Download Free Norton 2010 Internet Security [90 Days Subscription]

Norton has made huge improvements in its Antivirus software over the years making it much more lighter and meaner in the process.


Norton 2010 Internet security offers protection from viruses, hackers, spammers and other privacy threats by providing a comprehensive solution in a single product.

In addition to that Norton will also scan all incoming and outgoing emails for spywares and viruses.

Overall definitely a good product to use to secure your system. If you want to give Norton 2010 Internet Security a try you can download it for free and use it for 90 days.

This will give you free subscription and virus definition downloads for 90 days.

Download Norton 2010 Internet Security

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Funny People To Follow on Twitter

has a lot of uses including promoting and tracking brands and websites, but does it just have to be boring all the time?

Not really. I usually find my daily dose of laughter on twitter by following some really funny people. In this list I will share the users that you could follow and get your daily dose of laughter from twitter.

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@funnyoneliners – This twitter user has only one aim, that is to make you laugh by tweeting funny one liners. This is definitely someone you should follow if you love humor and laughing out loud.


@funnyjoker – Another funny person to follow on twitter who shares lots of jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh. I must warn you though that some of the jokes are rude and sarcastic.


@weirdnews – Weird news can sometimes be very funny. Follow this person to get weird and funny news from across the world.


@meetingboy – Cracks jokes about meetings (we all hate them) and workplaces. If you are bored at work his tweets will definitely cheer you up.


@cracked – If you have every visited and had a good laugh, follow this user to get all the latest updates from them directly in your timeline.

Do you follow and funny people on twitter? Do share them with me. Laughter is the best medicine and I certainly don’t mind laughing a lot.

Picasa 3.5 Includes Name tags and Geo Tagging with Google Maps integration.

Google has released a new version of Picasa their free photo management and image editing software which includes new features such as name tagging and geo tagging.


After you download and install the new version of Picasa it will start scanning photos and create groups of similar faces. Once done you can access all the pictures under a group called Unnamed People and start adding name tags to sets of photos.

In addition to that it will also auto-complete the names if you are signed in to your Google account. In future whenever Picasa scans new photos it will automatically suggest you names for it.


If you take pictures in various locations there is some more good news. Picasa now also includes Google maps integration which will allow you to easily geo tag your photos. You can also continue to Geo tag your photos using Google Earth.

To make tag management better, Picasa 3.5 also includes a quick tag functionality to quickly access tagged photos.

There are also improvements in the Picasa web album uploader where you can select to upload only starred items from imported photos without having to select individual photos.

Watch a video featuring the latest features in Picasa 3.5.

Find out more about the new features in Picasa 3.5.

Download Picasa 3.5 [via Official Google Photos Blog]

Digsby Announces Better Twitter Support

has announced a new version of the multi-protocol instant messaging client with much better support for . The idea behind the changes are to make twitter look less of a timeline and more of a conversation between users.

Here are some screenshots of the new Digsby interface for Twitter, that will be demoed later today at DEMOFall 09.


In addition to that you can also reply to users from within the popup message for twitter updates. twitter_popups

Overall there are several new features in the new Digsby client which include the following.

  • Single column user interface that doesn’t take up your whole screen
  • Tweets are shown in chronological order so you read the conversation as it happens instead of seeing the tail end first and reading it backwards
  • Digsby keeps track of unread counts but you never have to mark tweets as read. Digsby does it for you automatically
  • Whenever you open the Twitter window, Digsby brings you right where you left off so you can continue reading the conversation without missing a tweet
  • Conquer information overload by filtering groups of users out of the main timeline so it is the most useful view and not the most cluttered
  • Snapshot view of recent tweets is still available in the Infobox along with the added ability to reply and retweet right inline
  • Reply and Retweet right from popup notifications so you can stay on task and stay in the loop
  • Automatic URL shortening when you paste links and automatic photo uploading when you paste pictures or screenshots

You can find more information at the official Digsby blog.

Reverse Text, Flip Text Upside Down and Shuffle Text

Oh with lots of free time on hand we definitely need some sort of way to pass our time. If you enjoy driving your friends nuts by playing stupid pranks on them, then here are some more tools that will help you have some fun.

Reverse Text


Back in the days when I was in school we just to use a code language, the code language involved speaking text in reverse. We had a lot of fun using it since it annoyed the hell out of people who were around us.

If you want to do the same you can use the reverse text service to reverse the text order and then paste it as your or status message or even send them as emails or IM messages to your friends.

