Presidential Address for Gulf Oil Spill Live Streaming on Hulu

Hulu the free online video service which offers hit TV shows online, is diving into live streaming with the Presidential Address by Barack Obama to address the Gulf Oil Spill issue from the White House.

Unlike other Hulu videos which are limited to the United States, The Presidential Address for the Gulf Oil Spill crisis will be available internationally at 8PM EST.

As President Obama addresses the nation regarding the oil spill in the Gulf this evening, you can catch the speech in its entirety as it streams live from Hulu

Hulu is also allowing websites and blogs to embed the video. You can also watch the Presidential Address live streaming in the embedded video below. Video after the jump.

WWDC 2010: Steve Jobs Keynote Highlights

So missed the Steve Jobs keynote at the WWDC 2010? Here are the main highlights of the Steve Jobs keynote.

iPhone 4

First and foremost, Jobs announced the new iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 is definitely the smartphone to beat right now. The Retina Display, the stainless steel body, surely make the iPhone 4 a must have device. Here are the specifications and features of the iPhone 4, if you missed it earlier.

iBooks For The iPhone With New Features

The iBook application has now been released for the iPhone as well. Along with this, many new features have been added to the application as well. The application now has the ability to view and read PDF files. If a user purchases and downloads a book from the iBookstore, he can download the same book again on his other iBooks compatible iDevices for free.

Netflix, Guitar Hero And Farmville Applications For The iDevices

The long awaited Netflix application has been officially announced for the iPhone. The application uses adaptive video playback, and features seamless switching between Wi-Fi and 3G networks. The application will be launched sometime in summer, this year for free.


Zynga also announced the Farmville application for the iPhone. The application features push notifications. The application has not been made in flash though. Sadly, the Farmville application was not announced for the iPad. Activision also released Guitar Hero for the iPhone and the iPad. The game is available effective immediately at the App Store for $2.99.

iMovies For The iPhone

The new iPhone 4G is capable of recording HD (720p) videos at 30fps. Thanks to the A4 chip inside, the phone is capable of editing these videos on the fly as well. To take editing videos on your phone to the next level, Apple has made iMovies specifically for the iPhone. The demo of the application sure looked impressive with super-smooth animations. iMovies is definitely the best video editing application ever available for a mobile platform. The application is available at the App Store for $4.99.

iOS 4


Apple has renamed the iPhone OS4 to iOS4 now. The new iOS4 has more than 100 new features, and contains more than 1500 developer APIs. The iOS4 features a unified inbox, multitasking, Folders, enhanced camera application etcetera. The Golden master candidate of the iOS4 will be given to the developers today, and the final version will be out soon.


Steve Jobs also gave a demo of the iAd platform at the WWDC today. He said that he expects iAd to capture 48% of the mobile ad market in the U.S in terms of ad dollars. The iAd platform is targeted at developers for making money. The iAd platform already has support from some big companies like Nissan, AT&T, GE, Disney, Sears etcetera.

Image Source: Gdgt

Did Microsoft Stop Bing Cashback to Curtail Online Division Losses?

The blogosphere is all buzzed today with the news of Bing stopping its cashback program where they gave cash back to users who purchased products using Bing search. Microsoft has said that they are stopping the program because of low use, however, there might be more things than what meets the eye.

Microsoft Online Operating Income

Let me point you to some facts, around more than a month ago, Business Insider ran a chart stating Microsoft’s online services division loss, a staggering loss of $711 million for the first quarter, this included Bing too.

Now, Microsoft did advertise Bing on both television and on the internet in a very bullish manner, however, do not expect that in itself to contribute towards the $711 million first quarter loss.

Considering that Microsoft pulled out Bing after the second quarter would definitely mean that their online services division has been looking at some very huge losses this quarter too, and most likely Bing cashback is a major contributor towards it.

Rest aside, Microsoft took a huge gamble with Bing Cashback and believe me it is in much larger use than Microsoft suggests, if you do not believe me, just take a look at forums which post about deals and you will understand what I am talking about.

What do you think is the real reason Microsoft stopped Bing Cashback, it is because of lack of use, or is it because of the dent the losses are causing into Microsoft’s revenue?

