5 Tools To Measure Your Popularity On Twitter

Metrics are a part of our lives, we use it to measure things all over may it be a rating for article, a product rating, website popularity or other things, likewise if you are on there may be chances that you are not a brand or website, so measuring your brand popularity on twitter may not exactly be for you.

However as a individual, how popular are you on twitter? If you want to answer this question, here are some ways to find out how popular you are on twitter.

Twitter Grader


Twitter Grader is a service that grades your twitter account by taking several things into consideration, including number of followers, power of followers, updates, follower/following ration and more.

Twitter Score


Twitter Score is another service that ranks twitter users based on the number of followers you have, the number of updates, the popularity of your followers and other criteria’s.

Tweet Effect


Tweet Effect is more of a analysis service than a popularity tracker, it analyzes your twitter account and displays you statistics about the effects your tweets have had on your followers.



Unlike the other services TwitChamp allows you to directly compare two twitter users and finds the winner between them, though no worthwhile info is gained from this service, it is a good way to have fun.



Twitterholic is another service that ranks your twitter account, however most of the ranking is done based on the number of followers you have, in addition to that they also rank you according to the region you have setup in your twitter profile.

Bonus: More Twitter Analyzing Services

There are few other twitter analyzing services that provide users with insights about their tweets, these include;

Do you use any other tools or services to measure your popularity on twitter? Tell us about them through your comments.

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