Is It Going To Rain?

Many people usually check the weather before they head out of the house, though many people usually go out dressed for different weathers, the one thing one can’t beat with clothes is rain, and people require to carry a umbrella or raincoat in order to avoid getting wet.

Going To Rain is a interesting service that will tell you whether it is going to rain in your city, without the need to enter your zipcode or city name.

Just visit before you are looking to head out and it will tell give you either of the two answers. Yes, if it is going to rain and No, if it is not going to rain. Pretty simple huh.


In addition to that, this service also shows you the current temperature of the city you accessed the service from. For those wondering how they are able to find the city you are in, it can be done easily by reverse looking up the IP of the computer you are loading the website from and mapping it to a county or city. Thanks Davinder.

6 thoughts on “Is It Going To Rain?”

  1. Well, this all depends on the city your internet connection is through. Now for me, it’s showing Seattle, but I not only don’t live in Seattle, I live in an area that has its own mini climate. In other words, it could be (take your pick) snowing, raining, hailing or blowing gale force winds here and still be sunny and mild in Seattle.

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