Google Super Bowl XLIV 2010 Commercial

For the first time in Google’s and Super Bowl history, Google ran a commercial during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XLIV (44). The ad focused on how easy it was to search and showed users on how easy it was to find things in Paris, France.

Though the ad was definitely perplexing as it was Super Bowl, it definitely was cute and showed how easy it was to find things using Google, and focused on search, maps, dictionary and Wikipedia.

If you haven’t been able to watch the ad during the Super Bowl, you can watch it over again by viewing the embedded video below.

What do you think of the Google Super Bowl ad? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Do let me know through your comments. Don’t forget to watch the rest of the Super Bowl commercials, don’t know how? Check out our earlier post on where to watch the Super Bowl 2010 commercials online.

Watch Super Bowl XLIV 2010 Ads on Hulu and YouTube

Super Bowl XLIV is done and one of my favorite team the New Orleans Saints won. However, what makes Super Bowl even more interesting is the adverts/commercials that play during the breaks. Super Bowl 2010 saw the debut of a Google ad on TV, though it was a bit weird that Google actually promoted Paris during Super Bowl, it was cute nevertheless.

Super Bowl

If you did not have the chance to catch up with Super Bowl, or missed the commercials, here is your chance to watch all the Super Bowl XLIV commercials all over again.

Hulu, the popular service which allows you watch television shows has all the Super Bowl ads that were aired in 2010, to view the ads, head over to Enjoy, and let the Saints go marching in :-).

You can also watch all the Super Bowl 2010 commercials on by visiting

Astronaut Tweets Amazing Pictures of Earth From Space

A few weeks ago we had told you about how a NASA Astronaut created history by tweeting from Space. However, it looks like we need to write another chapter in the history books. Why? Well because an Astronaut has tweeted some images of planet Earth from Space and shared it with us mere mortals who can only keep gazing into the sky.

Here are the pictures which were tweeted by the Astronaut from Space, thanks to IO9 and Mashable.

Maldives Island from Space

Maldives Island from Space

Mt. Kilmanjaro from Space

Mt. Kilmanjaro from Space

Earth and Moon from Space

Earth and Moon from Space

Golden Gate Bridge From Space

Golden Gate Bridge From Space

International Space Station

International Space Station

Some of these pictures are truly amazing, and to imagine that they were taken 100s of miles away from Earth make them even prettier. Technology has definitely advanced and being able to communicate and send images from space back to Earth is definitely exciting. Not that it was not being done before, but using a social medium to allow other’s to view them is definitely a big step ahead.

Aren’t these pictures truly amazing? What do you think about them? Let me know through your comments.

Update: To view more beautiful images of Earth from the ISS, visit the Twitpic account of Astronaut Soichi.

Buy Office 2007 and Get a Free Upgrade to Office 2010, Don’t Get Excited Though

Here is some news for people who buy Office 2007 (not for those who already have them), you will get a free upgrade to , if you buy a copy of Office 2007 between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010.


However, not all versions quality for a free upgrade. Only users who purchase Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, Office Standard 2007, Office Small Business 2007, Office Professional 2007 or Publisher 2007 will be eligible to receive an upgrade to a similar Office 2010 upgrade.

According to a now deleted post from Charles Van Heusen’s blog (Google cache link), here is how you can be eligible for an upgrade.

Purchase Office 2007—Customer buys qualifying Office 2007 product (with or without a new PC) from an authorized reseller between March 5 September 30, 2010.

Install and Activate Office 2007—Customer installs and activates Office 2007 by September 30,2010.

Download Office 2010—Customer simply downloads Office 2010 for free when Office 2010 is available, or orders a DVD for a fee. Customer must request upgrade by October 31, 2010.

Is it Worth It?

Take a look at the comparison below for pricing difference between Office 2007 and Office 2010 which was derived from the Office 2010 pricing.

  • Office Home and Student 2007 costs $149 and so does the 2010 version – NO Benefits
  • Office 2007 Standard costs $399.95, Office Home and Business 2010 version will cost $279 – Loss of $120
  • Office Small Business 2007 costs $449.95, Office Professional 2010 version will cost $499 – Benefit of $50
  • Office Professional 2007 costs $499.95, Office Professional 2010 version will cost $499, Loss of $.95

As you can see, users will only get some benefit if they purchase a copy of Office Small Business 2007, all other versions either give you no benefits or lose you some money in the bargain.

Another interesting thing about this deal is that the deal is actually available thru September 2010, so I am guessing that Office 2010 will start selling in October 2010 rather than June 2010 as we had earlier told you. Looks like October is now a somewhat lucky month for Microsoft, their last product has definitely given them a reason to smile and it was released in October 2009.

Please note, all the rates were taken from the official price list available at Microsoft. These prices do not include deals you will get by buying the Office 2007 products at a third party site.

