Live Coverage of Nexus One/Google Android Conference Online

The Google Android/Nexus One Conference is scheduled to go live at 10AMPST (1PM EST) and not many of you might be able to actually see the conference as no video cameras are being setup for the /Google Android Conference.


However, you can follow the live coverage from the press who will be attending the Google Android Conference. Here are some sites where you can catch up with live conference notes.

Live Video Streaming of the Google Android/Nexus One Conference

Watch the live coverage of the event right here.

Live TV by Ustream

What You Can Expect at the Google Android/Nexus One Conference

  • Official Launch of Android 2.1
  • Official Launch and Pricing details for Nexus One
  • Future of Android OS in mobile and tablet computing
  • An array of phones running Android OS
  • Other official announcements with regards to Nexus One and future of Android 

We will keep this list updated as we come across more live streaming. In the meantime checkout our earlier posts which covers Nexus One from rumors to reality and some Exclusive screenshots of Nexus One Privacy Policy and Terms of Sale. You might also want to check out a Hands-on 10 minute video of Nexus One.

Will Nexus One Actually Be Unveiled at the Google Conference Tomorrow?


According to some really interesting news from tech star, Robert Scoble, tomorrow’s Google Android conference could actually not be as big as it is anticipated to be. Though this is not confirmed by Google, the updates from Scoble suggest that this conference will be a low profile one.

Signs that tomorrow’s Google Press conference may be underwhelming:

The BBC told me that Google didn’t make room for video cameras at tomorrow’s press conference. Apple always does. That’s a hint – Robert Scoble

The news has always been about a phone that has no significant new features, but is just "nicer" and "faster" than a Droid. – Robert Scoble

Best predictor of future results is past results and past Google "big events" turn out not to be all that big by themselves. – Robert Scoble

The Google story this year won’t be that it has a dramatic new device, but that it is just going to be relentless with bringing out a ton of news to take the oxygen away from almost everyone except for Apple. – Robert Scoble

I’ve been talking with a lot of big media outlets and they are arguing internally if they should even go. Most are sending someone but don’t expect much news. "It’s just a phone announcement," is the way one guy put it. – Robert Scoble

So would this mean that the will not be unveiled tomorrow? Not real certain about it, however, if you are holding a conference and are not allowing television camera crews, you would certainly not want to unveil something which the world cannot see. What do you think?

Thanks Scobelizer

Microsoft Is Looking for a Linux and Open Office Compete Lead

Is Microsoft already hot in their pants about Linux and Open Office? A recent job posting does not suggest otherwise. According to a job posting on Microsoft careers, they are looking for a Marketing lead who will focus on one of the biggest issues that is top of mind for KT and Steve B in Compete.


Linux, Mac and other OSS have always had a very small share when compared to the giant share Microsoft has had in both operating systems and Office software.

However, this posting definitely means that Steve B himself is having some nightmares about both Linux and Open Office. Some of the job requirements posted on this listing are pretty clear about that fact.

The Commercial Software Initiative (CSI) owns three core objectives for the Area (and Subsidiaries) as follows:

1. Drive compete Strategy. The CSI Lead is responsible for providing a 360 degree view of the US compete environment (directly to the Compete lead and BMO) and ensuring plans are in place to help drive healthy, balanced, and sustained growth. Ability to win share and ensure growth faster than the market (Servers, IW, Web, HPC)

2. Be a Perception Change Agent. The CSI Lead needs to drive perception across a number of key audiences (IT Pros, Government Elites, BDMs, IT Journalists, etc.) Ability to implement programmatic marketing that will CHANGE THE WAY PEOPLE think about Microsoft, specifically those with a hostile’ or negative perception of the Microsoft platform.

3. Build Compete Muscle‘ in the US. The CSI Lead owns ensuring that the region and subs are fully ready to compete against Linux and participate with Open Source Communities. This includes everything from training to being the subject matter expertise, where needed. Ability to diagnose and share problem, find root causes and pull together a team that will PLAN / DO / CHECK / ACT in the right direction.

And there is more key notes for this opening:

• You will educate our field and partners to compete and win. Work with EPG and other field organizations to profile Linux in key accounts. Drive Linux and UNIX compete content.
• Support competitive sales situations where Linux is a key competitor to help drive marquee wins and grow your US evidence. Work with your account teams and develop growth plans.
• Start a productive and positive culture of Loss Reviews’ Look at the competitive pipeline regularly to see where Linux Server and OpenOffice challenges arise.

