Firefox Mobile "Fennec" Delayed Too?

Looks like Firefox Mobile "Fennec", which was supposed to be released this year, will be delayed too, like the other versions of Firefox. Firefox Mobile, was supposed to be released for the Nokia N900 Internet tablet in late December 2009, however, we have already reached the final day of the year and there is no sign of it.


It would be impractical and totally unwise to release the software on the 31st December of any year, so we can safely assume that you will not get a chance to use it until 2010.

Delays in releases are always there, but it is often suicidal when you are entering the industry. Especially more when you are trying to compete with the likes of Mini and Skyfire.

Firefox Mobile is however available for downloads as a beta on this page.

2010 Year of Internet Tablets? What’s Coming in the Tablet Store

2009 is almost over, and we are all gearing to a new decade in 2010. Android, iPhone and were some of the most interesting topics of discussion in 2009. However, that is set to change in 2010. 2010, more likely than not will be dubbed as the year of tablets, where people will ditch their netbooks and laptops, to something which they can carry along easily, and access Internet with the touch of a finger.

2010 will see a lot of new tablets coming into the market, we take a look at all of them and give our own views about them.

JooJoo Tablet


JooJoo Tablet would have been known as Crunchpad, however, some problems between Mike Arrington and Fusion Garage saw it’s birth. The device has a 12.1" widescreen multi-touch display and will run on a 1Ghz Atom processor. It runs on custom OS and supports WiFi.

The tablet supports widgets and looks pretty good, however, the pricing is a downfall for this tablet.

Pricing: $500

Release Date: Released and available for pre-orders.

More Info:

DRM Free Music Supported By Ads from FreeAllMusic [Coming Soon]

I am not sure about everyone, however, at-least once in your lifetime, you might have downloaded free music from the internet when it is not legal, or at-least had had the urge to do it.


Those days could now be a thing of the past, thanks to FreeAllMusic, whose service will allow users to download free music legally to their computers, albeit after watching some video ads. So does free mean crappy? Not exactly, according to NYT, 2 out of the 4 major music labels have signed up with the service and will provide the full catalog of songs for downloads. They even have a lineup of 6 major advertisers on board, including Coca Cola, Warner Bros and Zappos.

The best part about FreeAllMusic is that, you can legally share the music you download with anyone else. In technical terms, the music you download from the site is DRM free.

Users will have to spend 15-30 seconds to watch a video ad, before they can download the songs. However, that would mean that you save .99 cents per song. Limitations? Yes, there will be limitations as to how much music a user can download, however, there is no indications as to what the limitations are.

This is a win win situation for both advertisers and the users, as advertisers will be assured that their ads will be viewed and users will get free music.

Nevertheless, this system has it’s own flaws. For example, imagine that, I as a user want to download a MP3 file and start the process to download it, the video ad plays, and I walk out to get my coffee. After returning back, I download the free music without even watching the advertisements. Based on this, it is hard to say how long this will be a success, however, the concept is good and may become quite popular. Only time will tell, whether it is a hit or it is a fail.

FreeAllMusic is currently in beta and will open to public in late January. Would you prefer to download free music in lieu of advertisements? Let us know about your thoughts.

By the way, if you notice this, this is the 4000th post on Techie Buzz :-).

Study: Women Kickass in Online Gaming, Men come second

Usually playing games is associated more with men, and many of the gaming consoles are usually called as "Boy Toys". However, a recent study reveals surprising results.


According to a study by University of California, women spend more time in online role playing games than men. The study was conducted by Dmitri Williams and surveyed 7000 anonymous players of EverQuest II. Among the surveyed players, 80% were men. The survey threw up some interesting numbers, including the fact that females spent 29 hours a week playing online games, as compared to 27 hours a week by males.

The women play more intensely than the guys do,Williams said. They’re less likely to quit, and they’re happier playing.

Out of the total women, the top 10% spent 57 hours a week on average playing online games, whereas the average for men was 49 hours a week. The survey was conducted over three days and the average age of the players was 31.

Looking at the entire report, one can definitely say that this was totally unexpected. What do you think?

You can download or view the entire study online here. (Google Docs Viewer link for PDF file)

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Download Wondershare Photo Recovery for Free Tomorrow on Giveaway Of The Day

So you just went and had a great trip this , but lost some of the photos due to a problem with your memory card? Don’t panic yet, and don’t even spend your money to buy a data or photo recovery software yet.

wondershare_photo_recovery wondershare_photo_recovery1

Wondershare will be giving away a copy of their Photo Recovery software for free on 29th December, 2009 at the giveaway site, Giveaway of the Day. A retail copy of Wondershare Photo Recovery sells for $29.95 and from the reviews I have seen, it is pretty decent and does it’s job pretty well.

