Monitor Website Uptime From Your Desktop With SiteMonitor

Managing and running a popular website is definitely not easy, with higher traffic comes the additional work of keeping the website up and running at all times, no matter how much traffic you get.

Desktop Website Monitor SiteMonitor

We have already told you about website monitors that monitor websites from your desktop and a free online service to monitor websites from a external source.

We came across another tool called SiteMonitor that will allow you to monitor uptime for multiple websites from your desktop.

Add New Website To Monitor

With SiteMonitor you can monitor websites, ping them and also check for certain string occurrences in the response to ensure that they website has been loaded properly.

SiteMonitor also allows you to run a executable when your server fails, so you can write a script that will reboot your server and run it when your server goes down, in addition to that you can also setup SiteMonitor to send you email alerts if your server goes down.

By default SiteMonitor will monitor your websites every 30 minutes, however you can change this in the preferences.

SiteMonitor does not require any installation, you can drop it on a USB drive and use it from any computer.

Download SiteMonitor

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