First Look At iTunes 10

Apple announced the iTunes 10 today at the special music event, and I was able to download it just before 10PM Eastern Time. As compared to earlier version of iTunes, iTunes 10 is only about 72.2MB in size.

The installation of iTunes went fairly well, and it was up and running in a few minutes. The new interface in iTunes 10 is almost similar to iTunes 9.2, however, Apple has used a pretty weird looking icon for iTunes 10 and has also changed the buttons and other icons. Overall, I did not like  the new look for iTunes 10.

After downloading and installing iTunes 10, I spent some time looking at it and found it to be pretty OK as compared to what was expected of it. Here are some of my views about the new features in iTunes 10.

TV Show Rentals

iTunes 10 TV Shows Rental

iTunes 10 has added a new feature where users could rent out TV shows for 99c. They offer episodes from the latest TV shows and also some classic TV shows. Shows include the usual suspects like Family Guy, Glee, The Cleveland Show, Prison Break, Bones and so on. However, you will also find similar shows for free on

iTunes 10 TV Show Rentals Download

I tried to watch a free TV show, 30 Rock Recap Special and the download in itself was set to take 20-30 minutes, so it could not be done in time for the review. This is particularly annoying on an high speed network. I will update this review with my views on the quality of the videos.

iTunes TV Show Rental Quality

Update: The TV Show finally downloaded and the quality is pretty good and definitely on par with Hulu.

iTunes TV rentals will allow you to watch the TV shows within 30 days of you renting it, however, once you start watching a show, you have to finish it within 48 hours or else you will not be able to watch it again. The TV shows can be watched on either you PC, or . There is no option for users, but iPad users will also get the ability with iOS 4.2 for iPad and AirPlay.

iTunes Ping

Apple introduced iTunes Ping today, a social networking for music lovers and probably a rival. I tried out Ping and found it to be pretty decent. Ping can be accessed from the left sidebar of iTunes and requires you to use your Apple account to login.

iTunes Ping Welcome Screen

Once you have logged in, you will be shown a series of screens that ask for your profile information. Once you have logged in, you will see a list of people to follow, which is something typical to what you will see with Facebook and .

iTunes Ping Recent Activity

iTunes Ping also allows you to connect with your Facebook friends who are using Ping. Just like any other social networking, the key to Ping is people. So you will have to start following people to see their activity, music recommendations and more.

One thing I noticed is that Ping is quite buggy and you will notice quite a few problems while using different features with it. For example, I had to try several times before I could connect my Facebook account with Ping. Also the navigation is buggy, sometimes clicking on page numbers will do nothing and so on. However, this service is quite new and will be polished with time.

Another downside to Ping is that, since it has launched today, I could not find many people to find or follow. I will leave it at it and see how it works when I have more people to follow and recommend music to.

Faster Synching With Devices

Apple promised faster synching and more real-time storage indicators with iTunes 10. I tried synching my device by adding some music and sync was definitely more faster than what I have seen on earlier version of iTunes. However, I had some problems with iTunes recognizing my device and it took unplugs and iTunes restarts to see the device in iTunes.

These are just some of the new features I have toured in iTunes 10, of course might be several more enhancements in it, but these are the core features that you should be looking at if you want to upgrade to iTunes 10. Also Apple might require users to upgrade to iTunes 10 to install future updates. So go ahead and give it a try, you can download iTunes 10 by visiting

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  • stuart

    Please help me!

    I have recently downloaded / updated to itunes 10, now my pc and itunes do not recognise my itouch device. i have spoken to a so called “itunes expert” 4 time over the past week who were very nice and polight but no help at all. The piece of advice they gave me completely [email protected]@@@ed my itouch. Afther a long jerney to my local apple store in Madrid my itouch has been restored. However, i have lost forever all my contacts and calender notes. This has left me reluctant to seek there help once again. Please could you tell me if you have heard of any problems like this? and how i can resolve the issue? Thanks in advance for you assistance

    Stuart in Madrid.

  • iTunes 10 is awful. Slow, buggy and has wiped my iPhone for absolutely no reason.

  • AppleSucks

    I hate iTunes 10. I try to drag a folder of MP3s into my library…it freezes…I try to edit multiple songs, it freezes. The previous version never did this…EVER. Also, every time I open iTunes I can’t select any songs in my library! I can select playlists, movies, iTunes store, etc. but it won’t let me highlight songs until I close and restart iTunes. This thing is a piece of junk they obviously didn’t test thoroughly.

    • richard wagner

      You guys are probably using itunes on a PC, which has always had problems as far as I can tell from people I know, but having it on a mac, I’ve never experienced any problems at all

  • John Downey

    “more faster” is just bad grammer ^_^.

    • Dave

      and “grammer” is bad spelling.

  • Hate Itunes 10

    I hate itunes 10: where’s the genius sidebar?? Why it’s colourless?? it’s slow and it’s uggly. i want to know how to get my old itunes back!!!

  • dont download this version 10!

    the worst program I have seen! I broke totally mu hardrive when I just navigate little while inside this new itunes. I want to complain to apple about this totally disaster and buggy program!