Find PNR Status in Google Desktop Sidebar [Indian Railways]

Indian Railways are usually fully booked and many people buy tickets in waiting lists so that they can get a confirmed seat, if any other person cancel the tickets.

While booking tickets users are given a unique PNR (Passenger Name Record) that they can use to track the status of their bookings.

Most of the times people visit online websites to check on their PNR status, but if you are a Google Desktop user, you can easily check the PNR status in your sidebar with the PNRStatus Google gadget.


This gadget provides easy way to track the status of Indian Railways ticket using PNR Number. You can add up-to 40 PNRs to the gadget. All PNRs will automatically be refreshed once in 6 hours.  You can use the refresh all button to refresh all PNRs manually once in 30 minutes.

The PNR status cannot be refreshed for a single PNR, if the passenger chart has already been created, or the ticket has been cancelled by the user.

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