Import Export Code (IEC) For PayPal India Payment Withdrawals

Earlier today, we told you about how PayPal had restarted bank withdrawals for Indian users, however, that announcement came with a catch. Indian users had to fill a field called "Export Code" to initiate the withdrawal.


Now, PayPal has not really clarified much about the "Export Code", but it is basically a Importer Exporter Code (IEC) which is issued by the Government of India, for people who Import or Export goods or services outside India.

Now, PayPal by themselves will not provide users with an "Export Code" and users who require to withdraw payments to their banks will have to apply for it themselves and the process in itself might take several weeks.

So now designers, freelances and website payments will come under the prerogative of Import/Export laws, and taxes for the same will be applicable. This is definitely going to complicate the process of receiving and sending payments for PayPal India users and is 90% PayPal’s fault as they did not follow the rules laid down by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in the first place.

Users who want to get the IEC will have to fill out a form and submit it to the respective department along with required documents to get it approved.

So get ready to face a lot of delays in getting both the IEC and your money out in the future. Getting the IEC is not a straightforward task and you will have to go through several processes and forms before you can get one.

Useful Links for Applying and Learning More About IEC In India

Google, Bing and Yahoo Site Search Bookmarklet

Quite sometime back I wrote and compiled a list of webmaster bookmarklets which would come in pretty handy to webmasters and anyone else who want to get more information about a site. Over a period of time I have created several more bookmarklets which have come in very handy.

Over a discussion at today, I came across a question about searching a site, and based on that I shared a bookmarklet which will allow users to search any website using the site operator in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Site Search Bookmarklet

Searching with these bookmarklets is pretty easy. When you are on a site and want to search it for something, just click on the bookmarklet for the search engine you want to search content in. Once you do that, you will be prompted to enter the search term. Enter it and click on the Ok button to initiate the site search.

If you are interested, drag any of the links below to your bookmarks bar and click on it whenever you want to search content within a website.

I have tested the bookmarklets on on , Firefox, , Safari and Internet Explorer. Let me know if you run into any trouble while using it.

Note: Site search will always open in a new window or tab, also, clicking on the cancel button does not work properly right now.

Google Facts and Figures

Royal Pingdom is one site which can come up with some really cool stuff, including analysis of huge amounts of data. So when I came across a post called Google facts and figures, I just sat down to see what interesting things I could learn about Google.

Google Facts and Figures

You can view the infographics at Royal Pingdom, but here are some highlights of the research put up by them.

  • Google gave 1.8 million shares to Stanford Univ to license PageRank, which were later sold in 2005 for $336 million.
  • 620 million visitors visit daily.
  • 97% of Google Revenue comes from their advertising services.
  • Google processes 20 Petabyte of information daily.
  • As of December 2009, Google’s assets were valued at $40.5 billion
  • A new Google employee is called Noogler, and later transitions to be called a Googler.
  • Google has a total of 19,835 employees worldwide out of which 37% are in sales and marketing and 37.5% in research and development.
  • 45% of Google products are in beta.
  • 20 hours of videos are uploaded to every minute.
  • now has a 5.22% market share.
  • There are about 146 million Gmail users.
  • 57% of the top 10,000 websites use Google Analytics to track users.

Phew, that was quite a lot of information. Some of these facts are really new to me, what about you?

RIP: IE6 Died March 1st 2010 Funeral on March 4th 2010

Looks like IE6 has a lot of enemies which are looking to kill the 8 year old baby of Microsoft. A site called IE6 Funeral has cropped up on the interwebs, which claims that IE6 died on March 1st 2010 and its funeral will be held on March 4th 2010.

IE6 Funeral

A message on the site says this:

Internet Explorer Six, resident of the interwebs for over 8 years, died the morning of March 1, 2010 in Mountain View, California, as a result of a workplace injury sustained at the headquarters of Google, Inc. Internet Explorer Six, known to friends and family as "IE6," is survived by son Internet Explorer Seven, and grand-daughter Internet Explorer Eight.

Funeral services for Internet Explorer Six will be held at 7pm on March 4 at Aten Design Group, 1629 Downing Street, Denver, CO 80218. Those unable to attend the funeral are asked to send flowers.

IE6 has been a subject of debate, some offensive, some defensive. However, this site goes way out to kill the poor browser. The site has been created by Alex Design Group who are a design company based out of Colorado.

