Live Coverage of Steve Ballmer Keynote

Oh my God, what a start to the Steve Ballmer keynote, before it could even begin there was a light failure and all the computers crashed, not a good sign for something everybody has been announcing.


The opening statement featured a small video by Seth Myers! from Saturday Night live, where he thanked technology for several different advancements in his life, frankly speaking it was quite boring.


Steve Ballmer also talked about Project Natal, which is set, 39 million users of Xbox, 30 million games sold with 200 billion as revenue.

Bing will be the default search engine on HP PCs across the world and MSN will be default homepage on Internet Browsers. Now that will definitely grow their market share quite a bit.

Zune HD is getting rave reviews from technology publications. Zune is offering HD videos on par with XBox Live.


Windows Mobile 6.5 to shape future, displays HD2. Will talk about Windows mobile at the Mobile World Congress.

7:15PM: Steve B is now talking about and the features, apparently he loves it very much.

7:17PM: Windows 7 is the fastest selling operating system in history. It has seen a 50% jump in the holiday season.

7:19PM: Over 300 million PCs shipped last year. It is best time to be a Windows 7 PC.


7:20PM: Over 4 million applications are available for Windows.


7:21PM: Ryan Asdourian, Senior Product Manager, Windows , walks in to demo some Windows 7 PCs and more, starts with the Lenovo 800 and Median touch and Sony VAIO and Adamo XPS.

windows7_displaying_maching gaming_pc

7:25PM: Displaying 3D gaming.


7:27PM: First new announcement of the day, a software called Blio Reader. Allows you to watch videos inside books or listen to it.


7:30PM: Showing sharing and collaboration in .

7:32PM: Talking about Bing Maps and Silverlight.

record_hd_channels windows7_flip

7:34PM: Demoing TV Technology and how Windows can help it with Cable card on your PC. Records 4 HD Channels at once.

7:38PM: Yawn, this is getting boring.

7:40PM: AT&T will enable a UVERSE on Xbox 360 on Media Room.


7:42PM: More focus on Silverlight, which will be the future of most of Microsoft Technology.


7:44PM:  Pegatron Slate PC, HP Slate PC. Almost affordable as a phone and running Windows 7.

hp_slate_pc kindle_for_pc

7:45PM: Steve singles out the HP slate PC as expected. Demoing Kindle for PC, you can download content from Amazon. Sorry no Courier.

7:46PM: Demo video going on now.

7:49PM: President of Entertainment at Microsoft, Robbie Bach, walks in. Says, "The rich array of sports and entertainment transports you. What I love about working at MSFT is that the best software has the same effect.". He is talking about Xbox and gaming.

robbie_back  alan_wake

7:50PM: Exclusive games coming to Xbox 360, Mass Effect, MW2 and more. Alan Wake a new episode game coming to Xbox.


7:54PM: Robbie is talking about Halo, a new announcement of Halo Reach.

7:57PM: Halo Reach is coming in fall of 2010, exclusively on Xbox 360. Multi-player Beta coming out in Spring 2010.


7:58PM: One new member joined Xbox Live every second.

7:58PM: 4000 downloads since the keynote began.

7:59PM: Demo of movie rentals, partnerships with Netflix, Canal+ and talk about , and more.


8:01PM: Relive old arcade games from Nintendo and Atari on Xbox Gameroom and Windows PC. Users can play more than 30 games from Arcade age.

8:03PM: Every day one new game will be released with over 1000 arcade games being relased over 3 years in the Game Room.

8:05PM: Talking about technology in everyday life.


8:06PM: Project Natal for Xbox 360, gaming without controllers. Control your game, your character through the moment of your body. Shoot with your hands, run to run in the game. 3D camera adds more information. Microsoft build the software.


8:07PM: Natal technology changes itself to fit the way the player plays. 50% hardware and 50% software in Project Natal.

8:10PM: Project Natal is coming this holiday 2010. Project Natal will work on your current Xbox console.

8:11PM: Halo Reach will be a Project Natal Game

And that is the end ladies and gentlemen. This was quite a dud keynote with a fail start and no major announcements except for Xbox 360 and Project Natal. So all eyes will definitely be on Steve Jobs now and the .

Closing it out on this live blogging session. This is the first one I did, so don’t forget to give me your feedback, it will help me improve in the future.

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