iPodCALSync Syncs Your iPod Calendar With Google Calendar

iPodCALSync is a handy utility that will help your synchronize your Google Calendar agenda with your iPod.  It will automatically synchronize your Google Calendar when you connect the iPod to the PC. To configure iPodCALSync you will require the URL to the iCal (.ics) format of your Google Calendar.


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You can configure up-to 10 different calendars to be synchronized with your iPod. Once you have configured the calendar URLs iPodCALSync will automatically pull in the events and add it to your iPod. Definitely useful if you want to track your events on the go, when you don’t have a active Internet connection. iPodCALSync will also work with any other calendar service that supports export to the .ics format.

iPodCALSync is not compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone, due to restrictions in place from Apple, but should work on any other iPod version. The software has a adequate help topics to get you started with synchronizing your calendars with iPod.

Download iPodCALSync for Windows

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