Wondershare Photo Recovery Features

  • Recover photos lost from PC, SD card, memory card, USB drive and more
  • Retrieve pictures lost due to formatting, deletion, Recycle Bin emptying and other unknown reasons
  • Easy-to-use interface and flexible functions to save your much time
  • Preview images before image recovery to get precise recovery

For more info visit

Just hold on for a few hours to download your free copy of Wondershare Photo Recovery software.

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Companies Who Walked Out on Google Deals [Failed Acquisitions]

Google, the company and the brand has grown tremendously over the years. It is known best for it’s innovations and best use of technology. However, not each and every technology that Google provides is created by them. They have been purchasing companies, both small and big to supplement their existing technologies and to create new ones.


This approach is of course beneficial, as they do not have to start from scratch and get access to a readymade and proven technology. However, not every company that Google has set their eyes on have accepted the deals. There have been quite a few companies who have rejected lucrative Google offers too.

So who are the braveheart companies who rejected offers from Google? Let us take a look at the companies from what we know. I have tried my best to include most of them, however, if you do know of any other busted deals, feel free to leave a comment.


Google’s aim to take over the local search market took a huge jolt when Yelp walked out of discussions. There is still a lot of speculation, whether it was Google or Yelp who actually walked out of the deal. However, the deal is now off the table and you will no longer see a Google-Yelp merger, at-least in the near future.


Lala is a music company which allows users to stream music online. Though Lala was bought by Apple, there are speculations that Google had tried to buy them out before Apple did. However, Google now have a new deal with Lala to help users discover new music in Google music search


has always been a target for the tech biggies including Google, Microsoft and . There were talks held between Google and Twitter for a possible buyout, however, Evan Williams held out splendidly and did not sell under pressure. Twitter now has deals with both Microsoft and Google, and are also making money and profitable.


There were rumors going around in 2008 that Skype and Google are in talks for a partnership, however, nothing came out of it. Acquiring Skype would have given a huge boost to Google, however, they do have Google Voice which has taken off in a good way and have also acquired Gizmo5 recently.


Friendster was perhaps the first company to not go along with Google. They rejected a deal from Google in 2004. Google then went ahead to create , which is one of the most popular social networking sites in India and Brazil.

Other Notable Failures

There have been other notable failures in the past, which failed at negotiation stages or due to governmental policies, these include:

Are there any other failed Google Deals you have come across? Let us know through your comments.he

Google Open Source Projects You Didn’t Know About

Google is not all about just the search engine and email, they have tons of other projects which are widely used. I just came across some Open source projects by Google, which were really unknown to me.

Some of the FOSS projects by Google include:

There are several more useful and interesting tools which you can find through the above link. Did you know about these Google projects?

Windows 8 "Copenhagen" Concept Video

It has been more than 2 months since started retailing. Most of the people I have spoken to are really amazed by Win 7. However, now that Windows 7 is out, Microsoft has already started focusing on Windows 8, the next version of MS Windows.

Windows 8 is still a long way away, however, there is a concept video which shows you what could be planned ahead for Windows 8. The Windows 8 Copenhagen video walks you through some of design ideas being planned for Windows 8. However, don’t expect the final version to be similar to the video. Remember, this is just a concept video and there might be lots of improvements in the final version or you might see something different altogether.

The graphics and user experience in the Windows 8 concept video builds upon the current Windows 7 experience, and is nothing short of spectacular. One of the interesting things in the video is the way system tray icons are arranged along with grouping of the desktop icons, which is something similar to what Fences does, but in a much better way.

In addition to that, it also walks you through a very neat Windows Explorer experience, and I must say it is 1000 times much better than what Windows 7 has. And yes, finally a dock that can be really useful. By the way, you can use docks in Windows through 3rd party applications. Don’t know about them yet? Check out a neat selection of Docks for Windows, which we have put up in the past.

The lesser said the better, watch the Windows 8 Copenhagen concept video after the jump to see what’s in store in Windows 8.

VLC Wishes Everyone Merry Christmas Through an Easter Egg

Have you opened your VLC Player today? Well if not, we suggest you do. They have a hidden Easter egg which displays a new VLC icon with Santa’s hat to users.


Some users have also reported that they see the same logo in the taskbar icon, but no such luck for me on . Did you see the the logo in VLC?

We will keep looking for more Easter eggs popping up on our desktop and let you know about them as and when we see them.