Must Have IPL Apps For Android, iOS and WP7 Devices

India is without a doubt a cricket crazy nation. Even though Hockey is the official national sport of India, people hardly talk about anything other than cricket. To fuel the thirst of more cricketing action, Lalit Mode, founded IPL. Indian Premier League (IPL) is without a doubt the most awaited cricket tournament in India, after an India vs. Pakistan match.

Yesterday, the 5th season of IPL finally kicked off marking the start of nearly 40 days of pure cricketing madness. With the sheer number of matches in IPL, it might become difficult for even a die-hard cricket fan to keep a tap on the schedule, changes and results of every match.

Thankfully, quite a few Android and iOS apps have popped up on their respective market place that will aid users in staying up to date with all the latest happenings in IPL.

Below are some must have IPL apps for Android users -:

1) IPL Calendar – As the name suggests, IPL Calendar contains a detailed schedule of all the IPL games being held in its 5th season. The app also allows users to view matches of just your favorite team, and add them to your main calendar so that you never miss a match. Considering the sheer number of matches played in IPL every year, this app is definitely a must have.

2) IPL Live Streaming – Stuck in a traffic jam on your way to home, and missing a thrilling IPL match? If you have any of the latest Android handset with Flash Player installed, and access to a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, you can watch all the IPL matches on your handset for free using IPL Live Streaming. Alternatively, users can also go to and watch live matches or highlights on their handset.

3) IPL Cricket Highlights – Missed a thrilling match and want to watch it again? The IPL Cricket Highlights app will let you watch the highlights of any IPL 5 match right on your phone. The app requires access to a fast Wi-Fi or 3G connection, and make sure you have Flash Player installed on your phone.

If you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad, the IPL 5 app in the Apple AppStore is perhaps the only app you will need. The app contains the schedule of all the IPL matches, along with any other major event. The news section of the app makes sure that its users will get all the latest news and happenings in the world of IPL.

Sadly, since iOS does not support Flash, users won’t be able to watch the match live on their handset. They can however head over to or use the YouTube app to watch the matches live.

Windows Phone users can download the IPL 2012 app for free from the Marketplace. The app will provide users with the schedules of all the IPL matches. The app also has a live score section, but the developer is not too sure whether it works properly or not.

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