2010 Year of Internet Tablets? What’s Coming in the Tablet Store

2009 is almost over, and we are all gearing to a new decade in 2010. Android, iPhone and were some of the most interesting topics of discussion in 2009. However, that is set to change in 2010. 2010, more likely than not will be dubbed as the year of tablets, where people will ditch their netbooks and laptops, to something which they can carry along easily, and access Internet with the touch of a finger.

2010 will see a lot of new tablets coming into the market, we take a look at all of them and give our own views about them.

JooJoo Tablet


JooJoo Tablet would have been known as Crunchpad, however, some problems between Mike Arrington and Fusion Garage saw it’s birth. The device has a 12.1" widescreen multi-touch display and will run on a 1Ghz Atom processor. It runs on custom OS and supports WiFi.

The tablet supports widgets and looks pretty good, however, the pricing is a downfall for this tablet.

Pricing: $500

Release Date: Released and available for pre-orders.

More Info: http://thejoojoo.com

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