Create Magazine Style Widgets For Your Blog Using Netvibes

When I redesigned the theme, I added a few magazine style widgets to the blog. Many of you emailed me to ask, how you can add a similar magazine style to your blog. In this post, we will look at how you can create your own magazine style widget using Netvibes.

Magazine Style Widgets

The entire tutorial consists of two processes. The first process involves creating your custom Netvibes widget. The second process involves customizing and adding the widget to your blog.

Creating a Netvibes Widget

Step 1: Sign in to your Netvibes account. You will need to create one if you don’t have an account.

Step 2: Once you have signed in to your account, click on the Create or submit buttonin the navigation bar.


Step 3: Click on the Create widgetbutton in the overlay that pops up.

Step 4: Choose whether you want to create a Blog/News widget or a Multifeed widget. In this tutorial, we will deal with single blog/news feed widget.


Step 5: Enter the feed URL into the text box and click on the Next step button.

Step 6: On the next page, enter all the details about the feed and choose whether or not you want to publish the widget to the ecosystem, and click on the next step button.

Step 7: If everything goes fine, a link to your new custom widget will be displayed to you. Please make not of the link as we will be using the link in the future.

Adding a Netvibes Widget to Your Blog

Once you have created the widget, you can now add it to your blog. Follow the steps given below to customize and add the widget to your blog. For this example, we will make use of the Techie Buzz Netvibes widget.

Step 1: Copy and paste the link you got from Step 7 in a new browser tab or window.


Step 2: Click on the Share link in the widget sidebar, this will take you to a new page where you can customize the widget.


Step 3: You can customize the widget by adding a title to it, changing the height and modifying its color.

Step 4: Under Widget preferencesselect Magazine from the view dropdown to create a magazine style widget. You can also configure other things such as, number of items to display, whether links should open in new windows.You can also choose to display the post data and excerpt.


Step 4: Once you have configured the widget, go to the bottom of the page to get the widget code. You will need to paste the code into your website for the widget to be displayed.

Using the above steps you can build as many magazine style widgets you want and customize them using several options. Of course, Netvibes also providers users with many different styles to choose from.

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8 Best Replacements For Windows Notepad

Simplicity is a very important factor for an application. People love applications with simple interfaces. However, simple does not mean featureless. A good feature-packed and simple application is a great treat for any user.

In the same way Notepad, a built-in application that comes with MS Windows OS is simple, yet featureless. Here is a good list of alternatives for Notepad that you will love to work with and that makes your work with text files a lot easier and fruitful. These applications are simple, yet effective.

We have already reviewed some of the Notepad alternatives listed below and this will be a roundup of all those applications.

1) Notepad + +

This application is a very fine replacement for the usual Notepad that you use. It includes features like Syntax Highlighting, Macro recording and playback, multi-view, WYSIWYG editor, Zoom in and Zoom out, Auto-completion and lots more. If you ask me, I would say, “Go ahead and download it without any further thought”.

2) Metapad

This is yet another an application filled up to the brim with lots of features but still remains as a simple as it can be. It has many features such as Hyper-linking,  Favorites and recent files option, External Viewers and many more. Refer to this excellent post written by Clif Notes @ “Fire Notepad And Hire Metapad” for a journey through its features.

3) Notepad Tabs

This application has a tabs option integrated in it. This is a much needed option (yet not implemented by the Windows OS) for text editors as it helps us to work on multiple files with ease. Its other features are choosing themes, saving tabs before closing and so on. You can check this post written by us for a deeper look at this application.

4) Programmers’ Notepad

This application is a merger of all the three apps that I had mentioned earlier. If you are a programmer and use Notepad very often, then this is a necessary application. Its list of features includes  auto-completion of API files, Macro enabled, SDK for building applications, Style-preset and is compatible for the latest Windows 7 OS. Why wait? Go ahead, and start exploiting its features.   [Via Lifehacker]

5) STNotepad

This notepad alternative is a highly useful application for style freaks. Nowadays operating systems are getting better visually and it is important that your applications should blend with them. STNotepad is an application that has a fantastic semi-transparent or translucent look just like Vista or Windows 7.

6) Glass Notepad

Once again, this is an application for people who want a visual look for their applications. As the name, “Glass Notepad” suggests, this application has some rich graphics like transparency as seen in windows 7 and Vista OS.

7) Ted Notepad

This is an application embellished with great useful features. I would actually say it would force you to replace the old Notepad application. Its enhanced feature list includes different fonts, multi-clip boarding and some of the features that the above apps have. “Now, enough typing. Let’s ted-it.”

