Notion Ink’s Product Design Teams Rocks, PR Team Should Go On A Vacation

After all of mine and Pallab’s rant we finally got to see a real video of Notion Ink‘s Adam in action. All through mine and Pallab’s post we were very skeptical about this device, but in the end looking at the product demo in action made me change my mind.

Notion Ink Adam

However, Notion Ink brought this on themselves, first the stupid pre-order system and the stupidly written policies then the video lure which they could not upload would have thrown off anyone.

Now here is what the case is, these guys do not seem to be aware of the fact that there is something called as Public Relationships. Yes, the entire PR team of Notion Ink should be sacked or sent on a vacation, because they created the biggest problem of all, not bringing the device closer to the users who matter to their sales and to their reputation.

Hell, the Adam founder Rohan who I interviewed back in March 2010 is taking all the onus on himself  to provide updates himself. I have seldom seen a CEO or founder of a product taking so much pains to explain why they exist, least of all take all the criticisms.

Nevertheless, I wanted this product to succeed all this while. My skepticism came from the fact that they did not know how to handle things. It still remains, however, it is subdued now and will remain subdued for a while. Remember that I have a very curious and national interest in this project.

Would I order this device now? Of course, I *might* order the Adam on a future date, but I would rather wait for CES 2011 and MWC 2011 before I make a decision. It looks like a very good portable device with a lot of slots among other things, but again, there is no promised Pixel Qi, which is a deal-breaker for me, I will wait till I see that in action.

Rest aside, I quenched my doubts and choked on them, Adam exists and it is good. But I won’t order it as of yet.

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