Introducing Damn Good Lists And A $1025 Contest

Over the past few weeks I have been pretty busy doing lots of things behind the hood, that is one reason you are seeing lesser posts as compared to earlier. Behind the hoods I have been working on several things which you will know about in the coming few months.


However I wanted to take the time off and introduce one of my pet projects which is pretty exciting and has definitely taken a lot of my free time. The project is called Damn Good Lists, which is a blog dedicated to lists and only lists, it aims to provide you with the hottest, wackiest, weirdest and you name it lists on the web in one place.

I know you may have several questions, so here are answers to few I think you may want to know.

Why Damn Good Lists?

Over time, we have created several which have been hugely popular amongst readers, but the lists we could create were by and far limited to technology, and I needed to explore other topics which were interesting, thus came the birth of the idea to create Damn Good Lists.

Damn Good Lists will give me a chance to explore several topics which I could not write about on Techie Buzz and giving my knack of creating lists, I was always on the lookout to create a dedicated blog for it.

What is Damn Good Lists Going to Give Us Readers? How Can We Help?

Like Techie Buzz, Damn Good Lists will bring you the best content you can find, in addition to that you will be introduced to several interesting things that you may have never known or seen. You can be assured of a array of exciting content and lists that will floor you.

As a reader you can help by subscribing to the Damn Good Lists Feed and visiting and socializing the content with your friends, you as a reader can help Damn Good Lists grow into a Damn Good place to be in.

What Is The $1025 Contest?

Since I am launching a new idea I would like to announce a grand contest featuring prizes worth $1025, that will be given away. Here is a breakup of the prizes that will be given out to 3 lucky winners.

First Prize Winner ($700)

  • A full critique review of their blog will be done at Techie Buzz, the review price is $500. (Review price?)
  • One month 125 x 125 site-wide banner worth $150.
  • $50 in cash.

Second Prize Winner ($175)

  • One month 125 x 125 site-wide banner worth $150.
  • $25 in cash.

Third Prize Winner ($150)

  • One month 125 x 125 site-wide banner worth $150.

What Else?

Everyone who enters the contest is assured a quality backlink to their website from Techie Buzz homepage in a separate post.

What Are The Contest Rules?

To be eligible to win a prize you will need to write a blog post telling your readers about Damn Good Lists and this contest, linking to with the anchor text Damn Good Listsand this contest using the permalink for this post. In addition to that you will also have to link to any one article posted on Damn Good Lists and a link ( that points to the RSS subscription of the blog.

Here is a example post you can refer to:

The folks from Techie Buzz have started a new blog called Damn Good Lists which is a blog that lists the hottest and wackiest things on the web. To celebrate the new launch they have announced a $1000+ contest where everyone who enters is a winner.

In the mean time you can start reading about 25 Hottest Tennis Chicks and 15 Weirdest Fear Factor Dares at Damn Good Lists. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Damn Good Lists Feed and get the latest updates.

Once you have written the post, write a comment on this post and add the link where you have written a post about Damn Good Lists and this contest. Please leave the comment with the email address we can use to intimate you about the prizes.

Any entries which do not follow the above rules will not be eligible for the prize draw.

When Will The Contest End?

The contest will be run for a period of 2 weeks starting today until Thursday December 4th 2008, 11:59 PM EST, any entries beyond this date will not be accepted. I will pick the contest winners using and disclose them on December 6th 2008 both here and on Damn Good Lists. Winners will be notified separately via email.

What Else?

Since we are in contest mood, here is a nice tip I would like to give you. Mayank Gupta and the Blog Design Studio team who redesigned Techie Buzz are holding a group writing contest where they are giving away a custom theme design and several other interesting goodies, so do check it out, who knows you may win another cool design like the one we have at Techie Buzz :-)

And Finally

There is not better critique than the readers and I would definitely love to hear about your views and suggestions for Damn Good Lists, your opinions do matter a lot to me so please comment and let me know. Also don’t forget to subscribe to the and receive Damn Good Lists Feed the latest updates.

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