Smarter Splash Screen In Office 2010

The usual process of opening applications is to click on the application shortcut and wait while the application is fully loaded, in many cases the application will take sometime to load, specially when they have to load add-ins or plugins too.

Likewise Microsoft Office products take sometime to open, usually because they are loading in the background.


includes a change on how the application loads which provides users with an option to close the applications even before they are fully loaded with the inclusion of a close and cancel button.

In addition to that users are also able to see what process is currently being run by the application, for example if you have a lot of add-ins you will see the progress of which add-ins are currently being loaded.

The good thing about these changes is that it now allows users to determine which add-ins may be causing problem and disable or uninstall them.

What do you think about the new feature? Do you find it useful? Want more such tips, don’t forget to read the entire list of .

3 thoughts on “Smarter Splash Screen In Office 2010”

  1. Does anyone know how to turn off the splash screen? I’m testing this in a location where I probably shouldn’t, and it makes it pretty difficult to open things when it says “Office 2010″ really big on the splash screen.

    I tried creating a DWord named NoSplash (value of 1) in the below address, because it has helped with other Microsoft applications in the past, but not this time…


    Thanks, Jon

    1. Try googling “disable office 2010 splash screen”. I found a way to disable the splash screen for all office programs but outlook.

      If someone knows how to disable the splash screen for Outlook please tell me!

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