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Google Docs Adds Flowcharts & Drawing Support

has been adding several new features to our recommended Microsoft Office alternative and Microsoft Word alternative, the latest one being the ability to create flowcharts and diagrams in your documents.

In the past we have told you about tools to create flowcharts and diagrams online, however with the introduction of this new feature in Google Docs, you can easily skip those alternatives.

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Cleanup Temporary Cached Files In Firefox

All internet browsers including store webpages, files, cookies and history to your local disk cache, this cache can grow to a huge size if you do not clean it up regularly.

Firefox does provide users with a option to clean up temporary internet files, and there are several ways in which you can do that, here is a list of ways in which you can cleanup your Firefox cache and free up space whilst improving performance on the browser.

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Facebook Applications For Your Desktop

Are you keen to keep an eye on what your friends are doing on without having to waste a lot of time? If you do, Webware has come up with a list of 20 desktop apps you can try out on your Windows desktop and Mac.


The list includes the usual suspects and some new ones which you may not even have heard of, we have covered some of the tools from the list, including FBLook, a Outlook add-in that helps you stay updated from , TweetDeck a which recently integrated Facebook allowing users to update status and view friends updates, Facebook Photo Uploader a utility to upload photos to your Facebook account from your desktop.

Other than that you can also checkout the Facebook Gadget for Gmail or browse through the entire list of 20 Facebook apps to try on your desktop.

Best Gmail Gadgets: Useful Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

Continuing the series on best gadgets, we will be showcasing some of the most useful gadgets that can add some utility to your Gmail account and save you some time too.

The list will look at Gadgets that can be used to search Wikipedia, run a quick calculation, check time in different time zones and more.

If you have missed the earlier part in the series, here is the list of gadgets we had featured earlier for Gmail.

On the other hand, if you are new to gadgets in Gmail, take a look at our tutorial for adding custom gadgets to Gmail.

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Enhance Google Search Results With Greasemonkey Scripts

Google Search is the best search engine available today, however several services like , Wikipedia and contain useful information too, and the ability to everything together would definitely be great.


Shankar from Killer Tech Tips has put up a nice collection of Scripts you can use to enhance the Google Search results, including the ability to include relevant results from Wikipedia, Flickr and in the sidebar, ability to restrict results to data written within a particular time frame, integrate twitter search results in Google search results among other things.

Enhance Google Search Pages With Greasemonkey Scripts [Killer Tech Tips]

Find Images Which Contain A Certain Color In Google Image Search

Did you ever see a red bird flying but did not know its name? How easy it is to find the name of the bird you just saw with just two characteristics? According to Google Operating System, it may be much more easier than you expected.


Google Image Search allows you to search images that contain a certain color, in this example you can search for bird images that are red in color, by adding a additional parameter to the search query.

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Search and Find Free WiFi Hotspots With

Travelling and looking to find a free WiFi connection? is the solution you are looking for, it will allow you to search and find Free WiFi hotspots around your location, allowing you access to the internet, without having to pay hefty amounts to commercial WiFi providers.

free_wifi_hotspots works similarly to previously mentioned Free Wifi Hotspot finder. It searches the surrounding areas and displays the best available options for accessing WiFi connections free of cost.

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Firefox Inline Search History [Featured Firefox Add-on]

Do you use the inline search (not the search web box, but the search to find text in webpages) to frequently search for text in a webpage? If you do, there may be instances where you want to search for the same text in multiple pages.


A simple trick to search smartly in Firefox allows you to search the same text without the need to type it in the inline search box again, however a much better solution is available in the form of a , that will allow you to keep a history of your inline searches.

The FindList Firefox   add-on turns the find box in a drop down list, remembering the last 15 items you had searched using the inline search.

FindList is a experimental add-on, you will have to login to Mozilla Add-ons before you can download and use it.

FindList Firefox Add-on [via Download Blog]

Top 7 Online To-Do List Managers

Looking for Desktop based solution? Why not take a look at 11 excellent sticky note softwares for your PC, alternatively also take a look at the list of Sticky notes  softwares/websites and To-Do-Lists softwares/websites.

