Is Google’s Memorial Day Logo a Joke?

Is Google’s Memorial Day logo a joke, or is it a true representation of how Google feels toward the contribution of those Americans who gave their lives in defense of this country? While I understand that we have an international audience that may not feel as offended by such a trespass, I have to take a moment and expose Google for this pathetic display of tribute to the very men and women who gave them the opportunity to become the behemoth they are now. Take a moment and feast your eyes on the fascinating piece of work that Google decided to use as the front page tribute to Memorial Day, pictured below.

Memorial Day 2012

No my friends, your eyes do not deceive you. That is about a 50 pixel square that shows “Memorial Day 2012″ when you put your mouse over it. It doesn’t even take you anywhere when you click it! Just a pathetic graphic that you can barely make out at the bottom of the page. It looks like clip artwork a 3rd grader would do. So this begs the question, “what is the meaning of such a pitiful display?” Honestly, I can only make assumptions. As someone who tries to be logical, I try not to read into things that are not clearly stated. However, considering that the inventor of the zipper received a super cool doodle with an animated zipper running down the screen, it is hard not to come to the conclusion that Google’s regard for our fallen soldiers is less than its regard for a good working zipper!

Now let’s take a peek at Bing. Pictured below, you can see a screenshot of Bing’s tribute to Memorial Day.


When you click on certain areas of the picture, you are taken to a beautiful photo montage of Arlington National Cemetery. This seems a much more befitting tribute to our nation’s fallen than what was previously seen on Google’s page.

It wasn’t cappuccino sipping geeks who made this country free. It won’t be the Ivy League elite that keeps us free from tyranny in the future either. When we fail to teach the young the sacrifices of the past, we fail to protect them in the future from tyrants like Hitler. I wish more than anything that there were no need for guns and war, but the harsh reality is that there are evil people in this world. Even if you’re not American, but you are reading this in the context of freedom, take a moment and find out why it is that you are free to do so. More than likely you’ll discover that some brave group of souls sacrificed their very lives for a cause greater than themselves and for the love of theirthumb country and the people in it. Folks, that is what Memorial Day in America is all about!

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Darrin is an IT manager for a large electrical contractor in Louisville KY. He is married and has 3 kids. He loves helping people with their technology needs. He runs a blog called Say Geek!

  • Google’s Pathetic Recognition Of Memorial Day

  • This is one of the reasons I no longer use Google. In addition, m they strive to be politically (IN) correct instead of being American and patriotic; they push homosexuality as if it is not a sin (Bible) and (secular definition by the American Psychiatric Association) mental derangement; and they now try to steer your individual searches to their sponsors’ websites first instead of giving best fit.

    This is what happens when liberals are allowed to control something that started out as a great thing.

  • Lara

    I know, I couldn’t believe it either! I really thought it must be something subtle that, when clicked on, exploded into some Google-worthy animation. I searched and discovered that they did basically the same thing last year, so it’s not like a one-time slip up, oops-we-should-do-better-next-year kinda thing.

  • Darin

    How Shameful of Google.. Google is Government created from what I understand. Back room deals etc. Google Earth is run from Govt. Satilites. What company way before Google was big can afford to send satilites..Deals with the Government allowed them to do what they are doing and are they are manipulated and controlled in devious ways… Get use to it is what they want. De valuing military.. devaluing morals.. devaluing our rights ( TSA ) its normal to be frisked.. its ok… notice more DUI Checkpoints.. or Check Points for no reason at all.. 6 in last year where I live.. Just checking license and registration.. Thats what they said.20 minutes a hundred cars backed up.. Getting us use to the checkpoint idea..Its all gearing us up for marshall law. The police dont even know the reasons.. they just do what they are told … Fight Back in November. Get rid of the problem…VOTE

  • Thanks Darrin Jenkins,
    I thought I was mistaken when I saw their tribute to Memorial Day and it’s purpose and meaning. I posted the question on my fb wall weather I was mistaken, and if I missed their tribute. A friend replied to me, “this is less than stellar compared to other animations; and I think people should complain to them about it. By no means do I think we should expect the right to tell a company how to represent anything. Capitalism just doesn’t work that way.” However peoples support reaction and continued use of such an entity, ie how people reacted to netflix a year ago, speaks volumes. Capitalism doesn’t work if people don’t buy the product…and now I’m thinking “Bing”.
    Thank you for writing up this article.

    • Thanks Pete your are exactly right posting this

  • Disappointed in Google for sure. The guy who designed Fabergé eggs gets a big flashy image, but our veterans only get a tiny square? Maybe Google has an explanation, but I’d sure like to hear it.

  • janet jackson park

    you stated it perfectly. thank you for writing that. i did not know where to do it–when i clicked on google memorial day i was super disappointed….using the zipper guy is a good comparison. you literally took the words out of my mouth and my thoughts out of my head. thank you.

  • I don’t see the big deal, they gave the designers a day off, this doesn’t make Google a terrorist company or anything like that. Of course, I am a foreigner and obviously don’t understand how important it is to be patriotic in your country.