8 ) Notepad2

This application helps you if  you use programming languages like PHP, HTML, ASP, JS, Batch files and so on. Notepad2 also contains many of the same features as the applications above.

Password Protect Running Applications & Open Documents With LockThis!

There are times when you have to share your PC with someone else, but do not want them to look at the tabs open in or . Another situation is when you are working on fine-tuning your resume and your boss walks in and wants to see something on your PC.

Of course there are several Anti-boss applications that allow you to minimize and hide windows, hide multiple applications in one click and even hide certain tabs in Firefox.

However, the above applications are not entirely foolproof. Someone who knows about these tools can easily reopen the hidden applications.


LockThis! is a similar application that allows you to lock applications and documents. However, the best part about LockThis! is that it will password protect the locked application or document. This will not allow anyone to open the application or document till a valid password has been entered.

Watch a Techie Buzz production video to see how LockThis! works.

Techie Buzz Production LockThis! In Action

This tool is definitely a must have and highly recommended by us.

Download LockThis!

Lastpass Extension for Google Chrome

Lastpass is a very popular service that allows you to manage your passwords and form data, allowing you to easily fill inane forms with the click of a button.

Many users have been using Lastpass in the form of a . If you have been waiting for one for , your wait is finally over.


Lastpass has released a that will allow you to manage your passwords and forms from Google Chrome.

You can manage your entire account using this extension. You can add new sites, create notes, fill form among other things.

Please note that this extension is not yet full stable. The extension did crash twice but due to way chrome works it did not crash the entire browser.

Definitely worth trying out if you are a lastpass user and have been using Google Chrome.

You will need to use the development version of Chrome to make use of this extension.

Download Lastpass for Chrome [via]

Google Wave Hands-On Review

Google Wave is an awesome real-time service for sharing docs, sending emails and much more. In-fact it is the most anticipated product of the year and people are already desperate to get their hands on a invite.

Luckily we have access to a developer preview of . Here is a hands-on review of Google wave that talks about some of the features of this much anticipated new service from Google.

Welcome to Google Wave

Once you login to your Google wave account, you will see your Inbox. You can check your recent messages and reply to them from the Inbox.

Google Wave Inbox

You can also sort your messages by using tags. This is a bit similar to the label feature in .

To start a conversation or discussion with contacts you can create a new wave in your account.

To create a new wave: Click on the New wave tab, and start typing. After typing your message just hit done and a  message with add participantswill pop up. You can add participants from your contacts with whom you want to share your wave updates.

Add New Google Wave

You can add unlimited contacts to a wave. However, the contact you want to add should also be using Google wave.

After you have added the contacts you can type your messages in the wave. The messages will automatically be streamed to the contacts in real-time. This will include even the corrections you make while typing. For example, if you make spelling mistakes and hit backspace, everything will be visible to the person you are chatting with.

This feature already exists while editing in collaborative mode.

Google Wave Gadgets

In addition to creating waves, you can also add gadgets to your Wave homepage. Google provides an API for developers to develop their own gadgets. Here are few of the gadgets that I tried.

Google Maps


You can access Google Maps to find directions and more in Google Wave.

Online Invitations


The Online invitations gadgets is a kick-ass tool that allows you to send invites directly within your email message. You do not need to create calendar events to send the online invitations.

There are several other gadgets available in Google Wave that are pretty useful.

Best Google Wave Features

The best feature in Google Wave according to me is the ability to embed your Google wave anywhere on the Internet. You can embed your Google wave on your blog, forums and even inside email messages.

Google wave also acts like a wiki collaborative tool. Anything posted in Google wave, by you or your contact can be edited by anyone.

Google wave also has a playback feature allowing you replay the wave to see if you missed out on any conversations or other things. Users are notified about changes made in the new or old wave through the browser.

Uploading pictures, videos or any other file is very easy with Google Wave. You just need to drag and drop the file inside your mail. The file will be automatically uploaded and inserted into the message, ready to be sent out to your friends.

Google Wave Picture Messages

Voila!! the file is inside your wave ready to be shared. You can view files inside certain wave as slideshows or even copy them to a new wave.

Documents sharing is again very easy. The best part is the undo feature which allows you to revert back changes any number of times.

Overall Google wave is worth waiting for. Google Wave invites will be on its way sometime soon. We will definitely try and hand out few invites to our readers so keep tuned for more information about the invites.