What You Can Expect At WWDC 2010

The Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is just a few days away now. This year the expectations from the WWDC event are higher than before. The Gizmodo/iPhone 4G fiasco has already publicized the launch ofwwdc10_sold-out-badge the iPhone 4G/HD. This is the first time, that we have an idea of the specifications of the iPhone to be released by Apple. Apple has been known to keep its product under wraps before they officially announce it, but this time they have failed miserably. Thanks to the numerous leaks, we know that the iPhone 4G/HD will once again set the bar high so high, that other phone manufacturers will struggle to catch up. It was earlier rumoured that Steve Ballmer will be present at the WWDC event, but this news has been denied by Microsoft in a tweet.

This year, the WWDC will kick off with a keynote address from CEO Steve Jobs himself! More than 5000 developers are expected to visit the WWDC event this year. Besides the launch of the iPhone 4G/HD, we also expect a new generation of the iPod Touch from Apple. The iPod Touch prototype that leaked in Vietnam earlier this year, does indicate that the iPod touch will have a camera. Along with the two iDevices mentioned above, we also expect Apple to release a new Beta or maybe the final version of the upcoming iPhone 4 OS. Hopefully, Apple will also release the 10.6.4 update for Mac OS X. The 10.6.3 update for OS X, increased the boot-up times, and caused performance issues for many people.

According to Apple, this year the WWDC event will focus on five key technology tracks: Application Frameworks; Internet & Web; Graphics & Media; Developer Tools; and Core OS.This year, the WWDC event is being held at San Francisco. The event will start from June 7th and will continue until the 11th of June. The event will start from 10 AM local time, with a keynote from Steve Jobs. Here is the link to the special events to be held at the WWDC event. To watch the Steve Jobs keynote online, click here

Google’s PAC-MAN Doodle Annoying Users To No End, May End Up Increasing Bing’s Market Share

I must start out with the fact that the PAC-MAN Doodle was probably one of the best I have seen in a long time, but for the next 48 hours there will be so many annoyed users who will switch from using Google to Bing, just because of the nuisance it creates.

Google Pacman Doodle

Google is no doubt celebrating PAC-MAN’s 30th birthday with a bang, however, the same bang can cause it to lose a good chunk of the search engine market in the next two days, which is how long the search giant is planning to run the Doodle on their home page.

There is no doubt that the Google Doodle is really cute and gives many people a chance to play the age-old popular game which is still famous, however, once everyone has had their fills, the annoying sound of the PAC-MAN game will come to haunt you when you want to search.

Take for example this recent comment where Julesc was so annoyed with the Google homepage that she decided to use another search engine, along with pointing us out to the fact that many users are now searching for ways to stop that annoying sounds.

This goes on to show that no matter what you do, you are bound to irk quite a few people on the way, however, I must admit that I personally don’t visit the Google homepage to search and use address bar to satisfy my needs, however, there will be several annoyed users who end up on and quietly make their way to

What was Google’s mistake in this, plain simple, they forgot to add an option to allow users to turn off the sound, which is forcing users to turn their speakers off. Now thanks to Google, you can expect Bing to rejoice with the sound :-).

Update: Google has now finally added a mute button to the home page, if you have found the PAC-MAN sound annoying just go and click the sound icon and the problem should be solved.

“Spirit” Jailbreak For iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad Released

The folks over at Spirit have released an untethered jailbreak for the iTouch devices from Apple. The untethered jailbreak is compatible with the iPhone OS 3.1.2, 3.1.3 and 3.2. The untethered jailbreak works only on activated iPod Touch/iPhone and iPads.

The official site has a word of caution for the iPad users saying On iPad, all this is still sort of beta. Some packages in Cydia, not designed for iPad, might screw up your system and require you to restore. Be careful. (And no, Cydia’s appearance is not final.)

The iPad users are recommended to make a backup before trying out the jailbreak. If things go wrong, the iPad users are supposed to use the backup to restore the device to a working state. The Spirit Jailbreak works only on the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. The original iPhone users have been left out in the cold.

Please keep in mind that the Spirit jailbreak does not activate your iTouch device(s). Jailbreaking allows you to install 3rd party applications on your iTouch device which have not been approved by Apple.

Happy Pi 3.14 Day, Google Doodle Does Mathematical Genius

It’s Pi day, as in the date today is 3.14, which is similar to what Pi represents in it’s basic form. To celebrate the day and mathematicians across the world, Google has come up with an excellent .

Google Pi Day Doodle

However, a much bigger Pi day will come in 2015 in March, when the date will be 3.14.15 or as Mathematician’s would like to say 3.1415.