What do you think? By the way, if you a candidate for this job, you can visit this page on Microsoft Careers to apply for the position.

FeedDemon To Introduce Content Filters

FeedDemon the popular desktop RSS reader is working on adding content filters to the newsreader. The new changes were shared by @nbradbury, who is the creator of FeedDemon.


From the screenshot, we can say that it will be easier to filter content and mark them as read so that you don’t have to sift through a barrage of news. This can specially be helpful when a particular new device or software hits the market and everyone starts to write about it.

There is no news when this new feature will be rolled out, nevertheless, it would be an interesting feature to have since Google Reader currently does not support this feature.

Sir Isaac Newton’s Google Doodle at Google NZ

Google has put up a really awesome doodle on the Google New Zealand homepage ( to celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday.

Isaac Newton's Google Doodle

The Google Doodle for Sir Isaac Newton is the first animated doodle I have seen from them. When you load the page you will see an Apple tree over Google’s logo, after a second or so, one of the Apple’s drop from the tree, this is to support Sir Isaac’s gravitational theory, he had formed when he saw an Apple drop from a tree.

Why Google chose New Zealand? Not sure, the doodle is not yet available in other Google sites.

Thanks arpitnext.

CES 2010 Predictions for Intel, HTC, Palm and Microsoft

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 will kickoff in few days. CES 2010 is all set to start on January 7th and will continue through till January 10th. CES Expo is a event where most of the technology and auto companies showcase new products which will be launched in near future.


Other than Apple, who host their own event, most of the big companies will be demoing some really cool technology devices and autos in the span of four days. The event in itself is extravagant, however, it is not easy to predict what will actually be demoed at CES 2010 as most companies want everything to be under a wrap.

There will be around 3000 companies at CES 2010, who will launch more than 20,000 new products and showcase it to the world.

Also Read: Nexus One – From Rumor to Reality, the Complete Coverage

We have taken some time to go through some of our sources and tried to tie up the loose ends, to come up with few predictions as to what you can expect at CES 2010. So without further ado, here are some of our predictions for few of the exhibitors at CES 2010.

Intel Corp.

Intel President & CEO Paul Otellini will be one of the keynote speakers at CES 2010 and from what is doing rounds, Intel will be using the stage to showcase their upcoming range of products for the portable computing. One of the products that will be shown is their new Pine Trail platform with Pineview the successor to their Atom processors. Pine Trail is for the Netbook computers, with the GPU & CPU will be on the same die. Unfortunately for Intel, nobody is excited about Pine Trail because of its lack of HD video decoding and what is going to be a very under-powered GPU. Intel might be using this stifled-configuration to distinguish between low-end laptop computers & Netbook computers.

Another possible product to show itself is Intel Moorestone codename for their Mobile Internet Devices platform. Moorestone is a system-on-chip for high-end feature rich cell phones also referred to as Mobile Internet Devices.

Windows 7 2010 Theme and 2010 Desktop Wallpapers [Downloads]

has definitely been the biggest release of last year, however, if you are already using Windows 7, you might as well download a new for 2010.


The 2010 theme for Windows 7 is created by Tim Heuer, and was created using 2010 desktop wallpapers released by Smashing Magazine. The theme consists of 35 "2010" desktop wallpapers which are of really high quality.

Installing the 2010 theme for Windows 7 is easy, just download the .theme file and double click on it to use it in Windows 7.

Download Windows 7 2010 theme

Download 2010 Wallpapers for your Desktop

Thanks tsuvik

Firefox Mobile "Fennec" for Maemo Hits RC1

Looks like were not the only people working this New Year to release Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha, the folks at Mozilla did some work too, and finally released the RC1 for Firefox Mobile, which was supposed to be released in December.

