Microsoft Announces $10K Competition To Promote IE8 in Australia, Takes Potshots At Firefox, Safari And Chrome

Microsoft’s marketing campaigns sometimes do not make any sense at all, however here is another campaign they have undertaken to promote , with this competition they aim to grow their market share in the browser wars.

Rather than innovating something like Opera Unite did, they are rather taking potshots at , their biggest rival in the Internet browser industry.

The newest campaign for IE8 is targeted at users in Australia, where Microsoft is challenging users to find the ten grand that is buried somewhere on the page, however they cannot do it when they use Firefox or for that matter any other browser other than IE8, in-fact it even calls Safari the browser from Apple boring.


You can see the details on Microsoft’s Ten Grand Is Buried Here campaign, however right now this site works only on IE browsers.

Just for fun Microsoft makes fun of any browser other than IE8 that you use to visit the above site, for example if you use , you will see a message against Chrome and so on.

Surprisingly when you visit the page using Opera, you will see a message saying “your browser” instead of Opera.

Wow Microsoft we admire your guts, however a Mozilla fan and Ubiquity developer went ahead and registered another domain called, this is going to be fun now. Thanks Mitcho.

What do you think about the campaign? Would you switch to IE8 to win 10 Grand? Let us know about your views and opinions.

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