Instant Translation and Text to Speech in Google Translate

Instant Translation and Text to Speech in Google Translate

Google Translate has added some exciting new features to the already feature rich translation engine. Two of the worthwhile features include a instant translation engine, which translates text as you type and a text to speech converter, which will allow users to listen to the translated text.


With the introduction of instant translation, you can view the translated text as soon as you type it. This in turn will save users a lot of time as you don’t have to wait for the translation to happen by clicking the translate button.


In addition to that, when you are converting text to English from another language, you will be able to listen to the text as an audio. This can be helpful to people who are trying to learn English.

Overall the new features are pretty good and makes Google Translate one of the best translation engines available today. Watch the video below to learn about the new features in Google Translate.

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