We at Techie Buzz want to wish every Mathematician out there a Happy Pi Day, without you technology would be nothing.

Translate Foreign Language RSS Feeds To Your Language

Language barrier can really be a pain while communicating with people, likewise the web is also made up of several websites which are not in your native language. So would you skip reading interesting content, just because it is in a language you do not understand.

Most likely the answer would be yes, however, there are several ways to translate web page content, one of involves Google Translate, but what if you want to subscribe to a RSS feed of a website in a foreign language?

Turns out that there are several ways in which you can translate RSS Feeds and then subscribe to them in your own native language. I will list out a few resources using which you can translate RSS feeds to your own language and then subscribe to them in your RSS reader.

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Google Reader Translation

Google Reader Translate RSS Feed

If you are a Google Reader user, translating feeds to your own language is a piece of cake. Just subscribe to the RSS feed you want in Google Reader and click on the "Feed Settings" button. From the available options, select "Translate into my language" for the foreign language feed. That’s it, Google will use the Translate API to translate the feed to the language you have in your account settings.

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes Translate RSS Feed

Yahoo Pipes is one of the most innovative piece of software ever created. It allows you to mashup RSS feeds and create a single one. In addition to that, Yahoo Pipes also offers several other functionalities, one of them being the ability to translate RSS feeds to your native language.

Webware has detailed instructions on how you can translate a RSS feed to your own language. Head over to this link to learn the trick.

Ed Note: The Babel Fish translation operator is deprecated, you will find it under the Deprecated options.

Feed Language Translation

Feed Language Translation

Feed Language is a RSS feed translator which is powered by the Google AJAX API and uses Google Translate API for translating feeds to and from 52 languages. To create a feed, just enter the URL of the RSS feed and select the language combination.

Feed Language will create a new RSS feed which will contain the translated content. You can then use the new RSS URL to subscribe to the feed in your RSS reader.

Mloovi – RSS Feed Translator

Mloovi is a free tool which translates RSS newsfeeds from and to 52 languages using Google Translate. You can sing up for a free account and translate RSS feeds to your language. The converted RSS feeds will contain ads from Mloovi.

That’s it, using the above tools or services you can get through the language barrier with ease and keep up with the latest news on your favorite websites.

CRM Tool For Gmail

Contact relationship management (CRM) is a very important part of any business. Google does offer it’s own Contact interface for Gmail, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

However, a browser add-on called Rapportive is set to fill in that void of having a full-fledged CRM for Gmail users. Rapportive is somewhat similar to Xobni for Outlook, or you could also say the Social features built into .

Once you install the Rapportive extension, it will gel into the Gmail interface and display extensive information about a contact based on their email address and social networking profile.

Rapportive CRM for Gmail

Rapportive will will look up the sender’s email address and display information about them in the sidebar, including their image, profile and social networking stream. Users will have to provide access to Rapportive through the Google Data API, before they can begin seeing data.

Overall this looks like a pretty decent tool and will definitely add more value to Gmail. Also considering that Google is on a acquisition drive, Rapportive would definitely be a good choice to buy out, as it could give both Gmail and Google Apps a definitive edge over other webmail providers.

Rapportive is currently available for download as a and as a Firefox add-on.

Download Rapportive [via The Next Web]

HTML5 <video> Tag Support For All Browsers

Videos is a very big feature which will render Flash videos almost useless, however not every browser supports HTML5 yet, the few that do also are either development versions or beta versions.

So, as a developer how would you switch to HTML videos? Well, there is a way by using a new JavaScript API which adds support for the HTML5 <video> tag in all browsers.

The API in question is called “html5media” and makes use of jQuery to display the default HTML5 video player if the browser supports it, or defaults to Flowplayer if the browser does not support it.

This will ensure that your <video> tag will play in all browsers, irrespective of whether they support it or not, definitely a good way to start using HTML5 videos in your project.

The only downside of this API is that you will have to include a JavaScript library in all pages that you want to insert the HTML5 videos in as shown below.

HTML5 Video Support for All Browsers

Once you do that, the html5media JavaScript library will take care of displaying the videos to both HTML5 browsers as well those which do not support it.

Download and Learn more about html5media. You can also view the demo of the script in action by visiting this page on a HTML5 compliant browser and one which does not support it. The only downside of this is that your video needs to be encoded in either the h.264 codec (mp4) or Theora codec (ogv).