OpenDNS Founder Talks About Google DNS

Google is known for launching bombs on users in the form of startling news, or coming up with something which no one will have any clue about. The most recent bomb being the introduction of Google Public DNS. Naturally the biggest provider of DNS services, OpenDNS, would have to say something about it.


And befittingly, David Ulevitch, the founder of OpenDNS wrote a blog post, where he talks about the critical points that this launch means, both for OpenDNS as well as the general public, who want faster website lookups. I will try my best to highlight the views about the blog post, the rest is up to you.

Google DNS Retains Control, OpenDNS Gives it to You

One of the most important points I found in the article was where David highlighted the fact that Google DNS did not give the end users any control, except for providing a DNS lookup server. Agreed that it is still too early, and features may be rolled out in the future, but Google matching the features that OpenDNS provides would be foolish if not outright stubborn, considering that OpenDNS is a free to use service.

OpenDNS throws in several features where you can block websites, have parental control and more. Google DNS on the other hand does not.

More Choice for DNS

If you have to chose between several evils, choose the least evil one. No matter who lookups websites for you, everyone will have access to that data, may it be Google, OpenDNS, or your neighborhood ISP.

How they use that data is beyond anyone’s imagination. They could sell that data to advertising companies and make sure that the next time you see personalized ads, or for that matter do anything with it. However, David does say that Google DNS will add more awareness and choice which is good for the Internet overall.

Everyone sits up and notices when a market leader announces a new product or service, eventually this will benefit OpenDNS itself as awareness about DNS grows. Try searching for Free DNSon Google, and hit the I am Feeling LuckyButton.

Google Wants To Rule The Internet

For me saying something like this is foolish, because Google already controls the Internet. Google accounts for more than 90% of search traffic worldwide, and has a analytics service which runs on millions of blogs and websites. They know what you have been searching for all year and which websites you visited, so what is new with this? For that matter every search engine or website you visit knows what you did when you visited them. If you start acting like a control freak just because of this, you might as well kiss Goodbye to the Internet forever.

Agreed that using Google DNS would give them some more data, but I believe that they have more than enough data to do all the tweaking and personalization of their services than they would ever require.

Of course privacy pundits will have their own arguments. However no matter how much you argue, most of the personalization and customization benefits users and users have control over that in most cases.

Practice What You Preach: Google has Ads and Redirection

Google says that their DNS service does not contain any ads or redirection, however rival services do. David counters on this by saying that Google is the largest ad service and redirection company in the World.

David puts up a very good argument about this, it is worth noting that most of it is true. Google DNS is just a overlay over information Google might want to access.


Many of David’s point in his post are very valid, some are arguable. However, the choice is up to you. Choose wisely and make your own decisions. After all, in the end you will be handing over your personal website visiting data to someone on a platter, no matter who it is.

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