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Watch Videos and Preview Images Inline In Twitter

is quickly becoming a place to share everything under the hood, but with that it is also becoming more and more difficult to keep up with content shared with you, for example, if one of your friends posts a URL of a video or shares a picture with you, you still have to click on the link and load another URL before you can actually view the video or image.


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If you rant about having to do that, we just came across a cool script for , that allows you to preview videos and images and load them inline, while you are browsing your twitter timeline, saving you time and efforts to launch a new browser window, just to take a look at what your friends are sharing.


TwitterMedia is a script I would recommend Twitter users to use without thinking, it is going to save you a lot of time and efforts after all.

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Download TwitterMedia Userscript

Monitor Website Uptime From Your Desktop With SiteMonitor

Managing and running a popular website is definitely not easy, with higher traffic comes the additional work of keeping the website up and running at all times, no matter how much traffic you get.

Desktop Website Monitor SiteMonitor

We have already told you about website monitors that monitor websites from your desktop and a free online service to monitor websites from a external source.

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Facebook Photo Album Downloader

Quite sometime back we had told you about Facebook Uploader a tool that allowed users to upload pictures to their account, however what if you want to download photos from Facebook Albums?

Instead of saving individual images one at a time, users can make use of a called Facebook Photo Album Downloader, which will allow users to download several photos from a Facebook album with a single click.

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Remove Browser Frames Imposed by Social Networking Sites

Several social networking sites have taken up to using Frames to display external content, several sites like , Stumble Upon, Digg with the help of Diggbar make use of frames to load external content, even tinyurl services like make use of frames to display content to users.


These changes are good for the social networking sites themselves, however the same cannot be said for blog and website publishers, since loading content from a site in frames or frames definitely hurts.

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Find Alternatives For Popular Software for Windows, Mac and Linux

Each and every software you use may have an alternative, but how do you find the best alternative for the software you are using?  By Googling for the alternatives or by asking friends to give you some suggestions.

If you have used any of the above mentioned methods to find alternatives for popular softwares, you should definitely give a try to a new service called AlternativeTo, which suggests alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux based systems.

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Gmail Gets Smarter With Search Suggestions

Google Suggest is a very useful feature in Google Search, it suggests topics to you as you type words, however has been missing that feature for quite sometime, and the news that Gmail search would be getting a search Autocomplete feature definitely brought some joy to us.


This new feature is a part of , so you will have to enable it by visiting Settings > Labs and selecting the enable option for Search Autocomplete.

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Password Protect Firefox

I have been using for quite sometime now, and have stored passwords for several websites like , , Yahoo and more on it, so the horror of someone else using Firefox on my computer chills me to no end, though I have a personal laptop which I do not share with anyone, you could be facing a potential problem, if you use a shared PC.

Firefox does have something called as profiles, however those too are not password protected, so is there a way to protect your personal information on Firefox? Yes there is, in the way of setting up a master password to protect your sensitive information or using a to password protect your profile itself. We will look at both this solutions in this post.

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Google Reader Desktop Client

Google Reader is no doubt one of the best online RSS feed readers, however I have been using Feedly for the past few months, however the constant changes that Feedly has been pushing down users throats has made me decide to switch to a desktop client that will allow me to read and sync feeds with my Google Reader account.

If you are looking for a desktop client for Google Reader, we have found quite a few alternatives that you can use, the alternatives consist of regular softwares as well as applications.

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Microsoft Windows Goes Open Source

In a startling revelation that took the Microsoft employees by surprise, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft would be making the source code of all Operating systems they manufacture open source.


This announcement was certainly not expected from a company whose engineers working on the code themselves didn’t have full access to it.

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Access Google Reader From Outlook

can be used for more than just sending and receiving emails, you can also read your favorite feeds (including us) in Outlook.

But if you are a Google Reader user and do not want to re-subscribe to feeds in Outlook, there is a simple trick that will allow you to view Google Reader feed in Outlook.

The trick involves setting the home page of your RSS folder in outlook to the Google Reader homepage URL.

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Free Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives, Presentation Softwares

There is a high chance that you might have created a presentation for your school project, your sales pitches or for that matter anything that you want to visually depict to someone else.


However Microsoft PowerPoint is not the only software that will allow you to create presentations, there are several other free softwares, that will allow you to create presentations both on your desktop, or using a web interface. In our quest to providing users with complete alternatives for Microsoft Office Suites, we are continuing the series, where we talk about some Free Microsoft PowerPoint / Presentation Alternatives which will help you save some money.

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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts [Quick Reference]

are real time savers, they are pretty hand and help to keep you productive to perform time consuming tasks quickly. If you are a user, you can make use of keyboard shortcuts to quickly compose emails, iterate between messages, open current messages, archive messages, star them and more.

You can find a extensive list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts at the help page for keyboard shortcuts, if you would like to print the keyboard shortcuts, you can use the printer friendly keyboard shortcuts.

You will have to enable the keyboard shortcuts in your Gmail account before you can use them, to do that go to Settings > General and turn keyboard shortcuts on.


Looking for more tips for Gmail, checkout the section to get handy tips and tools for Gmail.

Share Music and Videos on Twitter

has grown from being a service that just tells users what you are doing right now, to a publicity heaven and a place to share almost anything under the hood, including pictures.

twitter_twt_fm tweetube_share_videos_twitter

However two new services aim to add to the Twitter bandwagon by allowing users to share music and videos with your Twitter followers.

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