Nokia Offers Valentine’s Offer to UK Users


With Valentine’s day coming closer, the love is in the air for sure. The most difficult question of all during such times is what to gift your sweetheart on 14th Feb. Well, Nokia UK has come up with some excellent offers for Valentine’s day.

You can buy a Nokia E72, N86, N97, N97 Mini, X6, N900 or 8800 and get Nokia 1661 or Nokia 1208 absolutely free. Doesn’t it sound awesome and of course lighter on your wallets?   Either you can gift your sweetheart Nokia E72 or the Nokia 1661 which comes free with it. Also, shipping is absolutely free. Just head over to and order your Valentine a gift before you forget.

If you know any gadget offers for this Valentine season, drop in a mail at [email protected] or just comment below. We’ll be more than happy to share it with our readers.

VLC Player 1.1 To Get Extensions Support

VLC the most popular Windows Media Player alternative is all set to get a new feature in VLC 1.1. Starting with VLC 1.1, users will be able to add extensions or add-ons to the media and audio player.

Starting with version 1.1, users will be able to write their own plugins for VLC, codenamed Extensions. The difference with other VLC modules consists in the language used to write these Extensions: Lua, a simple a lightweight scripting language, embbeded inside VLC media player.

Extensions in VLC can be written in the Lua, a lightweight, fast and embeddable scripting language. The new announcement was spotted on a VLC developers blog by our Linux Geek Sathya.

VLC IMDb Extensions

According to Jean-Philippe André, VLC Extensions idea came through because of the success of add-ons in Firefox and will allow users to have quick access to several features in a single click. For example, with the help of extensions users can quickly access subtitles for a movie, lyrics for a song or information about the current artist.

VLC Extension

Jean also post some examples and screenshots of possible extensions that could be useful for users to use with VLC, they include:

  • Wikipedia: get information about the artist, the album or the movie from Wikipedia.
  • IMDb: read the plot summary, learn about the cast of a movie and get a direct link to the Internet Movie Database.
  • Read useful information fetched from the artist’s page on
  • Lyrics: Automatically get the lyrics of the current song.
  • Subtitles: Find and insert subtitles on top of the video in two clicks.
  • Concerts: Learn about the next concerts of this artist.

Users who want to try our extensions or create their own can download the latest nightly build of VLC from For more information about extensions in VLC, visit this blog post.

Why I Won’t Buy an iPad or Any Other Tablet

I am not a born geek, however, over the period of time that I have used technology, I have easily adapted to newer one’s and shunned a few too. I am a Software  Engineer by profession, but I have handled tons of devices which are fancy but are hard for me to really go ahead and buy. However, I have built more than 100 PCs by assembling them with my bare hands with devices that I really believe in.

One thing I do before buying any device, no matter what the hype is, is to actually use it with my own hands and then decide whether I should buy it or not. To prove a fact, I have always been a Nokia fan, but when I went and used the Nokia N97, I discarded it, because it was not really what I wanted and found it to be inadequate for my needs. Another example is that I bought the iPod Touch 3GS, which again was a big feat, but I really liked it better than the , and bought it years after it was launched.

Rest aside, I did predict that 2010 was going to be the year of Internet Tablets, however, for me to go ahead and shun my laptop, netbook and smartphone for a Tablet would be something foolish, because they do the job I require them to do and work perfectly fine. So why would I not want to buy an Internet Tablet?

First of all, tablets are something which are just coming out, though I am an early adopter, I do not adopt anything blindly. Of course, who would not fancy carrying a 1.5 pound device around as compared to the 2.5 pound netbook or the half a pound smartphone? However, when you drop the 1 pound in weight or gain 1 pound around it, you also drop 60-75% of functionalities or gain 10-20% (maybe more) respectively.

Agreed that netbooks and smartphones were supposed to do nothing but Internet, chat and social networking, however, over a period of time they have grown to become devices which everyone clings on to. Let’s put this into perspective; Can you imagine yourself going around without your smartphone or phone for that matter? Can you imagine making trips without your netbook? If I were you, both these answers would be no. However, it did not happen overnight, it happened with time. Why? Because both these devices have matured enough to allow me to work with them and have been an ample alternative to a real "full fledged" laptop or desktop computer.

Secondly, hype supersedes requirements. There have been times when I have gone and bought things based on hype. After using the new thing for sometime, I got bored and hardly used it. What tablets are doing now is something similar, it is a hype that it is better than your netbook and smartphone, however, once you start using it you will realize that you still need both your netbook and your smartphone to do things. It is not a replacement, it is just something that will be sandwiched between both of them. It won’t allow you to function without any one of them for sure.

