InterfaceLift Wallpaper Downloader

InterfaceLift is a excellent free resource for downloading high resolution wallpapers, in fact we had even mentioned it in the 6 excellent places to download free HQ wallpapers.

Though InterfaceLift provides users with a nice interface, downloading wallpapers will require you to click on each of them and then find the resolution you want and download the wallpaper.

InterfaceLift desktop wallpaper downloader (unofficial) is a excellent   that will allow you to download wallpapers directly to your desktop in a easy to use interface.

Interfacelift Wallpaper Downloader Options

Once you download and install the utility, go to File options to setup the options for downloading the wallpapers. You can set the folder where you want to download images, along with the aspect ration and screen resolution that you want the wallpaper in.

Download Interfacelift Wallpapers

Once you have setup the options to download the wallpapers just enter the page numbers from which you want to download the images from, you have to visit the InterfaceLift website to get the page numbers.

Once you have entered the page numbers, click on the Download button to start downloading the wallpapers, the utility will automatically download them to the location you chose in the options. Simple right?

Download InterfaceLift Wallpaper Downloader

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