New Features and Screenshots In Office 2010

Practically everyone in the industry is waiting to get their hands on Office 2010, leaked torrents of Office 2010 be damned even though most of the leaked torrents may be tainted in the first place.

We have been posting several screenshots of Office 2010, but we just came across some really interesting one’s that discover the new features in Office 2010. Thanks Manan.

Office 2010 has Screenshot Capture


Office 2010 has Background Removal Tool


Office 2010 has a Revamped Print Option


Much Better Author Permission With Office 2010


Outlook 2010 has handy Jump Lists


Much Better Under The Office Buttons


SmartArt Templates Got Better In Office 2010


Office 2010 Has A Protected Mode While Opening Documents From The Internet


We will keep you posted with more screenshots for Office 2010 features and also a full review of the Technical preview that releases in July, you too can register for Office 2010 Technical preview.

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  • boe

    Nothing beneficial for most businesses – no reason to upgrade/purchase –

    Like Vista – all bling – no function.

    If they wanted to improve Office they SHOULD have –
    1. Made outlook open multiple e-mail accounts as full exchange -not an additional mailbox with some functionality or pop/imap with very limited functionality but two seperate exchange profiles simultaneously from multiple exchange servers.

    2. Full OLE support for pictures in access – umm wasn’t that functional with Office XP – why take that out? Why should someone have to code to add pictures to a personal database? Might was well use oracle or a real database if you are going to have to use code. Adding Office XP photo editor is the work around but why not just add photo editor back into office if that is the solution?

    3. Offer the old menu bar for people (most of my clients) who don’t want to learn the new menu bar. You can finally modify the ribbon to some extent in 2010 however my clients just want their old ribbon bar. Frankly I have no issue with the new menu bar but I’m one person and most of my clients don’t like it so prefer to stick with office 2003. MS could make money selling the new version if they just offered the old menu as a choice with the new ribbon.

    • m_jhon2003

      Unversed gota know this is all about marketing–the more fool you can make, the more money you can make.