OutlookDeck Brings TweetDeck Interface To Outlook Search

We have been using for quite sometime now and love the interface quite a lot, on the other hand we feel that is the best tool for emails.


OutlookDeck is a interesting new application that will allow you to view and search Outlook emails in a TweetDeckish interface.

You can view all emails, view your replies, or search your emails using OutlookDeck, it will create a new tab for each of your actions, so clicking on All Friends will create a new tab, every search will create a new tab and son on.

We find OutlookDeck a fun way of searching emails, and having been using TweetDeck for quite sometime now, we love the refreshing way in which we can search our emails.

Download OutlookDeck [via tweet from Scobleizer]

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Jason


    I really like the interface of TweetDeck, but can I also search in my contacts and in my addresses? There are some tools on the market (for example lookeen) which do not only search your emails but your addresses, contacts, PST-Files….

  • The killer application would be to have everything in one, the way for example Xobni integrates with Outlook could be a way forward.

    As it is I have two screens and so I can have emails on one and Tweetdeck on the other.

    Unfortunately not 100% convinced yet by what outlookdeck offers at the moment