Ultimate List Of Tips And Tricks For Internet Explorer 9

Ultimate List Of Tips And Tricks For Internet Explorer 9

Remove Backup Files After Installing Internet Explorer 9

If you have already installed IE9 on your Windows computer and want to free up some disk space, it’s a good idea to remove the files that are no longer required. While this can be done with the help of any file cleaning utility, we suggest you read this guide on removing service pack backups after installing Internet Explorer (or other Windows updates) on your computer.

Internet Explorer 9 Screenshot Tour

Finally, here is a step by step rundown and screenshot tour of Internet Explorer 9 by HowtoGeek, which is ideally suited for beginners as well as early learners.


Making The best Out Of Internet Explorer 9 Features You Should Be Aware of

Learn IE9’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts is one of the things which separates the geeks from the crowd, so if you want to keep all the options and settings of Internet Explorer 9 at your fingertips – these keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer9 will prove to be extremely useful.

The Best New Features In Internet Explorer 9

Whitson Gordon from Lifehacker writes a detailed blog post discussing all the newer features, improvements and elements added to Internet Explorer 9. Before you move on and find these features yourself, we suggest you read this article first – learn all the improvements and how to play with them. This includes using Windows7 supported application shortcuts, pinned sites, Add-on performance advisor and other tweaks.

Show More Sites In IE9’s About:Tabs

By default, IE9 will show 2 rows of your favorite sites on the about:tabs homepage. However, you can customize IE9 to show up to 5 rows with a simple registry modification. Read the guide here


Get One Month Of Hulu Plus Subscription For Free

Microsoft has partnered with Hulu to offer IE 9 users a month of Hulu Plus subscription for free. To participate, all you need to need to do is pin the Hulu website to your Windows 7 task bar and, starting March 28th, the offer should become available in IE’s Jump List.

Veteran blogger Amit Agarwal has a brief video screencast about using the free Hulu plus subscription for one month with Internet Explorer 9.


Disable Add-Ons In Internet Explorer 9

Sanjeev from Internet Techies has a brief tutorial on how to disable add-ons in Internet Explorer 9 to decrease IE9’s startup time and boost up performance.

Disable Tab Previews In Internet Explorer 9

IE9’s live tab previews in Windows7 can get quite annoying if you have multiple tabs open in the browser. However, thankfully there is an option to disable the tab previews in Internet Explorer 8 and 9.

Disable Geolocation In Internet Explorer 9

IE9 RC supports Geo location and enables websites to access geographical location of the computer running IE9. If you want to prevent web apps to collect geographical information using IE9 from your computer, read this short tutorial

Delete Internet Explorer Browser Cache For a Particular Website

Want to clear the browsing history or delete all files from temporary internet files folder for selected websites ? TheWindowsClub shows you how to remove browsing history of specific websites from Internet Explorer 9

Reset Or Restore Internet Explorer To Default Settings

Messed up some settings in Internet Explorer 9 and want to start afresh ? Before deciding to uninstall IE 9, please read this support topic at Microsoft or download the IE9 restorator tool which allows one click restore of Internet Explorer 9 default settings.

Completely Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 From Your System

In case you are done with IE9 and want to move on, this tutorial shows you the steps to completely remove Internet Explorer 9 from your system.

Tweak IE9: Freeware Utility to Tweak Internet Explorer 9 Settings

Don’t want to waste a lot of time setting up and configuring Internet Explorer settings manually ? If Yes is the answer, download Tweak IE9 a useful freeware tool which offers one click fixes for common IE settings.


Create Websites With Internet Explorer 9 Features

To make your website use Windows 7 and IE 9 features up to full potential, try out IE9 Creator. It is a small tool which generates code snippet for creating a website with IE 9 features. [ via ]


This is just a few things which will help you get started out with using Internet Explorer 9. We will update this post with more information when we come across them. Do visit our   section to find more such handy lists for different software and browsers.

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  • Thats a good compilation of tricks and tips for IE9. Thanks for sharing. The tool for creating websites for IE9 did help indeed!

  • Hey Amit,
    I downloaded IE9 and am still trying to get used to the different setup.
    Anyway, the biggest problem I am having so far is that when you download something, it goes Directly to the Download folder.
    I’m sure it’s not a problem for most users, but I have 5 different sites I run and Download the SQL files to my computer, each to it’s own folder.
    HOW can I direct where the files are downloaded?
    I looked around and came up with nothing so far.
    Any ideas?

    • Hi Joe,

      Click on the gear icon (top right) select “View Downloads”, click on the “Options” button Click “Browse” from the Download Options window and select the desired folder to be used. Click on the “Select Folder” button and you are done.

      You may also want to check TweakI9 application included in the post as it also has the ability to change your download directory.
      Hope this helps!!

  • Pam

    My puter sorta freeses. sometimes refreashing allows me to continue on, other times I have to totally reboot, it happens A LOT, I have good anti viruas and have no spyware, deleted ALL cookies, Temp downloads and moved a 10,000 pictures off to an external hard drive,, Even you tube freezes and it didn’t used to, so something is slowing my puter way down.. do need to ? how to as well, clean the hard drive, defrag? Help

    • Pam

      PS I have Exploror 9

  • MasMarco

    Well … thankyou for this tips but I cant find what I’M seraching for about a year now:
    How to add Google News feed to internet explorer 9?
    There is NO way to manual enter a feed URL in IE9.
    Any idea or tool?
    Thank you

  • You forgot the best tip of all… “Internet Explorer can be used to download Firefox faster than ever before!”

  • You forgot the best tip of all… “Internet Explorer can be used to download Firefox faster than ever before!”