Display Images/Thumbnails With Related Posts in WordPress

I am a big fan of Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) which is the best WordPress related posts plugin available today. However, quite recently I started using a widget from Linkwithin. The plus point of Linkwithin widget was that it displayed images along with the related posts.

Linkwithin did a pretty good job with the widget. However, I was not entirely satisfied with it as the related posts were no where near as good as what YARPP showed.

To my joy, I did find a nice tutorial that allows you to create a custom YARPP template that will make it look quite similar to a Linkwithin widget.

Related Posts with Thumbnails/Images on Website

We also have it in action on this very blog and our also in our RSS feed. At the end of the post you will see a custom YARPP template in action, which displays images along with the related posts.

Related Posts with Thumbnails/Images in RSS Feeds

If you want to build a similar related posts section visit this tutorial from Build Internet to create related posts with thumbnails. You can choose to style your related posts in any way by customizing the CSS code.

If you are not keen to make code changes, you can make use of other plugins that perform the same job.

  1. Related posts with thumbnails
  2. Rich Related Posts

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Google Wave Invites to be Sent Late US Time [Sydney Morning Time]

For those who are eagerly waiting for a Google wave invite you can hold your horses till Australia wakes up.

A Google Wave developer tweeted this about 3 hours ago.


Since the Wave team, who will be supporting the platform is in Sydney you have to wait till they can wake up.

Right now the time in Sydney is 3:15AM so you can safely assume to start getting Google Wave invites by around 7PM EDT or 4PM PDT on September 30th.

Sorry to be the deliverer of a bad news :-). Keep your fingers crossed will you. Thanks Karthik.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Free

Microsoft is all set to release it’s security software, Microsoft Security Essential to general public starting today.


The software has been in beta for quite sometime now, and has received favorable responses from several users for good virus detection. The software is also lean and mean and uses very less system resources.

Traditional antivirus systems have been known to unnecessarily slow down the system in the name of providing good security. However, Microsoft Security essentials is much more faster than many of the Antivirus software available these day.

Microsoft Security Essentials is free, making it that much more enticing to download and use.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Track and Fix Broken Links on Your Website [404 Errors]

Getting a 404 error on a website is not only frustrating for a user but also for a webmaster of a site. Of course you can make your 404 error pages funny but you still lose potential readers.

Many times visitors see the 404 errors the first time they visit your site. Showing them erroneous messages can definitely piss them off and send them on their way to another site.

On this website, I have made use of few things which;

  1. Let me track 404 error hits and URLs, including referrers.
  2. Let me fix the URLs by applying 301 permanent redirects to the proper page.

Continue reading if you are interested in the solutions I use to keep the 404 error hits to a minimum.

404 Error Tracking using Link patch

There are 100s of 404 error tracking plugins and services. My favorite and the one that I use on this site is Link patch.

This service provides you with a single line of JavaScript code that you will need to paste into your custom 404 error page.


Once you have added the code, Link patch will email you everytime your site hits a 404 error. You can then correct the URL or redirect it to another URL.

In addition to that, it also tells you from which referring page a 404 error was encountered. If that happens to be your own site, you can go in and edit your posts to rectify the problem.

This service is definitely pretty useful and a must use service for any webmaster. It does come at a cost of $10 per month for tracking 5 websites. However I must tell you that the service is worth the money you pay and will help convert 404 error hits into regular readers.

If you are not ready to start paying yet, you can try out the service for free for the first 30 days. Signup for Link patch.

Fixing/Redirecting Broken Links/404 Pages on Your Website

Using the above service you can easily track all the 404 error pages. But what about fixing them?

If you are a user you can easily fix broken URLs by using a plugin called redirection.


This plugin will help you set permanent redirects (301) from one URL to another. In addition to that, you can also use wildcards in the form of regular expressions (regex).

You don’t need to edit the .htaccess file to setup redirects. Redirection is definitely a must have plugin for WordPress.

Download Redirection

That’s it. Using these tricks, you can not only track 404 error hits and fix them but it will also help you get more traffic and increase your regular readers.

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Organize Your Documents with eDoc Organizer

Over a period of time, you might have created and downloaded 100s of documents on your computer.

Some documents may be bills, eBook tutorials, resumes and so on. Organizing and tagging documents can be quite a pain if you have lots of them.


eDoc Organizer is a handy document management software that will allow you to manage and add color coded labels to organize your documents into different categories.

In addition to that, you can also scan documents and store them in a single location. The search feature makes finding documents a breeze.

To learn more, watch a video of eDoc organizer in action.

Download eDoc Organizer