Orkut Scrap Notifier For Desktops

Orkut is a pretty popular social networking site back in India and Brazil, the biggest feature in Orkut being the able to communicate with friends and family using a feature called Scraps, however there is no easy way to know if someone has scrapped you, unless you turn on the email alert feature, but that in turn clogs out a inbox with too many messages, if you are a heavy Orkut user.

If you are a heavy Orkut user and want to keep track of the scraps you receive from your friends, we will introduce you to two applications that allow you to get notifications when you receive a scrap in Orkut on your desktop.

Orkut Scrap Notifier


Orkut Scrap Notifier is tool for anyone using Orkut. Its very simple design makes it easy to use for anyone. Whenever you receive a scrap, it shows you a notification right on your desktop which means you don’t have to open your Orkut account over and over again to check if you have received any new scraps from your friends.

Download Orkut Scrap Notifier

Orkut Alert


Orkut Alert is a tiny application that runs in the background checking for any new scraps that have arrived in your scrapbook.

Download Orkut Alert

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