Let me give you some examples. If you want to make a phone call, you need your phone (Don’t give me that Skype thing, how many of you actually use it to make "real" phone calls?). If you want to convert videos, you need your netbook, nevertheless you can use your tablet to view videos. But now, would you carry your netbook around to convert videos just so that you can watch it on your brand new tablet? This is just one part of it, there are so many things a tablet can’t do which your netbook or smartphone will be able to do.

The problem right now is that tablets are just "Internet tablets", you can chat on them, visit sites, watch videos, listen to music and do anything on the web. Of course, you will be able to run apps on them, but will you be able to program on it? Will you be able to video conference? Will you be able to type with ease?

One more thing I won’t buy it for is the larger video experience than my current smartphone. If I add $200 more to the price I will pay for the cheapest tablet, I can buy a 42" or higher resolution HDTV. If I add more to it I can buy the Sony Bravia and get the best TV and video experience I can ever get.

The problem I have here is not adaptability, there are 10-12" netbooks which will totally out perform tablets, and yes I prefer to read my newspapers and books through a hard copy. Of course, it does make my bag a few pounds heaver, but so does it make my wallet too, and yes I a can lug around a bag with 15 pounds in it, don’t we have trolleys and broad shoulders?

I really don’t care if my iPod Touch or does not have Flash, as I would rather watch a movie or a video on HDTV if I want to. If you start shrinking your video experience to a small screen, why do you buy or yearn to buy a big TV?

Closing on this, I don’t think I will buy a tablet just because it is there. I definitely don’t think that it will add to my current experience or enhance the way I am productive. Of course, if does give me the benefit of lugging around a smaller device that can perform better than a smartphone, but it will definitely not fit in my pocket, require additional screen protection and I will still need a bag. And if I do have to carry a bag, I would prefer to put a smarter and more useful device in it.

However, I am not saying that I will never buy one, I will, however, not over hype, but when the device matures to become really useful and an alternative to both my netbook and my smartphone.

Watch Bollywood and Hollywood Movies for Free on YouTube

is looking to get into the Pay-per-view model, which will allow users to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies after paying a small sum. However, if you are a fan of Bollywood you can watch some Bollywood movies for free in HD right now.

Watch Bollywood Movies Free on YouTube

YouTube is offering a host of Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD quality for free. All these movies can be watched legally without having to pay a fee. However, few of the videos are R rated, so you might have to login with your YouTube account before you can watch the videos.

Also Read: 7 Ways to Watch Movies free Online Legally

If you are looking for more options for Bollywood movies, Rajshri, an Indian entertainment site also offers several Bollywood movies and Indian TV shows on their site. You can watch all the episodes of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Khichdi, Koffee with Karan and other popular shows at Rajshri. If you are looking for more options there are few more sites which offer users with an option to watch free Bollywood movies and Indian TV Shows online, including:

Do you know of any other options to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies legally online? Do let us know through your comments. Thanks Amit.

Live Coverage of Apple Event

Its here! Its finally here! The Apple event is finally going to begin in less than half an hour now. All the gadget freaks must be eagerly awaiting the launch of a new revolutionaryproduct from Apple. In the past, all the products from Apple have changed the whole technology industry. Even after 3 years of the launch of iPhone, all the major phone companies have been unable to come up with an iPhone killer. The rumors suggest Apple launching a tablet based touch screen device. The Apple iTablet device has been hogging all the limelight in all the popular tech blogs for nearly the whole of the month of January. Looking at the leaked screenshots of the iPad/iTablet, iPhone OS 4.0, everyone can be sure that Apple won’t be letting us down today.


Readers can read our article on the round-up of all the rumors around the Apple iTablet/iPad. It will be interesting to see whether all these rumors turn out to be true or not. Earlier today, we posted pictures of the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, where the Apple event will be held. Things looked calm in the morning, but by now there must be a huge hurdle of news reporters outside the Center. The effect of the event can already be seen on Twitter. 4 out of the top 10 trends in Twitter this morning were regarding the Apple event only. Twitter is also working slow right now, so the impact of the event can be clearly felt now.

Techie-Buzz will be covering the event live, so readers can check back this post for live updates about the event.

Live Updates -:

9:58 AM: The event will start is just a couple of minutes now.10:00 AM: The event has started!

10:01 AM: Steve Jobs enters *applauds*

10:10 AM: Steve Jobs wishes everyone a good morning and gives a small introduction about Apple and its background.

10:11 AM: Ladies and gentlemen! The rumors have turned out to be true! It is the iPad! A touchscreen tablet based device for browsing the web on the go.


10:12 AM: Steve Jobs now explaining all the features of the iPad one by one.

10:20 AM: The homescreen of the iPad can be extensively customized. Steve says that typing emails thanks to the large on-screen keyboard is an awesome experience. It’s a dream to type on.Steve Jobs.