So will you be attending the funeral of IE6 on March 4th?

Thanks @manan.

Google Buzz Tools: Search Engine, Widget Creator, Browser Extensions and Add-ons and Desktop Tool

has not made a splash as expected, however, it is slowly being used by a wider range of people. So what about a Google Buzz search engine, or a tool to access Buzz from your desktop or a Google Buzz widget creator?

Well, Google is definitely not working on creating any of the above things, but we have you covered, here are some nice tools which will allow you to use Google Buzz better.

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Google Buzz Search Engine


Buzzzy is a search engine which allows you to search for topics across several social networking sites, including , FriendFeed, Google Reader and Google Buzz.

When you search for a term using Buzzzy, it will crawl the public timeline on the social networking sites and display results to you from them. Pretty useful if you want to see who is sharing your content on Google Reader and Google Buzz. For Twitter, you might want to take a look at how to track your brand or website on Twitter.

Google Buzz Extensions and Add-ons for Browsers

If you are a user, there are quite a few   you can make use of. For the simple update counter, you can make use of Google Buzz Checker. Mobile Buzz allows you to access the mobile version of Buzz from within Google Chrome and Chrome Buzz allows you to view updates from your friends, and post to Buzz and comment.

There are a few extensions for Firefox users as well, including an extension called Buzz it, which will allow you to add any webpage to Buzz. An extension called WiseStamp, which allows you to add your latest buzz update as your Gmail signature

Google Buzz Widget


Want to share your Google Buzz updates with the rest of the world? Buzz Counter is a handy service which will allow you to create a widget out of your Buzz updates and display it on any webpage. Please note that you will have to make your profile public for this widget to work.

Google Buzz for Desktop

Many social networking services can be accessed through your desktop. However, Google Buzz is not that highly adopted yet, but a tool called Google Buzz for Desktop will allow you to access Google Buzz from your desktop. However, this tool is far from usable right now.

Are you using any other tools to access Google Buzz? Do share them with us through your comments.

What is Google Voice? [Video]

Google Voice is a really awesome service, which provides you with an alternative number which you can use to manage your physical phones, and also setup rules and filtering so that you are not disturbed with unwanted calls or messages.

However, Google Voice goes much beyond this explanation and cannot be simplified it mere words. So what is the next best thing to get a hang of Google Voice? A video of course that takes your through the workings of Google Voice and explains to you what exactly it is.

So if you have been wondering what Google Voice is, watch the video below to clear your doubts. You can also head over to the Google Voice about page to learn more about it.

Video courtesy: Official Google Blog and Official Google Voice Blog

Download House of Soul and Artists to Watch Sampler Free from iTunes

The iTunes store is being generous once again, this time around for reaching 3 million fans on . iTunes users will be able to download a free sampler of 15 songs from the House of Soul, featuring music from Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Budos Band, Sugarman Three, Lee Fields among other artists.

Free iTunes Sampler

In addition to that users will also be able to download 20 free songs from the Artists to Watch sampler featuring upcoming artists including Fanfarlo, Cold Cave, Local Natives and Surfer Blood.

To create and redeem a code to download the free House of Soul sampler from iTunes, head over to their Facebook fan page and become a fan of iTunes or head over to this page and follow the instructions to create a code and redeem it.

The Artists to Watch sampler will be available for free till March 15th and the Songs from the House offer will expire on 30th April, however, the offer may expire before that date, so hurry up and get your free songs right away.

5 Smartest Tips to Handle Important Mail

We receive tons of email daily which makes it really hard to make sense of those clutter. It is so easy to miss an important note or get to it when it is too late.

The following tips will help you better manage your important email for you to always be able to handle it properly.

First let’s define how we can automatically identify all important mail:

  • By sender’s email address, e.g. [email protected] With many email services and clients, you are able to use a wildcard (*) to filter all incoming mail from some domain, e.g. * filter will include all your work incoming mail;
  • By the keyword (usually in the subject). You can arrange to use some key phrases with your business partners or boss for you to easier identify urgent mail from them, e.g. "Important!" or "Needs response now!"

