Mount 999 Gmail Accounts As Local Drives [Featured Download]
By on October 27th, 2008

offers users with almost 7.2GB data of storage space, and in the past we have told you how you can easily mount Gmail and use it as a local drive, but imagine having the ability to mount 999 Gmail accounts as local drives, the amount of space you will have will be pretty enormous.


The software requires you to install GmailFS (Gmail Drive Shell Extension) a software that allows you to mount your Gmail account as a local drive, but with GmailFS you can only load one drive at any given time.

Gmail Drive Config is a add-on for GmailFS that allows you to load upto 999 Gmail accounts as a drive. You can add or delete the drive without rebooting your PC.


To add more than one drive, double click on the Gmail Drive Config (does not require installation) executable and provide a new username that will be used to load the Gmail Account as a local Drive and click on Add.

Once you have done that you can visit explorer to copy files to your Gmail account just like any other regular local drive. Enjoy the extra backup space and no extra cost.

Download Gmail Drive Config for Free

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  • Narayanan Hariharan

    Does this have the 20mb upload limit? (GMail has an attachment restriction of 20mb)

  • Keith Dsouza

    @Narayanan Yes, unfortunately you still have the 20MB attachment upload limit in place

  • Narayanan Hariharan

    As long as that restriction exists, it doesn’t make a difference, whether you have one gmail drive or you have 999.

    • will

      none the less, its still innovative. You probably would have thought of doing it. Neither would have I

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  • anon

    it takes so long to upload ANYTHING so its really not useful at all. its a better idea to get a external hard drive, or a flashdrive

  • it support London

    This is great guys thanks so much! Now I can back up my all of my hard drives for free.

  • robb

    oh well that 20 MB restriction kills the whole purpose of this app. google isn’t stupid either.

  • Ferzinha

    I would like to know if this extension is still working… last time I tried I couldn’t make it work. Please send the answer to my email: fernanda.ramos at

    • Fernanda

      Could you please remove this and the above comment? I would like to know if this extension is still working… last time I tried I couldn’t make it work. Please send the answer to my email: fernanda.ramos at

      I am receiving a lot of spams because of this.

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