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One of the most annoying thing about Microsoft is that they have not yet added a good text editor to their OS, there is Notepad then there is Wordpad. Both of these are decent text editors but there are tons of other free text editors which put both of these to shame.

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Another annoying thing about Notepad is that it still does not support tabs, which means that if you want to open 10 text files you will have to deal with 10 open windows.


Notepad Tabs is a and nice notepad replacement that is much more better. It allows you to open multiple text files in a single window by providing users with a tabbed interface.

In addition to that Notepad Tabs also providers users with several themes including Office 2007 Blue, Office 2007 Silver, Office 2007 Black and more.

Notepad Tabs Features

  • Different from classic notepad, ‘Notepad Tabs’ gives the freedom to view multiple text files in a single Notepad just like in IE7 and Firefox, which saves you from the mess in the taskbar.
  • Allows to open txt files with only one click.
  • You can easily select and navigate through open tabs in a single Notepad instance.
  • Before closing the application, it allows to save all opened tabs at the same time.
  • User friendly interface gives easy access to frequently used commands.
  • Unlike classic notepad you can choose 6 different themes

Download Notepad Tabs [via To the PC]

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