Antivirus Removal Tools for Popular Antivirus Software

Antivirus software are usually used to protect your computer from threats, however, after using an Antivirus for a while you might decide to remove it completely, either due to not being satisfied with it, or because the trial period for it ended. Whatever the reasons, sometimes Antivirus software are stubborn and don’t have straightforward removal tools. I did encounter one such issue while removing ESET from the computer.

Here are some Antivirus removal tools which will allow you to completely uninstall popular Antivirus software from your computer. A big thanks to The Windows Club forum for the putting up these tools.

Project Honeypot Pots 1 Billion Spam Messages

Project Honeypot (about, wiki), which is a spam watchdog spread over 170 countries, has crossed a huge milestone of potting 1 billion spam messages. The spam messages tracked by Project Honeypot consist of fraudulent email sent from infected machines to several million people, a few of whom, fall prey to the so called legitimate looking spam messages and end up giving their personal and bank information.

Project Honey Pot is a community of tens of thousands of web and email administrators from more than 170 countries around the world who are working together to track online fraud and abuse. The Project has been online since 2004, and each day receives millions of email and comment spam messages, which are catalogued and shared with law enforcement and security partners.

Viagra spamemails are usually ignored by users, however, official looking messages from banks and government agencies are bound to generate clicks to fraudulent websites. The key to avoiding email spam is to NEVER CLICK on links included in email messages from banks or other sensitive organizations. Instead you should always open a web browser and manually type in the URL of the site. If you follow this practice without fail, there is a very less chance of you getting scammed.


Project Honeypot recently received their 1 billionth spam message, which is not startling considering that thousands of users around the world are conned by legitimate looking email and scams every single day. The 1 billionth spam message spoofed the US IRS (see screenshot).

Here are some interesting Spam statistics according to Project Honeypot:

  • Monday is the busiest day of the week for email spam, Saturday is the quietest
  • 12:00 (GMT) is the busiest hour of the day for spam, 23:00 (GMT) is the quietest
  • Malicious bots have increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of   378% since Project Honey Pot started
  • Over the last five years, you’d have been 9 times more likely to get a   phishing message for Chase Bank than Bank of America, however is rapidly becoming the most phished organization online
  • Finland has some of the best computer security in the world, China some of the worst
  • It takes the average spammer 2 and a half weeks from when they first   harvest your email address to when they send you your first spam message, but that’s twice as fast as they were five years ago
  • Every time your email address is harvested from a website, you can expect to receive more than 850 spam message
  • Spammers take holidays too: spam volumes drop nearly 21% on Christmas Day and 32% on New Year’s Day

These are some amazing facts. One thing in particular, is the fact that Facebook users are the most affected from spam attacks, and no doubt it would be considering that it has more than 350 million users, which in turns gives a higher success rate to the spammer. is also a regular target.

Spotting spam is not easy, if you do not know what to look for, the Email Spam Wikipedia page is a very good place to get started out with acquainting yourself with this topic. You will find several more articles related to this on the same wiki page.

Google Checkout Promo Notifier for Google Chrome

It is holiday season and many online retailers offer huge discounts and instant deals. Many online retailers provide users with discounts when you shop using Google Checkout. The Google Checkout Promo Notifier is an   for which will display promo notifications, whenever you are browsing a site which offers them.


Once you install the extension, it will automatically display a small toolbar like notification on the top of the page of any website which is running a Google Checkout promotion so that you can avail of discounts. Happy Shopping.

Download Google Checkout Promo Notifier

Bing App Available for iPhone, Looks Pretty Good

Microsoft has just released the Bing app for iPhone and iPod Touch. At first I was not that excited to download the app, however after using it for a while I really liked it.

bing_iphone_app bing_auto_complete bing_iphone_search_results

Bing for iPhone has the same feel as the website and uses a background image. There are options to search the web, images, movies, maps, businesses, news and directions. The web search has auto-complete which refreshes as you type. Though there is not much difference between the web results and the app.

bing_image_search  bing_image_search_gallery

The image search once again is a treat to the eye as you can see from the screenshot above. When you launch the image search you will see some pre-loaded image searches based on the Bing background of the day, clicking on one should take you to the image search gallery.

bing_iphone_direction_search  bing_iphone_movie

I tried out a direction search and found it to be pretty useful as it provided with both driving and walking directions. I didn’t try out the Maps much. The app has an option to automatically detect your current location if you allow it to, which can allow you to customize your searches based on your location. The movies search is decent too and displays the latest movies playing near you based on your location.

Overall the Bing app for iPhone provides you with a really nice experience and is worth downloading. The app is available for download free of cost from the app store. iTunes link.

Tip: Techmeme

Top Trending Topics on Twitter for 2009

has just released the Top Twitter Trending Topics for 2009on their blog. Not surprising, #iranelection is top of the list in News events, followed by Swine Flu (H1N1). The top trending topics for people included Michael Jackson and Susan Boyle.

