Instant Messaging Client For Gamers

Gaming is definitely one of the best way to relax your mind after a hard day’s work, but there are several people out there for whom gaming is more than just that, people spend hours and hours playing popular games.

XFire is a instant messaging client for gamers that will help the gamers connect with friends and chat with them to discuss strategies, game play and more.

XFire lets you see which of your friends are playing online games along with what game they are playing. You can also join their game with just one click.


XFire chat is not just like any regular instant messaging client, since it allows users to chat even while they are playing games, without having to switch between the game and the chat client, in addition to that it also allows users to take screenshots and upload them to their profiles, this can be pretty useful for players who want to describe game play to other gamers.

XFire also has support for in-game voice chats, allowing you to interact with other members of the team, there are over 1000 games which are supported by XFire.

Download XFire Instant Messaging Client For Gamers

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