1. Create a label / folder to organize all important email. If you are on Gmail, you can create a label (called TO-DO for example) and the create a filter to label all the important messages as TO-DO. Here are the Gmail filter settings to get this done:

Filter Email messages

For MS Outlook, you can create a folder and file any email sent with high importance in the Quick, the house is burning downfolder (for more MS Outlook tips refer to this post on getting organized with customized Microsoft Outlook rules

2. Automatically star all the important email or flag it for follow-up. If you are using Gmail, it has a handy option to automatically star all mail that conforms to your search setting:

Add Stars to Email Messages

3. Set up an SMS alert of new urgent email. This one is an awesome tip, yet not widely known. Most of mobile carriers offer free Email To SMS gateways which can be found here. All you need is to create a filter to forward all your mail with the set criteria to your personal email, e.g. [your 10-digit phone number here]

Set up SMS Alerts for Important Emails

4. Filter out unimportant mail. Really, this needs to be #1. In order not to miss urgent mail, you will need to get rid of all clutter: social media updates, automatic updates, etc – everything you still read (so no way to unsubscribe) but don’t really need in your inbox. Create a filter and add Skip the inbox, Mark as read, and Apply a label(I have SOCIAL label foe all that stuff):

Filter Out Unimportant Emails

5. Send an auto response containing other ways to get into contact with you urgently (including cell phone, IMs, etc). (For Gmail users) Use this post as guidelines: they did an awesome job explaining the process, so no reason to explain it again.

Set Auto-response for Emails

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Watch UEFA Champions League and EPL Matches Live in Google Chrome

The UEFA Champions League matches are now underway and the most exciting matches of the series will be played in the next few weeks. However, there is a high chance that you might not have access to a television to watch the matches online.

However, don’t let that deter your football spirit as you can watch all the UEFA Champions league matches and English Premier League matches live online using a called Eplsite.

Watch UEFA Champions League and EPL Live Online

Once you download the extension from here, you can click on the football icon in the toolbar to view a list of current ongoing UEFA and EPL matches, clicking on a link will take you to the live streaming video for the match.

Manchester United vs AC Milan UEFA Champions League

The match is hosted on the Eplsite and is played using So if you are a soccer fan and want one click live access to the UEFA champions league and EPL matches, head over and install the extension and have fun.

[via Ghacks]

Ultimate List of Tips And Tricks for Google Buzz

So has been released and you have been wondering what all the buzz is all about. Google Buzz is a just a social networking platform for Gmail and other Google products which helps you share and discuss with your friends and followers.


Think of Google Buzz as a cross between , and Friendfeed. But now that you know what Google Buzz is in plain words, do you know how to make best use of it? Well if not, here is another from us which will list out all the useful tips and tricks for using Google Buzz.

This list will be non-exhaustive and will be updated as and when we come across new tips. If you have any tips to share, feel free to add it through your comments.

Best Tips and Tricks for Google Buzz

How To Do Everything in Google Buzz – Trust Gina Trapani to give you the best tips when it comes to using Google Products. In this post Trapani lists out several things that you can do with Google Buzz.

5 Google Buzz Tips for the Advanced User – Sarah Perez from Read Write Web has some excellent tips for advanced users of Google Buzz.

How to Make Google Buzz Follower Lists Private – By default, Google Buzz follower lists are publicly available for others to view through your Google Profile. Business Insider has some tips on how to make them private. A similar tip is also available at Life Hacker.

4 Google Buzz Hacks for Users, Developers, and Haters – Love Google Buzz or Hate it, these tips will help you get around some of the common problems in Google Buzz.

How to Disable Google Buzz – Our own tip on disabling Google Buzz and banishing it forever.

How to Hide Update Count in Gmail – If you want to use Google Buzz but don’t want to see the number of updates it has, you could use a script to hide the counter.

Get Rid of Email Updates from Google Buzz – Tips to hide email updates from Google Buzz, you can either create a filter or disable the system label from showing up.

Add any Blog or RSS Feeds to Google Buzz – Want to add your Blog RSS feed or any other RSS feeds to Buzz? Here is how you can do it. The good thing is that, this question was answered using Google Buzz itself.

How to Bring Google Buzz Updates to Twitter – Google Buzz does not officially support sending updates to Twitter, till they do, Louis Gray has us covered. Head over to the post to learn how to bring your Google Buzz Updates to Twitter.

More tips will be added as we come across them. Don’t forget to share this and tell us your own tips through your comments.