Flip Text Upside Down


How does the world look upside down? Well I can’t tell you that, but I can definitely show you a service called Flip Text that flips text upside down.

Just type in the text you want to flip and hit the flip button, send the flipped text to your friends to see them go nuts.

Shuffle Text


Though not exactly a prank, this was an actual experiment where it was determined that most users do not read entire words. Instead we just focus on the first and last letters in a word while reading. It does not matter what characters are in between them. Think SMS language :-).

Want to give it a try then check out the Shuffle text service.

Do you have any other similar services you use to play pranks on your friends? Don’t forget to share them with us.

Notepad With Tabs

One of the most annoying thing about Microsoft is that they have not yet added a good text editor to their OS, there is Notepad then there is Wordpad. Both of these are decent text editors but there are tons of other free text editors which put both of these to shame.

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Another annoying thing about Notepad is that it still does not support tabs, which means that if you want to open 10 text files you will have to deal with 10 open windows.


Notepad Tabs is a and nice notepad replacement that is much more better. It allows you to open multiple text files in a single window by providing users with a tabbed interface.

In addition to that Notepad Tabs also providers users with several themes including Office 2007 Blue, Office 2007 Silver, Office 2007 Black and more.

Notepad Tabs Features

  • Different from classic notepad, ‘Notepad Tabs’ gives the freedom to view multiple text files in a single Notepad just like in IE7 and Firefox, which saves you from the mess in the taskbar.
  • Allows to open txt files with only one click.
  • You can easily select and navigate through open tabs in a single Notepad instance.
  • Before closing the application, it allows to save all opened tabs at the same time.
  • User friendly interface gives easy access to frequently used commands.
  • Unlike classic notepad you can choose 6 different themes

Download Notepad Tabs [via To the PC]

Twitter Times Converts Your Twitter Timeline Into A Newspaper

We have seen lots of  applications come up in the past but Twitter Times is definitely going to be a very useful one.

Twitter Times is a new service created around twitter which displays you the links shared in your timeline in a newspaper format. The Twitter Times is a real-time personalized newspaper generated from your twitter account.


This is definitely something good because there are so many links flying around in my timeline that clicking on each and every link is really not feasible, this service will definitely help to get a quick glance on what my friends are sharing with me without having to keep opening the links everytime.

Twitter Times is definitely a service worth using and make life more easier when it comes to reading content shared by others.

Video of Twitter in action.

Twitter [via Tech Crunch]

Microsoft To Offer Windows 7 to US Students for $29.99 Till January 3rd 2010

Earlier in the day we reported that you could get Windows 7 for $19, however that offer is no longer valid and ACM has explicitly that their catalog does not contain .


Don’t get dejected yet, Microsoft will be offering US students a chance to get a copy of Windows 7 for $29.99. This is a confirmed news from a Microsoft Windows account (link). That is almost the same price you would have paid for Snow Leopard.

The offer will be is available on the website Win741 which is not active yet is very much active now. You will need to be a student or have a .edu email address to avail of this offer.


The available offer is for a upgrade pack from to Windows 7 which usually costs around $120.

This is as good as the earlier offer and for $10 more you will get the best OS on the market right now, and when we SAY it’s the best, believe us it is.

Get Windows 7 Professional License for $19

Update: This offer is not longer available. ACM has clearly mentioned that their catalog does not contain Windows 7. You can still get Windows 7 for $29.99 directly from Microsoft.

If you are fretting at the Windows 7 pricing here is some good news, albeit only if you are a student.

Microsoft has always buttered up students by lowering prices of products to an affordable level to them. Microsoft has done this for many products in the past including Microsoft Office.


But this offers definitely blows everything away, if you are student you can get your hands on professional for a mere $19. To do that you will have to become a member of Association for Computing Machinery which will cost $19.

Once you are a member you will get access to the MSDN Academic Alliance from where you can download 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 in several language. In all you get access to 8 Windows 7 product keys.

However ACM only avails membership to students, so if you are a high-school or undergraduate student this is a great chance to get a excellent operating system for next to nothing.

For all the others go and find someone who is a student :-).

[via Cybernet News]

Send Free SMS using Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is a very popular instant messaging software that is used by millions of users. If you are a Windows Live Messenger user you can easily send a SMS to a friend for free.

Here is a video tutorial that shows you how to send a free SMS using Windows Live Messenger.

Send Free SMS using Windows Live Messenger