Will Nexus One Actually Be Unveiled at the Google Conference Tomorrow?


According to some really interesting news from tech star, Robert Scoble, tomorrow’s Google Android conference could actually not be as big as it is anticipated to be. Though this is not confirmed by Google, the updates from Scoble suggest that this conference will be a low profile one.

Signs that tomorrow’s Google Press conference may be underwhelming:

The BBC told me that Google didn’t make room for video cameras at tomorrow’s press conference. Apple always does. That’s a hint – Robert Scoble

The news has always been about a phone that has no significant new features, but is just "nicer" and "faster" than a Droid. – Robert Scoble

Best predictor of future results is past results and past Google "big events" turn out not to be all that big by themselves. – Robert Scoble

The Google story this year won’t be that it has a dramatic new device, but that it is just going to be relentless with bringing out a ton of news to take the oxygen away from almost everyone except for Apple. – Robert Scoble

I’ve been talking with a lot of big media outlets and they are arguing internally if they should even go. Most are sending someone but don’t expect much news. "It’s just a phone announcement," is the way one guy put it. – Robert Scoble

So would this mean that the will not be unveiled tomorrow? Not real certain about it, however, if you are holding a conference and are not allowing television camera crews, you would certainly not want to unveil something which the world cannot see. What do you think?

Thanks Scobelizer

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