alerts tab and then activate the mail alerts feature as shown below

Activate Email Alerts

How To Use This Feature In Gmail And Google Apps?

1) Login to your Gmail/ Google Apps Mail Account.

2) Click on Settings.

3) Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

4) Enter your virtual Way2SMS email id as shown below and save the settings.


How To Use This Feature In Windows Live Hotmail?

1) Login to your Windows Live Hotmail Account.

2) Click on options and the click on more options.

3) Then click on “Forward mail to another e-mail account” under Manage your account.

4) Enter your virtual Way2SMS email id as shown below and save the settings.

Forward Mails From hotmail

We have tested this feature and have no complaints. SMS Alerts reached our cellphone within 1 minute. You can also chose when you want to receive the alerts and from whom you want to receive SMS alerts. The main benefit is that we don’t need GPRS activated on our cell phone. Moreover this service is absolutely free.

Note: 1) This feature is available only to the mobile users in India.

2) This feature cannot be activated on Yahoo! Mail as Yahoo has stopped forwarding mails feature in both version of Yahoo! Mail.

3) This feature expires in every 14 days. You must activate it in every 14 days for continues usage of this service.

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta Officially Available for Downloads

A few months back we had told you about a leaked version Yahoo Messenger 10 and reviewed it for you, however if you were afraid of downloading the version of here is some good news.


The messenger team have officially released the Yahoo Messenger 10 beta for downloads.

The Yahoo Messenger 10 beta has several exciting features available for including;

  • High-quality video calls
  • New Y! Updatesview of your contact list
  • Change your language easily
  • New ways to sort your contacts
  • New icons in the IM window

If you want to learn more about the other features in YM 10 don’t forget to read the YM 10 review we did earlier.

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta

Introducing Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta [Official YM Blog]