iTunes Like Web Application For Watching YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing website which allows users to upload and watch videos. There are several applications we have covered in the past which will help you download multiple videos from YouTube, download a single video from YouTube and automatically repeat YouTube videos among others.


Just came across a excellent web application called YouTube App which is a iTunes like web application, which will allow you to browse and view YouTube videos in style.

The application has a interface which is very similar to iTunes, allowing you to search videos, drag and drop them into your playlists, share them with your friends using Facebook. You will need to login and verify your Facebook account before you can start using YouTubeApp, however there is no need to sing-in to your YouTube account.


YouTube App Features

  • Easy as iTunes – YouTube App is an iTunes-like web application that makes watching and sharing YouTube videos easier.
  • Nothing to install – YouTube App runs in your browser, meaning no installs or downloads. Your library comes with you, everywhere.
  • Non-Stop Playlists – YouTube App keeps playing videos, one after another. Create a playlist (or choose a preset), then sit back and watch.
  • Drag + Drop – YouTube App works like a desktop application, so playing or copying files to your library is as simple as drag and drop. The delete key, and right-click menus work too.
  • Friends Included – YouTube App syncs with Facebook, so you can discover what your friends are watching, send messages, or post videos to your profile.
  • Personal DJ – YouTube App studies your Facebook profile, YouTube history, and search history to find videos that you might like. The more you watch, the smarter it gets.

YouTube App works with any browser, however there is a Firefox add-on you can download.

Download YouTube App Firefox add-on

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