Best Chrome Extensions You Should Definitely Download

Communication & Chat

Gmail Checker Extension – Allows you to view the number of unread emails in your account.

Google Talk Extension – Extension to access Google Talk quickly and easily in Google Chrome.

Facebook Chat Extension – Allows you to quickly find online friends and chat with them in Facebook.

Image, Music and Video Extensions

Aviary Screen Capture Extension – Capture webpages and create quick screenshots with this extension.

YouTube Video Extension – Extensions which will allow you to download videos in Google Chrome.

Nimbb Webcam Video Recorder Extension – Record videos from your webcam and quickly upload it to Nimbb.

Mini Extension – Puts the control panel of player on your toolstrip allowing you to play music without launching website.

Cooliris for Chrome – Enjoy photos and videos slideshows in 3D.

Tasks, Notes & TO-DO List Management

Google Tasks Extension – Provides a quick way to access and manage your account in Google Chrome.

Stick Notes Extension This Extension will allow you to create Sticky Notes in Google Chrome.

Google Calendar Extension – Displays the latest events from your Google Calendar account in Google Chrome toolstrip.

Google Notepad – Allows you to quickly create notes in Google Notebook.

Things To Do – Replaces the new tab page in Chrome with a TO-DO list you can manage and edit.

Password Management

Super Chrome Pass Extension – Allows you to create and manage passwords in Google Chrome.

Lastpass Extension – Access your Lastpass account from Google Chrome and manage all your passwords.

Quick Password Generator Extension – Created passwords you can remember for several websites by using a base password.

Social Networking

Facebook Notifications – Displays an alert whenever new notifications are available for your   account in the toolbar.

Chromed Bird Twitter Extension – Follow your Twitter account easily in Google Chrome.

Twitter Extension – An excellent extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to follow your friends and quickly update your account.

Twitter Share Extension – Quickly share any website link on Twitter with this extension.

Feedly for Chrome – An excellent replacement, Feedly allows you to read your feeds in a much better way.

Google Wave Checker Extension – Displays the number of unread waves in your account, and allows you to quickly launch the wave website.

Google Reader Checker Extension – Displays the number of unread items in your Google Reader account, and provides one click access to launch your Reader account.

Digg Count Extension – Displays the number of Diggs the current webpage has received.


AdBlock+ Extension – Allows you to block ads in Google Chrome.

AdSweep Extension – Block Ads in Google Chrome with this handy ad block extension.

FlashBlock Extension – Just like the script BlockFlash, this extension will allow you to block Flash on webpages.

Inline Google Search Extension – Allows you to search Google in an inline window.

Cleeki Extension – Cleeki is similar to accelerators and allow you to perform several actions when you select text.

Mouse Gesture Extension This extension will allow you to use mouse gestures to perform several tasks. Download Mouse Gesture Extension.

Open PDF in Google Docs Viewer Extension – Allows you to open links in Viewer.

Click & Clean Extension – Provides a toolbar icon for one-click deletion of your browsing history, download history, cookies and other browsing data.

Animated Weather Extension – Displays you the current weather in your city.

We will keep this list updated so that you can always fall back on it whenever you want to install Google Chrome Extensions. Do feel free to tell us the most useful Google Chrome extensions according to you.

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