Creating To-Do lists is always a sign that you are getting more and more organized and you always know what tasks you have to perform, however there are several ways in which you can create To-Do lists, few of them including some excellent desktop sticky notes applications and Gmail Tasks which you can also manage on the desktop.


But if you are looking for a To-Do list manager, that you can practically access on any computer, you are better off using a online To-Do list manager, here are some of best online To-Do list managers you can put to good use.

Remember The Milk Remember The Milk or RTM has ruled the roost for a long time as the best online To-Do list manager, you can also use a desktop client for managing TODO lists from your desktop and Mac. RTM can be integrated with Gmail, can be accessed on a iPhone and iPod, synced with your blackberry, synced with windows mobile, accessed offline using Google Gears, create tasks using , accessed on Google Calendar, accessed on your iGoogle page and more.

Todoist – Todoist is a task manager that’s useful, fast and easy to use. Todoist provides users with a simple interface, built-in calendar, ability to create sub-projects and sub-items and integration with , sidebar, mobile access, reminders and more.

Ta-Da List – Ta-da List is the web’s easiest to-do list tool. Make lists for yourself or share them with others. It couldn’t be simpler. Ta-da List also allows you to share your To-Do lists with anyone.

Voo2Do Voo2Do is a online To-Do lists manager with a difference, it allows you to track priority, due date and time estimates for each tasks, you can also organize your tasks by projects, track time spent and time remaining and more.

Forcedo – ForceDo is a simple online TODO task list for you. You can set how long you want to spend on a task or just see how long you did something. The pressure of the time will get you move to finish the task.

Checkvist Checkvist is a online collaborative outliner and task list manager, it allows you to create tasks faster using keyboard shortcuts, share your lists with others, copy and move tasks between checklists and more.

Toodledo Toodledo allows you to create to-do lists quickly and easily, you can create folders, subtasks, due-dates, priorities etc to create your tasks. You can access access Toodledo on your mobile phone, calendar, RSS reader, via IM and through a regular web browser.

These lists may not be the only ones that exists out there, do you use any other online to-do list managers? Do let us know through your comments.

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Undo Send Messages In Gmail

The folks behind have added a new update to , using which users can revoke sent messages and stop delivery of the messages.


This feature can be used by quickly clicking on the Undo link next to the Your message has been sent, however the message can only hold the email for about 5 seconds, before the message is sent on its way.

A similar Gmail Labs feature called Mail Googles stops tests your ability to send messages on the weekends, when you have just come back from a drinking spree :-).

To activate the Undo Send feature, go to Settings > Labs and enable the Undo Send labs feature.


New In Labs: Undo Send [Gmail Blog]

Google Chrome Extensions

is quickly gaining market share in the browser wars, however one feature missing in Google Chrome is the ability to extend the browser and add third party extensions to it.

Many people have speculated that Chrome will be getting extension support as early as May 2009, turns out that they may very well be on path to achieving this deadline, with the spotting of a chrome extension in the wild.

The Google Operating System blog reports a design document that shows and example of Google Chrome extension.

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Free Microsoft Excel / Spreadsheets Alternatives

In our quest to providing users with complete alternatives for Microsoft Office Suite, we are continuing the series, where we talk about some Free Microsoft Excel / Spreadsheets Alternatives which will help you save some money.


Remember all of the alternatives suggested here are completely FREE, there are sites which are running Open Office Suite scams, so beware of them.

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Check Flight Status With A Search Query

Quite recently I was travelling to Orlando for a vacation, I did not have my laptop with me, since this trip was purely for fun, however the American domestic flights are known to be late and keeping a check on flight status was not easy since I did not have access to the computer.

I did use Google search to check the flight status using my Nokia N95 phone on a AT&T GSM connection and the Google Search application for Nokia N95. However the search results returned by Google were not satisfactory and I needed to click on a link to finally look at the flight status.

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Orkut Birthdays In Google Calendar

Most of the times I do not remember my friend’s birthdays, but social networking sites come in handy, since they alert me about upcoming birthdays of friends and family. However logging into each and every social networking service to check my friend’s birthday is out of the question.


one of the most popular social networking service in India, also includes a feature, that shows you the upcoming birthdays of your friends, but like always we have other priorities which may not allow us to login each and every day to check for upcoming birthdays.

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