Linux Grep Search For Windows

There are several things I like about , and one of them is definitely grep a command line text search utility, which lets you search through several files for text occurrences. Windows by default does not provide you with that feature, but there are several text editors like Textpad while allow you to do in-files search for text occurrences.

BareGrep is a freeware utility that brings the power of Grep search to Windows. The search is pretty fast and you can also get search results as you type in text.


BareGrep also allows you to use regular expressions for the search terms, as well as the files you want to search in. There is also a option to use a recursive search to search within sub-folders. BareGrep can also be used to search for text from the command line.

BareGrep is a freeware and does not require you to install any files, which means you can easily store it on a portable drive and use it to search files quickly on any computer.

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