10:30 AM: The UI of the iPad is quite different from that of the iPhone and OS X. It features a 9.7inch IPS display. There is a Two-pane view for Email, along with Photo Scrubber bar with Fast, Smooth Transitions

10:35AM: The iPad runs on a custom Apple 1Ghz A4 Chip. It features all the usual Compass, Accelerometer sensors. Also onboard is 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset. The device has got a staggering battery life of 10 hours and a standby battery life of 30 days!

10:40 AM: Steve demoed few games on the iPad. They looked beautiful, but were a bit sluggish. The developers only got 2 weeks of time to create something for the iPad so I guess the game is still not polished. Also there is a native newspaper reading app which captures the essence of a newspaper, but it’s so much more.There is also inline video clips for Newspaper applications.

10:45 AM: Steve now demonstrating an art browser and painting application for the iPad named Brushes.

10:47 AM: Now Steve is demonstrating Need For Shift for the iPad by Electronic Arts.


10:48 AM: The game is both touch and motion controlled. Users need to tap the mirror on the screen to look behind.

10:50 AM: The Amazon Kindle has some competition here. Steve introduces a new application for the iPad called iBooks. There is also an online book store to go along with it. Users can directly purchase ebooks from the iBook store, and start reading them on your iPad.

10:56 AM: Steve demos the iBook store along with the iBook application. Tap left or right to change pages or just drag the page. Neat! There is also an iWorkfor the iPad. Good Job Steve!

10:59 AM: The whole of the UI of iWork has been reworked for the iPad. Steve is now demoing iWork for the iPad. First up is Keynote.

11:01 AM: Phill shows off a demo of how Keynote works on the iPad version of the iWork.

11:03 AM: Oops! Apple stock value is down by nearly 2%.

11:04 AM: Phill is now showing Numbers on the iWork by doing some typical speard sheet tasks.

11:06 AM: So what are we going to charge for applications like this? We’re gong to charge just $9.99 each.9.99$ for keynotes, Numbers etcetera.

11:08 AM: Steve’s back! The iPad syncs over USB just like an iPod Touch/iPhone via iTunes. Here sync includes everything from your Music, Movies, Photos to Calendar and Applications.

11:10 AM: There will be few models of the iPad with 3G modems built-in.


11:15AM: 14.99$ per month with a data limit of up to 250MB is great for casual use. There is also an unlimited plan for 29.99$. AT&T is again the network provider here. AT&T is also providing access to free Wi-Fi hotspots. Good move here considering the poor 3G network of AT&T.

11:17 AM: Steve then gives a small review of the iPad and gives a quick rundown of all its features. Then he announces the pricing of the iPad. The prices of the iPad starts from only 499$ for the base model with 16GB on board storage. The 32Gb will set you back by another 100$. The 3G models cost an additional 130$.

11:20 AM: There are some accessories for the iPad as well. First up is a Keyboard Dockaccessory. The size of the keyboard is roughly the same as that of a Laptop.

11:25 AM: A video being shown of the iPad. Pretty impressive I must say!

11:27 AM: There is only a 30 pin connector on the iPad. No USB port, no SD card slot, no Camera. Disappointing!

11:31 AM: Time for a another video We think we’ve got the goods. We think we’ve done it. Another thing we’re excited about is that there’s already 75m people who know how to use this because of how many iPhones and iPod touches we’ve shipped.

11:33 AM: This is a magical device, at a breakthrough price. We’ve always tried to be at the intersection of technology and liberal arts — we want to make the best tech, but have them be intuitive. It’s the combination of these two things that have let us make the iPad.

11:34 AM: Apple’s the one place we can do this: we built battery tech, chip tech, software — we bring all those things together in a way no one else can do.As the video ends, Steve comes back on stage.

11:36 AM: The official site for iPad is now up! There are also some videos of the iPad on the site. Check it out!

That’s it folks! The event has ended.

Yerba Buena Center Before The Apple Event [Pictures]

Everyone is gearing up for the big Apple Event tomorrow before Steve Jobs officially pulls out a device and says "Ladies and Gentleman, this is the Apple device that you will be talking about for the rest of the year". Like everyone else we are excited and will be covering the event live. However, what does the center where the event will be held look like?

Here are some pictures of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco, before the big Apple Event on January 27th.

Yerba Buena Preparation

Image Credit: Mac Rumors

Apple Event Yerba Buena Tablet Preparation

Apple Tablet Event Preparations

Image Credit: Cult of Mac

Yerba Buena Center Courtesy Wired

Image Courtesy: Jon Snyder/

From the looks of it, it all looks pretty calm right now, but don’t expect the same situation tomorrow. Believe me, it is going to be very very chaotic tomorrow :-).