Welcome to Firefox Mobile Fennec

Firefox Mobile About screen

Browsing websites on Firefox Mobile

Firefox Mobile Awesomebar

Firefox Mobile for Maemo is available for downloads for , the new features in 1.0 release includes:

  • Awesome Bar, which is pretty popular in the desktop version
  • Easy access to several search engines.
  • Touch Oriented user interface
  • Obstruction less browsing with auto hiding of controls and awesome bar, along with quick zoom
  • One-touch bookmarking
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Synchronization with Weave
  • Support for add-ons. Right now there are 40 add-ons available for downloads
  • Password manager, popup blocker, instant website ID and more.

These are just some of the features available in the browser, for more, visit the release page. You can download Firefox Mobile RC1 for mobiles by visiting on your Nokia N900. FF for Mobile is also available as desktop downloads, click on the links below to choose the downloads for your appropriate OS. (links below will initiate automatic downloads)

Users who are already using the Beta 5 version of Firefox Mobile will be promoted to download an update.

Note: Screenshots used in the post are taken using the desktop version of Firefox Mobile for Windows

P.S. If you are a Nokia N900 user please share some screenshots with us of Firefox Mobile in action, we will credit you of course :-)

2010’s Tech Predictions That Really Matter

So 2010 has already set in, almost in every place across the world, and the predictions are flowing out like hot coffee on a chilly night. Though, we have given our judgment that 2010 will be the year of Internet tablets, there are several other folks out there who have making some really nice tech predictions for 2010, most of which, we hope come true.

Tech Predictions for 2010

Here is a look at the top 2010 tech predictions for the year from some of the most reputed and authoritative sites in the Tech World.

Google OS Predictions for Google in 2010

If there is one blog you have to choose to read the latest scoops on Google, it has to be the Google Operating system. No, it is not related to OS, however it is related to everything Google.

Alex Chitu, the brain behind Google OS, has come up with 20 predictions on things that might happen @Google in 2010, you can also read Alex’s take on what will be the Top 10 Google Apps in 2010.

2010 Predictions @RWW

One of my favorite blogs, Read Write Web (RWW), has put up an excellent set of 2010 predictions, coming from MacManus, Marshall, Sarah Perez, and the other writers at RWW. Take a look at the 2010 predictions from RWW.

5 Predictions for Facebook from @Mashable

One of the most popular social blog, Mashable, has put up a list of the top 5 prediction for . At the rate at which Facebook has been growing, it would not be surprising that all of them come true. Take a look at the Top 5 predictions for Facebook @Mashable.

Technology Predictions for 2010 @Telegraph has to be one of the most famous newspapers which also rule in the online world, especially in the tech sector. So, predictions from them have to be taken seriously. Take a look at the Technology Predictions for 2010 @Telegraph.

New York Times 2010 Predictions about Tech Companies

NYT takes a look at 5 companies, including , Facebook and Apple and gives their predictions on how they will shape up in 2010. Take a look at New York Times Five 2010 Predictions about Tech Companies.

Three Mobile Predictions for 2010 @jkOnTheRun

James Kendrick aka jkOnTheRun, runs one of the most authoritative blog for mobile news, so it is highly unlikely that we can ignore his predictions for mobiles in 2010. Take a look at Three Mobile Predictions for 2010 @jkOnTheRun.

PC World’s Tech Predictions for 2010

PC World? Does it ring anything in your mind? Of course it does, it is probably one of the biggest site for all your Tech News. Catch up on the Top 10 Predictions in 2010 @PCWorld.

Open Source and Linux/Ubuntu Predictions for 2010

Open Source will definitely make a mark this year, what with Linux shaping the decade with some excellent contributions. Without doubts, Linux will play a big role in how the technology shapes in 2010 and the rest of the new decade. Here are some excellent predictions for Linux and Open Source in general for the year 2010.

More 2010 Tech Predictions [Updates]

Well I did not run out of steam already, will keep this list updated as and when I come across some more tech predictions for 2010. This is Non-exhaustive list, so bookmark it for future updates.

Firefox 2010 Calendar [Downloads]

All the delays aside, we hope and wish Mozilla does really well in 2010. And for all you Firefox lovers, here is something to keep Firefox in your sights.

firefox_2010_blue_calendar firefox_2010_calendar

The Firefox 2010 Calendar is released by Mozilla Links and is available for downloads as PDF files in Letter Size, A4 Size and A4 size in Spanish. There are two versions of the calendar: Red and blue. Each month in the year is represented by a Mozilla project.

Download Firefox 2010 Calendar