In the technology trends came out tops more for their not-for-everyone launch and people asking for invites rather than it being really good, followed by Snow Leopard, more of an update than a New Mac OS Xas they called it. , the cross-platform Twitter client which also has an iPhone app came out 3rd just behind , the best OS launched by Microsoft.

In the movies section Harry Potter topped, followed by the latest Twilight Saga New Moon, and the alien movie District 9. For the complete trending topics of 2009, view the list below or visit the twitter blog post in the link above.


Gmail Introduces Duplicate Contact Cleaner for Merging Contacts

Quite sometime back we had told you how to remove duplicate contacts in Windows Live Hotmail and removing duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail, back then did not have the ability to remove duplicate contacts.

However, there was an announcement at the Gmail Blog today, where they introduced a new feature to delete duplicate contacts from your Gmail contacts list.

Removing Duplicate Contacts in Gmail

To remove duplicate contacts from Gmail, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login to Gmail and click on the contacts link in the sidebar. You can also load the standalone Gmail contacts page.


Step 2: Click on the Find duplicate buttons in the right hand pane.


Step 3: Once you click on the button, Gmail will scan your contacts for duplicates and display it to you. You can choose the contacts and decide to merge them into a single one, thus cleaning up the duplicate contacts from your Gmail account.

This can come in pretty handy if you use your Gmail contacts as the base contacts and sync it with Outlook or your mobile phone.

Free Christmas Screensavers for Your Computer

After covering some really awesome Christmas Wallpapers, awesome Christmas Icons, social networking Christmas icons, Free Christmas Songs from Amazon, iTunes Holiday Pack Mp3, Twitter Christmas themes, Firefox Christmas themes and personas, Windows 7 Christmas themes and Windows XP Christmas themes, here are some really good and New Year screensavers.


New Free Screensavers has a huge list of Christmas and New Year screensavers. We tested the screensavers personally and they do not contain any spyware or adware. Download Free Screensavers.

Good Santa Screensaver This is another free Christmas screensaver which you can download and use on your computer. It features Santa in the screensaver.

More Screensavers? We will keep this list updated regularly to add new screensavers to the list, so bookmark this page to check on the updates in the future.

We have tested the screensavers and it should work fine on and earlier versions of Windows.

Better Gmail Extension for Google Chrome

The Better Gmail extension created by Gina Trapani is now available for . However, this extension is not created by Gina Trapani. In the past we had written about the Better Gmail userscripts for Chrome which was released by Lifehacker.

Better Gmail for Chrome is similar to the Better Gmail add-on for Firefox and adds attachment icons, rollover highlights for email, hides chat box and invite box, hides ads and sponsored links and the footer and fixes the width for Gmail.

The extension currently does not support options which is a much asked for feature in the comments for the extension. Hopefully the developer will add it soon.

Download Better Gmail Extension for Chrome

Google Chrome Extensions vs Firefox Add-ons: Head to Head Comparison

It has almost been a week now since Google went live with , and barely over a year since itself was introduced. On the other hand, Firefox has been around for 5 years now and there are tons of which are much more than useful.


So are Chrome Extensions better than Firefox add-ons? Well, lets take a look at some Head to Head comparison to get an idea. I must make a note that Firefox without add-ons is just another browser, and most of its popularity is because of the add-ons. Google Chrome on the other hand is much more faster, however it still lacks several useful extensions, which is why many users are not yet switching to Chrome.

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Round 1: Ease of Installation

The one thing I like about Chrome extensions and themes in general is the ability to install and uninstall Chrome extensions without restarting the browser. On the other hand, Firefox needs to be restarted every time you install an extension or theme. Firefox has made some headway in the form of Personas, however the promised introduction of restartless add-ons and theme installation is nowhere to be seen in Firefox 3.6.

Winner: Google Chrome

Round 2: Browser Performance with Extensions/Add-ons

Since the introduction of Google Chrome extensions, many users were skeptical whether installing extensions would slow down the browser or create an impact on its performance. Let’s just say that nothing of that sort will happen, Chrome runs extensions and tabs in separate processes, so no one extension can affect the entire browser. This is a technology which has made Chrome faster than other browsers and much more manageable.

On the other hand, Firefox is known to crawl if you install too many extensions. This may not be due to the browser itself, but try installing 10-15 add-ons and opening 10 tabs, you will notice high memory usage and a significant snag in Firefox performance.

Winner: Google Chrome

Christmas Radio For Google Chrome

Would you like to listen to some nice music while you are surfing the web? The Christmas radio will come in handy. Christmas Radio extension for plays Christmas Songs from


Once you install the extension, you can play the songs unobtrusively by using a icon in the toolbar. You can toggle the radio on or off by clicking on the icon.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Christmas Radio is simple to to use and good on the ears. You can play and pause music with the click of a button. However, it would be great if the developer added options to play music from different Internet radio channels.

Ratings: 3/5 (Good)

Download Christmas Radio for Chrome